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So I apologize for this one…kinda. I’m not sure if you can tell but in the first three images Megumi Kudo is being tortured by Shark Tsuchiya and her sickle. Honestly I’m not a fan of that kind of brutality, Mr. Pogo would rip his opponents apart with the sickle and it makes me physically sick. Sickles are meant for cutting crops not foreheads and backs.

Japanese hardcore wrestling is not for the faint of heart, but what I love about these types of matches is just how tough the female workers are over in Japan. Sure this was from 1997 I think (Megumi’s retirement match) but for them to fall/run into barbed-wire, get set on fire, and attacked with a bloody sickle…… man, these women are crazy

And they say pro wrestling is “fake”


Me vs Birttany Wonder vs Nicole Saovy - Full match plus video of the standing ovation we got from the boys in the back and from the crowd. Fun night. I see this and I think it was ok - I’ve watched it 5 times and have taken notes because I’m not satisfied, people like it and that’s good. The boys liked it, that’s good. The crowd loved it, that’s a lot of what matters. For me, I think it’s ok, not bad, not great - it’s ok. 

This is my 6th singles match. I’d had about 50  hrs of training at Santino Bros to get me here. Gotta keep learning & growing. Can’t wait to get  back to training but I’m cursing this final stretch on the semester. Sooooo busy!!!