theme: angst

Imagine your icon disappearing into a bottomless pit. They are trapped in the pit for months. You sink into denial, unable to cope with the fact that they have perished within the bowels of the Earth. When the denial subsides, you weep yourself to sleep every night, a framed photograph of your icon in your arms. When you finally come to grips with the loss….They reappear and hand you a big rock they brought back from the bottom of the pit as a souvenir. Seriously, check out this rock. This is a COOL-ASS rock. Look at it, dude, it’s like a freakin’ BOULDER or some shit. MINDBLOWING.

  1. “I can’t lose you.”
  2. “You’re not allowed to do that!”
  3. “You’re crazy!”
  4. “Kiss me, please
  5. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”
  6. “I can’t marry you.”
  7. “You can’t- you can’t”
  8. “Please, just- stay. Please.”
  9. “Wow.”
  10. “Don’t try, I’m not worth it.”
  11. “Don’t touch me,”
  12. “Your eyes are like the stars.”
  13. “You taste like heaven”
  14. “We can fix this”
  15. “I miss you.”
  16. “I’m in this for life.”
  17. “You’re not getting rid of me that easy.”
  18. “Will you marry me?”
  19. “Yell, scream, say something!”
  20. “I thought I could manage. I can’t. Not without you. Not ever, like that”
  21. “Cuddle?”
  22. “We’re not buying a dog.”
  23. “When’s the last time I said I love you?”
  24. “Fight me”
  25. “You’re so small.”
  26. “I can’t breathe”
  27. “Hello, gorgeous, do I know you?”
  28. “I don’t know what to say.”
  29. “Stop pushing me away”
  30. “It killed me to see you with him.”
  31. “I am so lucky to love you.”
  32. “It never gets easier.”

(im not opposed to smut if you want? specify with a *)


“If I die.. you die, too.” (Ch. 465)

Lyrics: Indestructible - Disturbed

(Creator’s note: Not meant to glorify suicide. I think Natsu must have thought that maybe it was for the best at that time; his friends would be safe from Zeref, as well as from him, and I’ve always admired that kind of selflessness on his part.)

EXO FIC RECS → angst

oh man I love angsty exo fics so much, lol. I’ve spent the three past days reading them and my eyes got all swollen and bloodshoot and my face omg

So here’s a rec list of all my favorite exo angst fictions (this list will be updated whenever I find new angsty fics). Almost everything here made me cry, some more than others.


♥ = favorites aka read them or you die 
☂ = made me cry shitloads 

OT12 (kinda)

EXO 2030 ♥
This is still an on-going story, but I love it already. It’s about EXO post-disbandment and it’s beautifully tragic and realistic.

When The Hour Hand Is Up ☂☂
Tears were streaming down my face almost throughout the entire story, but I completely lost it at Chanyeol’s thank you letter at the end of the story. What a plot twist though. Highly recommended.

This isn’t really categorized under angst I guess, but it did make me sad at some parts. Also, minor Suho/Sehun, although it seems pretty platonic. 


Kai/Sehun/D.O Indecision
The reason I stuck with this story is because I wanted to find out what would happen in the end, and who Jongin would choose. The emotions that are portrayed, esp those of a broken relationship, are great, but I felt like the characterization was off and it didn’t feel like I was reading about Jongin, Kyungsoo or Sehun. 


Anterograde Tomorrow♥ ♥ ♥ ☂
This is called a fandom classic for a reason, it’s really fucking fantastic and brilliant and the english is beautiful ohmygod. People are quoting stuff from this fic left and right and all the fanarts and fanvids omg, just read it.

Another fandom classic. It didn’t really make me cry. I was a tad too busy trying to figure out what the fuck was going on to start crying tbh, but it was really heartbreaking when I finally understood the ending (and the beginning.) 

Turns On a Dime♥ ♥ ♥ ☂☂
This fic. omg THIS FUCKING FIC. I can’t properly explain how much this fic broke my heart into thousands of pathetic pieces. It hurt so much reading this, I actually felt the aching pain in my chest lol. It will probably always be the exo fic that has touched me and made me cry the most. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

It’s been a while since I read this for the first time, but I clearly remember getting very upset and screaming “no, no, no don’t fucking die” at my iphone screen so I can only assume that I got a little too emotionally invested in this fic. 

Don’t Forget Me
From the author of “Countdown.” Another quite unique and interesting plot, with a very upsetting ending lol.

Seventy two 
The ending killed me. I thought I had it all under control but Kyungsoo’s sadness upon realizing that Jongin was gone, and his innocence and naiveness that Jongin would be there next time omg tears. 

Summer, 21
36K of heartbreak and misery. Nah jk it did have some lighthearted and fun parts, but it was mostly just painful because I knew what was going to happen :( especially that letter from Kyungsoo omg

finest thing in history 
tbh I didn’t understand Kyungsoo’s character at all and the characterization seemed a bit off to me, but the plot and the writing not to mention the happy ending made it all worth it. 

What kills me the most about this story is that despite the perfectly clear ending I still don’t know whether or not Jongin ever really had feelings for Kyungsoo even though he tricked him in the end. 


Fix You
I was bawling my eyes out and it wasn’t pretty. The writer has a quite simplistic writing style that still managed to touch me with few words. 

Wish Upon a Balloon
This was super cute, and I loved the use of a balloon as a metaphor to describe their friendship. Chanyeol’s portrayal was really adorable as well. Like everything else on this list, the ending hurts the most and my mom actually came into my room at 2am and asked me why I was crying lol

10080 ♥ ♥ ♥ ☂
I can’t find the link to the story right now because Exobubz’s AFF got deactivated, but this is seriously my favorite Baekyeol fic in the entire world. It’s so fucking sad and heartbreaking and it did not have a happy ending but I loved it all the same. MUST READ

Tbh this was pretty predictable and I knew what was coming from the very beginning, but it still made me cry like a baby esp the letters ohmygod the letters. Include heartbreaking letters in any story and I will start sobbing seriously.

When Chances Fade
Airplanewishes is one of my favorite angst writers. Although not every fic of hers made me cry they still managed to tug a  bit at my heartstrings. 

Walking Between The Raindrops ☂
This was pretty sad but kinda realistic? I totally bought everything that happened and I completely understood Baekhyun’s point of view, as the same as I sympathized with Chanyeol and his misery. 

I’ve drowned and dreamt this moment
aw at the beginning I was like what the hell is happening where did Chanyeol go but then it turned out to be just a dream and I could breathe a sigh of relief lol 

Lavanya ♥ ☂
I loved the idea of an alternate universe and that Baekyeol got a happy ending, hopefully in both of the universes. The struggle of whether to do what you want or do what you should was so realistic and honest and I really pitied both Baekhyun and Chanyeol. It’s lengthy, but an incredibly easy read. Highly recommended. 

and there the grass grows soft and white ♥
One of the very first Baekyeol fics I read. I read it again last night and even though I already knew how it was going to end, I still wished for a different outcome. I guess that’s what you call being too emotionally attached to fictional characters lol. Loved Chanyeol’s character. 

We Are One, or Could Have Been 
Another alternate reality fic, I really have a thing for these. I loved the Baekyeol here.

I Have Died Every Day, Waiting For You ♥ ☂
I was sympathizing with Chanyeol throughout the whole fic and I could literally feel my heart breaking for him. Beautiful plot and beautiful characterization + perfect ending.

Tonight is a Fairy Tale ♥ ♥ ♥ ☂
This is part of a series, and I recommend reading all of the stories. I was so emotionally invested in this that I found myself answering and talking to the characters. Really sad, like so sad that it physically hurts lol. MUST READ.

Baby’s Breath  ☂ ☂
omg ugly sobbing this was really freaking sad and heartbreaking and I prayed for Baekhyun to stop being so fucking mean to Chanyeol

and, things left behind ☂
Let us just pray that this never happens in real life because this hurt so fucking much even though I knew it wasn’t real.


Young and Beautiful ♥
I never used to read much Xiuhan mainly because I just didn’t feel comfortable picturing them as lovers, but I really did miss out on a lot. Lately, there are more and more amazing Xiuhan fics and I can’t wait for one of them to become a fandom classic. This one had me pretty much floored, 15K of beautiful and symbolic writing. 

Together Anywhere ♥ ♥ ♥ ☂
I was so concentrated and lost in Luhan’s head throughout the whole thing that the ending just smacked me right in the face. Then I read the whole thing over again and I realized, yes, it all made sense! Every sentence was hinting at what was going to happen and it was so subtle yet so clear. It just says a lot about the suspense and angst that kept building up when five words at the very end of the fic made me cry my heart out. The writing style is stunning. 

Supernova ♥ ☂
Why the hell isn’t this thing a fandom classic yet, whyyy


Again and again
The memory loss plot is hardly unique anymore, but this still managed to touch me and made me cry for Sehun and his heartbreak. 

And I can’t stop falling♥ ♥ ♥ ☂
(Part of the same series as “Tonight Is A Fairytale”) Absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking. I loved Luhan’s character and the innocent and oblivious Sehun. Highly recommended. Best read with the rest of the series.

Black Canvas
Character death almost always makes me cry, and this was no exception. Beautiful portrayal of a first love.

memories fade away, but the sky still lights up
This was painful ohmygod. I prayed and prayed for Sehun to forgive himself and just let Luhan completely in but fuck the ending, it broke my heart.

Fragile Eternity ♥
Absolutely stunning. 

Delirium ☂
This is so tragic, and I felt for the characters so much, especially the other members who couldn’t do anything. Minor Yixing/Luhan, though it seems pretty platonic 

Other pairings

(Lay/Luhan) will it pour needles someday?
Extremely sad yet beautifully simplistic writing. 

(Chanyeol/Kris) We Are Good
40 fucking thousand words of perfection, guys. It was a perfect mix of angst, fluff, crack and more angst. Wonderful slice of life fic. 

(Kris/Lay) (Always) Like The First Time♥ ☂
I loved Yixing to pieces in this fic, absolutely adorable Fanxing. Extremely heartbreaking at some points, but yay for happy ending (sort of.) 

Suho/Luhan The Touchline♥ ♥ ♥
This is one of my absolute favorites. Just the right amount of angst, crack, fluff and drama. I loved Joonmyun’s character here. Highly recommended.

If you know about other amazing angst fics that I haven’t listed here then don’t hesitate to message me the link so I can check it out :D