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All the talk of if the girl who negan wrapped his jacket around was amber (I think it probably was) and the gross rapey guy who tried to *sell* her for lack of a better word got me wondering if negan doesn't start the harem as a way to protect or help traumatized women he finds? Like all the wives (other than sherry who just wanted to be the queen) were victims of someone else's brutality and negan offers them places as wives to help them recover.

This is actually a really interesting idea and I quite like it , but I would wonder how they go from essentially being in a safe house to wearing lingerie all day and bonking Negan’s brains out.

Maybe Carl caught them on Skivvies Saturday, (the wive’s version of Casual Friday) where they wear underwear all day and most of the time they actually dress normally ;)

I do hope we see some different stories for wives. It’d be interesting if it was actually Sherry’s idea. Like maybe she wanted perks and luxury but she didn’t want to bang Negan all the time, so she suggested bringing in other women, or some shit like that.

OK, I’m all over the place… Shutting up now.

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I'm going to make it clear that I'm not with any ship I prefer independent Kara, but you really like what they're doing on the show with her snatching her feminist stance from the first season, it would not be better if they waited for Mon-El to be at same level as Kara and make a relationship of equals instead of this so anti-feminist? Maybe you ignore me but I had to ask

Hello anon,

Thanks for your ask. 

I think you’re confusing independent and single. Being in a relationship doesn’t exclude being independent, as it means making your own decisions and owning up to your opinion. To me, in retrospect, Kara was less independent in season 1 than she is now in season 2.

She spent a whole season secretly pining for a man who was committed to a romantic relationship without ever really moving on. Kara kept gravitating around him, and he let her; and ke kept gravitating around her in a way that she could never really move on.

Also, romances aside, Kara was very much dependent to Alex and Cat. Remember all those times Kara sought advice or even support from either or one of them. After Cat left, Kara lost her mentor, and as such, had to learn to trust her own judgment and make choices without waiting on anybody’s input first.

Kara is now in a relationship with Mon-El but she is more independent that she ever was in season 1 and this is what their bickering/arguments let on. Even after just getting together with him, she didn’t let herself influenced by Mon-El’s suspicions towards Jeremiah, and when she eventually did, it wasnt because she wanted to please her boyfriend but because she realized that her father’s behavior was off. 

As for Mon-El not being at her level, I will skip the part about how love looks beyond flaws and prejudices because it’s cheesy and I will go straight to the message that the writers want to relay. It is about acceptance: accepting that people with their differences can offer as much as anybody else. Mon-El is far from perfect but he’s still a good person who just needed a little push to reveal it. That is how we, as an audience, have watched Kara transition from mentoree to mentor. She made some mistakes along the way (2x05 for example) and achieved successes (2x09 when she inspired him to want to become a superhero) and this new role has been a whole journey to developing a new side of Kara. 

This is when you realize, that by ‘changing’ Mon-El, she changed too; she became this strong, independent and determined woman who cannot be stopped. And see what happened in the last episode: when Snapper fired her, she didn’t turn to James or Cat to get her job back -like she had at the beginning of the season- because she has become this confident woman who is aware that making difficult decisions can often come with severe consequences. And this was one of them. Sure she was sad but she wasn’t unsettled like her world had just crumbled, which is why she said “being Supergirl and having you is enough”, not because her life revolves around her boyfriend but because she’s thinking like an adult who looks at things clearly and with emotional distance and that is because she’s gained so much confidence that she knows she will find another job, eventually. In this season, Kara has built herself solid bearings (and yes, Mon-El is her romantic one just like Alex is another one of them) that she can keep sight of whenever a situation goes rocky. 

Mon-El isn’t her everything (as the word dependent would suggest), he is one of the things that matter in her life and that she can turn to when she needs it. And that is what being in a relationship means, it means choosing to lean on another person, to listen to their opinion and trust their judgment or choosing not to follow it if you disagree.

Which is exactly what Kara has been doing with Mon-El and even more than when she was that single (indeed), unconfident girl who ran to Cat, James or Alex every time she felt things diverted from their normal/usual path.

Sorry for the rant, but I hope it will help you get a glimpse of my perspective. :)

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Here's a theory: What if the picture Yana drew (possibly the female demon) is actually Claudia?

I was thinking that too. There’s a lot there to play on. If it is Claudia, then question becomes why put her in that sort of outfit? 

Firstly the outfit reminds me of something that the Carnival people were wearing. So I have to wonder if it is her is she working on something. If she is, like Ciel, working on something, then she’s probably working in the red light area, or as a show person in one of the theaters. 

Secondly, her fingers, while I know they’re not that long, they do appear to be pointed. Now, that could indicate the demon thing as I suggested, or it could be that she shows the black heart part of the whole being a watch dog by painted her nails. 

I would love for that to be Claudia, as we do need some info on her and the little that we have is so limited. Still I wish that there was more on her. What we do know of the watch dogs shows that she would have to be someone with nerves of steel. 

This female does have some aspects of Claudia, however it also looks like Claudia, from the image we got from Nina’s memory, might very well be more like Lizzy in looks. Though it might be the drawing. 

I”m gonna put them side by side and see if there’s any similarities: 

Okay so what can we say. Both have hats on with bows and feathers. Although Claudia’s seems to be very much a narrow hat from the early 1800s and this is a top hat. I wish we had more to go on, although earlier drawings of Claudia showed she had dark blue hair as well like Vincent and Ciel. So It’s all up to guessing now what color she has. 

Again I’m hoping this drawing is Claudia, but I’m also betting there’s a chance this is a demon to explain more about the demons in the Kuroverse. 

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I wish TV Dwight would have called Tara out. "Yeah, I killed your Girlfriend. But don't you dare for one second think your innocent. You killed another people's Girlfriend's, Boyfriend's and their family. You have blood on your hands too, hypocrite"

I wish a lot of shit for the TV show XD

I wish in that scene it had been Tara threatening Dwight. Why was it Daryl anyway? Dwight killed Tara’s girlfriend, not fucking Daryl’s. If anyone should be a foil to Dwight, it should be Tara. Because she knows what it’s like to be on the ‘bad guy’s’ side. To follow a man who did horrible things. Hell, it would’ve made a fuck of a lot more sense for Tara to be the one taken prisoner and try to relate to Dwight. (And it would’ve been even better to forgo that whole useless prison subplot altogether…)

I honestly think they’re over the whole ‘the Saviors and Team Family both did bad things’..and are going straight on the path of ‘the Saviors are evil monsters.’ They started off being ambiguous with Paula and her group of women contrasting with Maggie and Carol. Survivors vs survivors. Nobody right, nobody wrong. That was excellent stuff. The contrast of Rick’s group killing people in their sleep to just rumors of what the Saviors supposedly did. Etc. Then they just threw all that in the trash and made the Saviors so cartoony evil that people think it’s totally justified Team Family slaughtered strangers in their sleep. Because hey, all those strangers turned out to be evil assholes, right? Right!

Another thing that ticks me off is Rosita didn’t even get one harsh word from Rick for all the trouble she caused. If I were the leader, her ass would’ve been thrown in the cell Morgan built. She would have been banned from missions because she doesn’t want to be a fucking team player and people died because of her punk ass. TV didn’t just make Negan look like an inept and shitty leader, it made Rick look like one too. 

If I went on about everything I hated about the 7th season… well…

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Iwaoi #10

“I’m so hungry, I could eat a- Stop looking at me like that in public.”

Read on AO3:


Once a year, the Oikawa family and the Iwaizumi family went out for a meal together.

‘A meal’.

More like a restaurant crawl. They started at one end of the market street, and then zig-zagged across the street to each and every eatery the families agreed on, eating little bits and pieces from each place before moving on.

Currently, they were at the 6th restaurant. Oikawa was demolishing a full plate of Yakitori, and Iwaizumi was ordering another serving. It would be his third. He’d had about three helpings in each place so far, and their parents laughed and blamed it on them being teenagers after an intense practice session.

Little did they know their sons ate this much on a regular basis. Oikawa because he was unfairly able to eat what he wanted and never gain weight, Iwaizumi because he worked off just as much as he gained. He had a little bit more pudge than Oikawa, but nothing too noticeable unless he wore skintight clothes.

Cheekily, Oikawa leans over and pokes that little bit of pudge.

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