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Given that the last post showed Letta Fuhrmann slapping Beate Seiler, I didn’t want to leave anyone with the wrong impression of Ms. Seiler. Simply put, Beate Seiler was a virtually unstoppable middleweight in 2005 and 2006. Beate wasn’t the greatest technical wrestler (that and her long braids that opponents would grab in catfights were her two obvious weak points), but she brought an incrediblly fierce desire to win each time she stepped on the mats.

“I know some of the Indy females don’t want anything to do with the WWE, but what about the ones that wanted to be in the WWE since they were young and still do? They lose out on their dream job because WWE hires women who probably didn’t know the WWE even existed. We’re missing out on full packages because WWE wants beautiful robots. The Indy women would ACTUALLY bring change to the division and put on matches that will make people regret going to the bathroom.”