theme: freikorps

“They had not yet got over the war. War had moulded them; it had given a meaning to their lives and a reason for their existence. They were unruly and untamed, beings apart, who gathered themselves into little companies animated by a desire to fight. There were plenty of standards round which they might rally. There were still plenty of strongholds to be attacked; plenty of enemies were still camped round about them. They had realised that this peace was a delusion - they would have no part in it. They fought anywhere and everywhere, because they liked fighting. They wandered about the country because they always saw the chance of fresh excitement, because new adventures beckoned to them. Yet each one of them had a different idea of what he wanted. The master word had not been given them. They vaguely divined what this word was - they even uttered it and then felt abashed. They tried it and tested it with secret tremblings. They slurred it over in conversation yet it obsessed them. The word was weather-worn yet enticing, potent but unsubstantial, idealised in the subconscious but unspoken. The word was ‘Germany’.”

Ernst von Salomon, The Outlaws