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ohmyginnyandjosh asked:

ok there's this taurus girl who i really hate & she knew i was obsessed with astrology so she started saying stuff like "omg guys i'm so obsessed(etcetc)" in a group chat and there were two geminis there so we started talking about them and she said something like "oh yeah tauruses and geminis are extremely compatible!!1!1!" and i'm just like no bitch you don't know shit about astrology pls stfu (they can be compatible sure but not extremely ???? at least that's what i've seen on tumblr lmao

sorry i’m tired and pissed off and i’d exceeded the 500 letters so it looks so awfully written oh god

Haha it is no problem I understand the frustration when somebody can’t admit they are wrong. Of course we preach that any relationship can work out and the best way to determine compatibility is to consider the whole chart and especially look into sun + Venus. However, where basic astrology goes Taurus and Gemini are not the most compatibility signs. You can let her know that as far as basic astrology: Fire + Fire/Air, air + Air/Fire, Earth + Earth/Water, Water + Water/Earth signs are the best match for compatibility. Taurus is an Earth sign and Gemini is an Air sign so as far as watering it down they are not extremely compatible. Her view might be filled with bias, perhaps she dated or is dating a Taurus or finds good friendships with them. But you are right girl in the end!


jesslovesthedark asked:

Cancer dating a Sagittarius. What's the good and the bad about that? Likeliness we'll end up together?

the good: really fun and interesting, can learn lots from eachother, if the Sag really does commit it probably means they’ve fallen hard, greaaaat sex

the bad: likely to be many hurt Cancer feelings due to the Sags bluntness, Cancers grave a more emotional partner, Sags want more Independence in the relationship (cancers a little more needy in this area). 

why you should date the signs
  • Aries:will gladly vandilize your ex's car for you.loves small talk and humor, doesn't judge your emo side
  • Taurus:the best cuddler- why isn't anyone cuddling with us? also hecka adorable and loyal, will gladly have pizza eating competitions with you and deep convos are a plus
  • Gemini:"sends you a bunch of videos and pictures that they think you'd like" type of person. doesn't take anything too seriously, it's a more of a friendship but it's still very cute
  • Cancer:The one willing to buy ten kittens and puppies, makes awkward jokes and the proud leader of their emo squad.
  • Leo:treats you like royalty. outerspace and cookies are involved along with karaoke. seriously bro go for it
  • Virgo:the clingy one but volunteers to help clean around the place. will teach you how to dance out of nowhere probably
  • Libra:keeps you in check but will fight for and with you. will buy you slushies and bath-bombs bc is the human embodiment of "treat yo-self"
  • Scorpio:like Taurus, very loyal, might stab someone if they look at you funny but they make it romantic? 10/10
  • Sagittarius:adventures. you might think they're immature and not interested in you but that's not true at all. they'll binge watch with you and procrasinate with you. does anything that will make you happy 100%
  • Capricorn:they're so...attractive? it takes a lot to get them open emotionally but once you do holy snizzles. SO. SMOOTH. plans of you guy's future will flood your mind and awhhh it's so adorableeeeee do it do it date them
  • Aquarius:Is essentially a kitten. They believe in true love, but on the other hand is superr casual about it. if you're looking forward to complete silliness and video games go for it
  • Pisces:commonly known as the most romantic sign on the list, they'll brag about you a bunch to their friends and make sure you're never uncomfortable
The signs talking to their crush

Heart eyes: taurus, scorpio, pisces, aquarius

Flirts endlessly: aries, gemini, leo, libra, sagittarius

Panics: cancer, virgo, capricorn

Low cost Romantic Dates for the Signs

Aries - Laser Tag: Take them out for a round of laser tag and have fun teasing them and watching how competitive they get, you’ll both share so much laughter and fun, and kisses will always make the loser feel like a winner. 

Taurus - Candle Lit Picnic: It doesn’t matter if you go to your backyard, a park, or anywhere you can think of, a Taurus will love you for spoiling their senses with majestic candles and a delicious meal. And if you Decorate it all really well your Taurus date will swoon for days.

Gemini - Books and Coffee: Gemini people are easily fascinated and aren’t hard to please, no matter where you take them their imagination will run wild with you. Your Gemini date would probably love sitting there sipping coffee with you while you both learn about each other. And a great way to learn about each other is to introduce one another to your favorite books and authors, or even discover new books together!

Cancer - Blanket Fort and a Movie: A Cancer would love nothing more than to hold you and be held by you all night long. And there is nothing better than feeling like you are lost in your own romantic world together surrounded by soft pillows and blankets while watching all their favorites and eating icecream.

Leo - Watch a show: It doesn’t matter if it is a local band at a local bar or your local college’s theatrical performance, a Leo will be impressed and think you seem so cultured and exciting. And getting into local performances are never all that expensive. 

Virgo - Movie Under the stars: Your Virgo date will love the versatility of this movie date. You get to watch a film while also serenaded by the beauty of mother nature. After the movie is over you will both have so much to talk about and so much to explore just walking around and enjoying the fresh air.

Libra - Arting: Libra people love color and beauty, so why not go out somewhere or just stay in and paint, draw each other, take turns sharing your favorite music. And if you play your cards right you could just end up having fun painting on each other’s bodies.

Scorpio - Stargazing: Find the Darkest place you can and share the joys of exploring space and discussing the vast universe with these deep souls. Bring some drinks to loosen up and eventually you might get your Scorpio date avidly sharing their passions with you. I mean yeah sure, Scorpio people love excitement and adventure, and they would be just as happy white water rafting, but sometimes the simplest and most intimate dates with a Scorpio are the ones where you can just talk forever and open up to these magnetic and intense lovers. 

Sagittarius - Exploring: Seriously, just call up your Sagittarius date, give them a list of things to pack and tell them you’ll be picking them up in 30 minutes. This spontaneous adventure will awaken the wanderlusting spirit inside of a Sagittarius. Take them to go explore a really cool abandoned house or building, or a cave, or even a spot you used to visit or explore as a child. No matter where you go it will be an adventure. And if you don’t have a car riding public transportation can sometimes be an adventure all on its own, because you never know who you’ll meet or what you will see.

Capricorn - Any kind of Museum: Capricorn people love to explore and learn, and they love to impress. So a Museum of Art, Science, History, or anything could get the juices in Capricorn’s brain flowing. If you choose something that matches their interest, they will love sharing what they know with you while you both tour through the galleries. 

Aquarius - Nature Trails: Go one a nature hike, or walk in any random woods and bring a plant and bird identification guide and have fun with your date trying to identify all the life around you. Don’t be afraid to get close to a spider web and become fascinated by the beauty of such a feared and respected creature. Try to see if you can identify edible plants and try them out. Whatever you choose to do with your time in the woods, I assure you they won’t get bored.

Pisces - Shelter Volunteer: Pisces love a person who can be sweet and compassionate. And what better way than to show a Pisces just how much you’ll take care of them than to both go and take care of dogs and cats at an animal shelter all day? If either of you are allergic to animals you can just go to a river/beach/lake/springs and swim the day away.

anonymous asked:

What are the pros and cons of a Leo and Pisces relationship?

pros: pisces are ok with going with the flow while leos like to lead so it works, both sensitive and really admire each other, get each other to do things they normally wouldn’t.

cons: the pisces tends to get stepped on in this match (can be way too selfless), the leos temper can turn off the pisces, leos are a lot more extroverted than pisces.


One of the questions I get asked most is if two people will be compatible in a relationship. There are many factors that come into play with this, however, I’m going to identify the key aspects (in my opinion) that influence relationship compatibility.

Venus Placements: Your Venus placement indicates what you are attracted to and what you need and want from a relationship. For example, if you have your Venus in Taurus, it is likely you would be compatible with people who have strong Taurus influences in their chart. Especially if they are Taurus dominant, or have a Taurus sun or moon. 

Mars Placements: Mars is more of an indicator of your sex life and what your fights (inevitable) will be like. For example, let’s take a couple, one with their Mars in Sagittarius and the other with their Mars in Cancer. Mars in Sagittarius would likely take off in a heated fight, and Mars in Cancer would over-react and be incredibly irrational in times of conflict. It’s up to you to weigh up what kind of behaviours during arguments you are willing to put up with in a relationship. 

Ascendant and Descendant: It has been said that we are incredibly attracted to people who are the opposite of our ascendant, in other words, our descendant. For example, someone with a Gemini ascendant is likely to be very attracted to their opposite, Sagittarius. So this could be someone with strong Sagittarius influences in their chart, or someone with a Sagittarius ascendant.

Dominance: For those of us who are attracted to people similar to us, we tend to get along with and have strong chemistry with people who share our dominant sign, or at least have strong aspects of it in their chart. Some people clash with people similar to them and prefer people who are the total opposite, so this doesn’t always apply.

Same Moon Placement: If you both have the same moon placement, chances are that you think about things the same way. You tend to have similar emotive patterns, value similar things and have the same sense of (or lack of) humour. This usually leads to a very harmonious relationship (as long as other aspects don’t strongly clash) and high compatibility. 

The signs with a crush

Days dreams about them constantly: taurus, cancer, pisces

Openly flirts: aries, gemini, leo, libra, sagittarius

Observes from afar:  virgo, scorpio, capricorn, aquarius

Zodiac Romantic Compatibility

Best: Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini
Good: Aries, Aquarius
Risky: Virgo, Pisces, Cancer

Best: Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio
Good: Taurus, Pisces, Cancer
Risky: Aquarius, Aries, Gemini

Best: Aquarius, Libra, Aries
Good: Gemini, Leo
Risky: Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio

Best: Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo
Good: Cancer, Capricorn
Risky: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Best: Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius
Good: Leo, Aquarius
Risky: Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus

Best: Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer
Good: Virgo, Scorpio
Risky: Aries, Leo, Aquarius

Best: Gemini, Aquarius, Aries
Good: Libra, Leo, Scorpio
Risky: Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo

Best: Cancer, Pisces, Taurus
Good: Virgo, Scorpio
Risky: Aquarius, Libra, Leo

Best: Aries, Leo, Aquarius
Good: Sagittarius, Gemini
Risky: Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces

Best: Taurus, Virgo, Pisces
Good: Capricorn, Cancer
Risky: Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius

Best: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
Good: Aquarius, Aries, Leo
Risky: Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces

Best: Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus
Good: Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo
Risky: Aquarius, Leo, Aries

*keep in mind that these are just Zodiac signs, anything can work well, don’t let them tell you who and what to love **also check moon signs
Compatibility Reference

Every astrology blog gets so many compatibility asks and it gets so repetitive. So here is quick guide on if your sign is compatible with their sign. You can also use Google. I went ahead and bolded the compatible signs, and italicized the ‘maybe’ compatible.
NOTE: Don’t use astrology to determine your relationships! If something feels right even if this says your signs aren’t compatible, go for it! 

Aries x Aries: Yes
Aries x Taurus: No
Aries x Gemini: Maybe
Aries x Cancer: No
Aries x Leo: Yes
Aries x Virgo: No
Aries x Libra: Yes
Aries x Scorpio: Maybe
Aries x Sagittarius: Yes
Aries x Capricorn: No
Aries x Aquarius: No
Aries x Pisces: No

Taurus x Aries: No
Taurus x Taurus: Yes
Taurus x Gemini: No
Taurus x Cancer: Yes
Taurus x Leo: Maybe
Taurus x Virgo: Yes
Taurus x Libra: Maybe
Taurus x Scorpio: Yes
Taurus x Sagittarius: No
Taurus x Capricorn: Yes
Taurus x Aquarius: No
Taurus x Pisces: Yes

Gemini x Aries: Maybe
Gemini x Taurus: No
Gemini x Gemini: Yes
Gemini x Cancer: No
Gemini x Leo: Yes
Gemini x Virgo: No
Gemini x Libra: Yes
Gemini x Scorpio: No
Gemini x Sagittarius: Yes
Gemini x Capricorn: No
Gemini x Aquarius: Yes
Gemini x Pisces: No

Cancer x Aries: No
Cancer x Taurus: Yes
Cancer x Gemini: No
Cancer x Cancer: Yes
Cancer x Leo: Yes
Cancer x Virgo: No
Cancer x Libra: No
Cancer x Scorpio: Yes
Cancer x Sagittarius: No
Cancer x Capricorn: Yes
Cancer x Aquarius: No
Cancer x Pisces: Yes

Leo x Aries: Yes
Leo x Taurus: Maybe
Leo x Gemini: Yes
Leo x Cancer: Yes
Leo x Leo: Yes

Leo x Virgo: No
Leo x Libra: Yes
Leo x Scorpio: Maybe
Leo x Sagittarius: Maybe
Leo x Capricorn: No
Leo x Aquarius: Yes
Leo x Pisces: No

Virgo x Aries: No
Virgo x Taurus: Yes
Virgo x Gemini: No
Virgo x Cancer: No
Virgo x Leo: No
Virgo x Virgo: Yes
Virgo x Libra: No
Virgo x Scorpio: Yes
Virgo x Sagittarius: No
Virgo x Capricorn: Yes
Virgo x Aquarius: No
Virgo x Pisces: Yes

Libra x Aries: Yes
Libra x Taurus: Maybe
Libra x Gemini: Yes
Libra x Cancer: No
Libra x Leo: Yes
Libra x Virgo: No
Libra x Libra: No
Libra x Scorpio: No
Libra x Sagittarius: Yes
Libra x Capricorn: No
Libra x Aquarius: Yes
Libra x Pisces: No

Scorpio x Aries: Maybe
Scorpio x Taurus: Yes
Scorpio x Gemini: No
Scorpio x Cancer: Yes
Scorpio x Leo: Maybe
Scorpio x Virgo: Yes
Scorpio x Libra: No
Scorpio x Scorpio: Yes
Scorpio x Sagittarius: No
Scorpio x Capricorn: Yes
Scorpio x Aquarius: No
Scorpio x Pisces: Yes

Sagittarius x Aries: Yes
Sagittarius x Taurus: No
Sagittarius x Gemini: Yes
Sagittarius x Cancer: No
Sagittarius x Leo: Maybe
Sagittarius x Virgo: No
Sagittarius x Libra: Yes
Sagittarius x Scorpio: No
Sagittarius x Sagittarius: Yes
Sagittarius x Capricorn: No
Sagittarius x Aquarius: Yes
Sagittarius x Pisces: No

Capricorn x Aries: No
Capricorn x Taurus: Yes
Capricorn x Gemini: No
Capricorn x Cancer: Yes
Capricorn x Leo: No
Capricorn x Virgo: Yes
Capricorn x Libra: No
Capricorn x Scorpio: Yes
Capricorn x Sagittarius: No
Capricorn x Capricorn: Yes
Capricorn x Aquarius: No
Capricorn x Pisces: Yes

Aquarius x Aries: No
Aquarius x Taurus: No
Aquarius x Gemini: Yes
Aquarius x Cancer: No
Aquarius x Leo: Yes
Aquarius x Virgo: No
Aquarius x Libra: Yes
Aquarius x Scorpio: No
Aquarius x Sagittarius: Yes
Aquarius x Capricorn: No
Aquarius x Aquarius: Yes
Aquarius x Pisces: No

Pisces x Aries: No
Pisces x Taurus: Yes
Pisces x Gemini: No
Pisces x Cancer: Yes
Pisces x Leo: No
Pisces x Virgo: Yes
Pisces x Libra: No
Pisces x Scorpio: Yes
Pisces x Sagittarius: No
Pisces x Capricorn: Yes
Pisces x Aquarius: No
Pisces x Pisces: Maybe

Lovely things about dating each sign

Aries: they will give you everything they have; it’s all or nothing for them 
Taurus: showering you with affection is like second nature 
Gemini: that spark never fades
Cancer: they will never fail to see the best in you
Leo: they won’t leave
Virgo: you may catch them looking at you like you hang the moon and the stars, but they’ll deny it every time
Libra: they always come back to you at the end of the night
Scorpio: once they put their trust in you, there’s nothing they won’t do for you
Sagittarius: you’re their rock, it’s your hand they’ll reach for before they do anything reckless
Capricorn: you’ll find a home in them 
Aquarius: they may surprise you with the things they remember about you
Pisces: they know what you want without you having to say a word

Why Scorpio is compatible with every sign
  • Scorpio ~ Fixed ~ Water ~ Ruled by Pluto and Mars
  • Aries:Shared Mars ruler
  • Taurus:Sister sign
  • Gemini:Mercury curiosity with Pluto answers
  • Cancer:Water partner
  • Leo:The queen of the solar system (Leo) with the queen of the underworld (Scorpio)
  • Virgo:Pluto the healer and Virgo the nurse
  • Libra:Constellation wise, the scorpions claws hold the Libra scales
  • Sagittarius:The ninth house (ruled by Sagittarius) scriptures are discovered in the eighth house (ruled by Scorpio)
  • Capricorn:Mars (rules Scorpio) exalts in Capricorn
  • Aquarius:Comrade Fixed sign
  • Pisces:Pluto (rules Pisces esoterically) rules Scorpio