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Hi! Do you have any prompts on siblings relationship? My character is a girl who has no mum but 5 siblings. All of them have already created personalities and it's actually a minor plot point, but I'm bothered with it.

I hope these help :) (I assume the siblings are children, if you meant older characters, please let me know).

  1. One of the kids takes something that belongs to another.
  2. One of the kids breaks another’s toy.
  3. The kids mock on of their siblings for something.
  4. Someone hurts one of the siblings and the kids band together for revenge.
  5. One of the kids (accidentally or not) hurts another.
  6. One of the kids is upset, because they can’t have something, because the needs of another child take priority (for example, they can’t have a toy, because their sibling needs medicine, or they can’t go on a trip, because their sibling needs to pay a tuition for a course).
  7. The children create a game only they know the rules to.
  8. The children create their own myth/urban legend.
  9. The children tell tales under the duvet at night.
  10. The children help each other with homework.
  11. One of the children gets lost (maybe while another was supposed to be looking after them).
  12. One of the children is tired of having to babysit the others.
  13. Someone is always in the bathroom.
  14. One of the kids persuades another to do something stupid.
  15. One of the kids gets in trouble and the others cover for them.

ULTIMATE JAMS; two separate throwback playlists dedicated to childhood, happiness, and radio disney

PART 1 ; 1. start all over by miley cyrus // 2. potential break up song by aly & aj // 3. you belong with me by taylor swift // 4. what i’ve been looking for by ryan & sharpay // 5. say ok by vanessa hudgens // 6. falling down by selena gomez & the scene // 7. run it back again by corbin bleu // 8. new classic by selena gomez & drew seely // 9. hawaiian roller coaster ride by jump5 // 10. here we go again by demi lovato // 11. like whoa by aly & aj // 12. i won’t say i’m in love by the cheetah girls // 13. lovebug by the jonas brothers // 14. kiss the girl by ashley tisdale // 15. bet on it by zac efron // 16. nobody’s perfect by hannah montana

PART 2 ; 1. lizzie mcguire theme song by angie jaree // 2. shining star by jump5 // 3. year 3000 by the jonas brothers // 4. get back by demi lovato // 5. volare by vitamin c // 6. cinderella by the cheetah girls // 7. that girl (drama queen) by lindsay lohan // 8. come back to me by vanessa hudgens // 9. beautiful soul by jesse mccartney // 10. wake up by hilary duff // 11. chemicals react by aly & aj // 12. g.n.o. (girl’s night out) by miley cyrus // 13. find yourself in you by everlife // 14. supernova girl by protozoa // 15. i melt with you by bowling for soup // 16. crazy car by the naked brothers band

Based on the last teaser image Hirsch released. 

I have no idea who was able to afford and wear glasses around the 1870s. I know old people did, but I couldn’t find anything about children. I don’t think they’d deny a child glasses if he needed them. Does anyone know about this?
Anywho, the idea of having Stanley squinting all the time and tripping over absolutely everything in his way amused me too much to ignore it.

Damn, my handwriting really is garbage… 

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any prompts about a child and their imaginary friend?

Themed Prompts: Imaginary Friend

  1. The earliest memory of the imaginary friend.
  2. A relative is worried that an imaginary friend is a dangerous thing.
  3. The child blames every mischief on the imaginary friend.
  4. The child draws the imaginary friend.
  5. The child wants their real friends to hang out with the imaginary friend, too.
  6. The imaginary friend comes to life.
  7. The child and the imaginary friend have a tea party.
  8. The imaginary friend helps the child through a difficult period of life.
  9. The child shares a secret with the imaginary friend.
  10. The child grows up and forgets their imaginary friend.
  11. The imaginary friend saves the child’s life.
  12. A mystery is resolved thanks to the imaginary friend.
  13. The child grows afraid of their imaginary friend.
  14. The child cooks for their imaginary friend.
  15. The child wants the imaginary friend to get gifts as well. 

Konn Torin had fallen in love at a young age and it was with a boy he could never be with. This was because of many reasons, but there were a few main points that always stood out to Torin: 

1. Rikan was being groomed to become the next emperor of the Eastern Commonwealth, and Torin his advisor. Their positions would never allow for the romantic relationship Torin dreamed of.

2. Rikan couldn’t love Torin that way, as evidenced by the many occasions Torin witnessed of Rikan’s poor attempts at flirting with women. Torin could see the lust in Rikan’s eyes when he talked to or about women, and when he looked at men that lust was always missing.

3. Rikan was Torin’s best and only friend, and that was something Torin wished to keep for as long as they both lived.

So when Rikan skidded to a halt in front of him, cheeks flushed, and says, “I just met the most amazing girl,” with something a bit more than lust shining in his eyes, Torin plastered on a smile and asked for details of the girl.

All Rikan can talk about for the next few weeks is the amazing girl, who he has come to love so much that he claims that he will marry her. Torin is even given the chance to meet her, and he thinks that she is just as amazing as Rikan always says. She’s beautiful, funny, kind and – most of all – genuine. It surprises Torin that he likes her and that thinks that she is perfect for Rikan. It surprises Torin that he wants her to stay with Rikan.

And then, Rikan is pacing around in front of Torin. “How do I do it?” he asks desperately. “Do I just go up and outright ask for her hand in marriage? Or do I just work my way up to it?”

“I think a direct approach would be best, Your Highness,” Torin interjects, using Rikan’s formal title as he advises him.

“But I’ve heard rumours,” Rikan says, wide eyed. “Sūn Kaito has turned down every single man who has asked for his daughters’ hands in marriage.”

“Maybe he’s just waiting for a man of whom his daughters’ love, and not a man who offers him the most compensation.” Rikan relaxes as Torin speaks, and Torin can see the confidence building up inside him. Torin smiles and says “You can do this. I believe in you.” And he genuinely means it.

“I love you, Torin. You will always be my brother.” Rikan attacks Torin in a quick hug and then runs down the hall. Torin watches him until he can no longer see him.

It would be enough. What he already had would be enough. Torin wanted Rikan to be happy, and as long as he would always have a place by Rikan’s side, Torin would be happy too.

A/N: Sorry for any mistakes, and about the girl’s father’s name, I kind of just picked a last name that sounded right from a list, so I’m sorry if I made any mistakes with the origins of the names, and I hope I haven’t caused any offense.  By the way, the girl is supposed to be Kai’s mother, and Kai is named after his mother’s father (in my head).