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Soul Music Dicoveries

Great way to start of this week is my 5 Soul Music Discoveries. Five songs, of which I didn’t know the existence before or that simply deserve to be reheard. Hope you enjoy.

Lois’ Love Theme (Loving You Is On My Mind) -  Solomon Burke and Jerry Styner (Hammer, 1972). Found this song on Blaxploitation Pride. It’s a beautiful love song from the film Hammer. The soundtrack was never officially released.
True Soul Pt. 1 - Albert Smith (True Soul Pt. 1 / True Soul Pt. 2, 197?). Funky guitar. Thanks Funk for the People!
You Hit The Nail On The Head - Arthur Adams (It’s Private Tonight, 1973). Funky track by blues guitarist Arthur Adams.

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we were taking a healthy break from our classes because our brains weren’t working for the moment. we lounged against your car and i said: okay, so young love.

you laughed and stared at the sky and said “well aren’t teens just emotionless robots who whine all day”

and i said; well, i try to whine all day but when would i do my homework

you got real quiet just then and cracked your knuckles and kept watching the clouds and you said “one time i was in an elevator that dropped two stories and while we were all fine that was the moment i realized i would never get her out of me because for all of those seconds where i thought i was dying all i could think was that i’d never have another chance to see her smile and truth be told i think young love is crashing through to the basement and sometimes thinking that maybe you should apply the brakes but knowing - i mean knowing - you’d rather feel this alive than keep being safe.”


My sister made a classical SU medley. 🤘🏻🤘🏻

This is so insanely good! Should definitely give it a listen! :o