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This is for Yuuri Week Day 6: (With my coach Victor, I’ll win with the power of) Love Optional Theme A: Home and Optional Theme B: Celebration

They didn’t show us the scene of Yuuri and Victor eating pork cutlet bowls together after Yuuri beat Yurio in their Hasetsu skating battle, so I decided to draw that for today! :D It matches all 3 themes since Yuuri’s love for Victor is what gave him that boost of motivation and confidence he needed to win that battle, getting to eat port cutlet bowls together was was what Victor promised as a celebration if Yuuri won, and the bowls come from Yuuri’s home! ^_^ Also they say home is where your loved ones are, so for Yuuri that’s Victor and his family! ^_^
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In the early days of Victor’s stay in Hasetsu—when Yuuri’s skittishness meant he skirted every one of Victor’s touches—Victor had called Chris in tears, asking if Chris thought Yuuri even liked him. After Chris laughed at Victor for a solid ten minutes, he texted Victor a flurry of Youtube links, supercuts of Yuuri’s interviews with titles like “My Big Gay Crush: The Katsuki Chronicles, Vol.1, Directors Cut”, “Katsuki Yuuri Supercut: A Thirst for the Ages”, and “Touch-a Touch-a Touch me: Victor Please Love Yuuri!”

(Victor had even left a comment on the last one to congratulate them on developing psychic abilities. They’d reported him as a spam bot.)

Then Victor had repaid the favor by sending Chris an audio file of fake sex noises that he could play whenever Josef called and Chris didn’t feel like talking. Of course, Chris had used Victor’s own sex noises against him the last time he’d called too late. As though Victor wouldn’t recognize his own moans like some amateur.
The recipe for disaster is four cups of salt, two couples, and one wine train.


Yuuri Week 2017

Day 6 “Love” (at home)

if think Yuuri feels very homesick in Rusia but the power of love helps him to keep going, feeling the warmth of the people he loves, aaaall of them. <3


Semana de Yuuri 2017

Día 6 “Amor” (en casa)

Pienso que Yuuri se siente muy nostalgico en Rusia pero el poder del amor lo ayuda a seguir adelante, sintiendo la calidez de la gente que ama, toooodos ellos. <3

Here I am: perched daintily upon the altar, cathedral walls towering around me, stained glass light painting my face in reds and blues.

Here I am: the goddess you created in the cold night when moonlight distorted the world and the only image you could bring to mind was my hand holding yours.

Here I am: sitting upon the altar, holding the cathedral walls up with all my strength, closing my eyes against the stained glass light that hurts my holy eyes.

Here I am: a woman turned divine without consent, untrained in the art of answering prayers.

—  J.G.
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Bad days don’t always need a reason, but good friends can help either way.

Yuuri Week 2017, Day 6: (The Power of) Love 
Title: Heart on His Sleeve
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov, Nishigori Takeshi, Nishigori Yuuko.
Pairings: Yuuri/Victor, Takeshi/Yuuko.
Genres/Tags: Friendship, Romance, Fluff, Canon Compliant, Post-Canon.
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Summary: It was when Yuuri took his rightful place on a GPF podium that a dam broke; and Takeshi cried. Meanwhile, Yuuri is already planning to reach the next level and move above and beyond even more expectations.

It wasn’t the first time Takeshi was moved to tears over Yuuri’s skating. In his defense, that quad flip had been gorgeous, who could blame him?

Yu-topia had been bustling with activity since the end of the medal ceremony. Hiroko-san had slipped out of the room a few minutes ago with Makkachin to pray at Vicchan’s shrine in Yuuri’s stead. Minami was currently talking just as loudly and exuberantly as his daughters. He clearly thought he was Yuuri’s #1 Fan. Takeshi almost felt bad for the kid. No one would ever overthrow Victor for that title.

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Fic submission: The Half-Birthday Present
  • Title: The Half-Birthday Present 
  • Genres: Romance, Fluff 
  • Themes: Celebration, Love and Home (in that order)
  • Pairings: Victor/Yuuri, brief mention of Otabek/Yurio 
  • Rating/Warnings: Rated T. Deals with Yuuri’s anxiety (though not in an angsty/traumatic way) and there’s a brief mention of Yurio and Otabek having had sex when Yurio is 17, Otabek is 19.
  • Summary: Who celebrates half-birthdays? No one, really, but it’s an excuse for Victor Katsuki-Nikiforov to shower his new husband with affection and presents. Or rather, one big, important present. Part of the “Cat Café Universe” series, but can be read stand-alone.
  • Link: AO3


🌼 Day #6: Love 「Celebration/Beach Themed」

This is a Yuri’s picture from Ensenada (I went here in this time). He looks happy with this mochi-Victor xD



🌼 Day #6: Amor 「Celebración」

Una foto de Yuri en su viaje por Ensenada (Este fue mi viaje de esta ocasión). Se nota muy feliz con ese mochi-Victor xD