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Although the fears never came to pass, the use of chemical weapons by Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War gave coalition forces great concern as they prepared for the liberation of Kuwait. Soldiers were issued full-body NBC (Nuclear-Biological-Chemical) suits, and regularly trained in their use. As it turned out, Iraq never utilized their chemical weapon stores during the Gulf War.

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Royal Marine Commandos patrol the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq as part of Operation Provide Comfort, an effort after the Gulf War to establish a Kurdish enclave to protect them from Saddam’s retribution. With the US originally disinclined to act, the operation began under the British, originally known as Operation Haven.

(Royal Marines)

Legionnaires in Saudi Arabia, 1991. Three regiments of the Foreign Legion were part of the French Division that protected the left flank of the coalition forces as they attacked the Iraqi forces.

(French Military Archives)