Theme 14 looking messed up, quick HTML fix

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<a href=“{Permalink}”>{NoteCount} notes</a> - <a href=“{reblogurl}”>reblog</a></div>{/block:Indexpage}</div>{/block:Indexpage}

Delete the bolded part (</div>{/block:Indexpage})

anonymous asked:

Hi! Before asking you for some help I want to thank you for making themes! :D I'm using theme 14: Octopus’s Garden, and I wonder if I can put a gif as sidebar pic, if so what size it should be. Thank you.

hello! oh thank you! :)
well yes, of course you can! i don’t really know anymore but i think it’s max 1mb on the sidebar gif. a while ago it could be like over 2mb or 3mb and that was awesome [sobs] but unfortunately that isn’t possible anymore.

iam-not-perfect asked:

Oi, peguei o (Theme 14) Theme Lilás cute. para usar em um de meus tumblr's porém a ask dele está desativada, gostaria de saber o que faço para ativa-la. Obrigada ^^

Este tema está com um probleminha mesmo vou até mudar isso que de fato deixei a url sonhosnegados e nem faço idéia de quem é, concerteza foi de algum tumblr que já foi meu, sei lá enfim… Procure no seu tema por isso:

Troque o “sonhosnegados” e coloque a sua url no lugar disso, apenas o nome, não vá repetir o por favor. rs

anonymous asked:

how do i change the font in theme14? I'm finding absolutely nothing about what font it is in the html whatsoever x_x perhaps i'm blind. care to help me out? <3

hi love! 
just find the body{ part of the code and where it says font-family:’cambria’; just change cambria to whatever you like, for example font-family:’calibri’; orfont-family:’georgia’; etc

anonymous asked:

hi! i'm using theme 14 and was wondering how to remove the fading when you un-hover over images? thank you! :)

hello! find the .post{ part in the code, and where it says opacity:0.97; just change that to opacity:1; :)