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based on twenty one pilots’ old* logo and in celebration of their new album, blurryface

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  • the colored bars in the sidebar are links for home (black), ask (blue), and archive (red)
  • 3 custom links & description when you hover over the sidebar
  • reblog button on each post so you don’t have to go to the permalink
  • links have blur effect and a strikethrough effect on hover
  • customized highlight/selection color

* - old logo because this one works better as links as opposed to the new thin bars that are white and red.

mrholrnes asked:

hello, i just used your theme #20 and for some reason the header didnt show up. so i go to click on upload a new header image but it wont let me. any ideas of what i could do?:)

The header image from the live preview is not part of the theme, you have to upload your own :) but what do you mean by ‘it wouldn’t let me’? Could you give any specifics? lol it didn’t jump you and wrestle you to the ground, I assume there was some sort of error message, I just need to know what happened :D

Generally I’d say it’s a tumblr thing and when you close the customise page and then open it again it should work. It definitely doesn’t have anything to do with the theme, unless you changed something in the code? 

Keep You Safe

Title: Keep You Safe

Pairing: Reader x Sam

Word Count: 6,068

Theme Song: Unwell – Matchbox Twenty

Request: Could you do a fic where y/n is in a mental institute because she thinks she’s crazy (she sees demons) and when the Winchesters come rolling round she tells them exactly who is possessed

Warning: There is mention of different mental disorders in this story, so this is just a warning for anyone who may be triggered by that. Stay safe lovelies <3

A/N: Special thanks to the anon who sent in that website recommendation on what demons looked like! That helped out a lot!


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maraudermap asked:

Hi there. I have played a little around with your theme #020, and have for an example made the whole thing a little thinner. Well exept the pictures, that insist on still beeing big. Do you have any clue how to fix it? so far have i changed all the width values from 500 to 430, and it worked perfectly with the rest

It’s because photo, photoset and video posts are a part of tumblr’s interface and therefore have a set width, so you can’t just make them any width but will have to pick one of these

#39 Blurryface Theme:

Just got the new album and felt like making this.

Preview | Code

  • 3 custom links
  • 1 sidebar (250x150)
  • like or reblog if you like the theme or if you’re using it/ want to use it.
  • Don’t remove the credit!

If you have any questions about this theme or another one, feel free to send me a little message on my main- or theme blog! ♥

wowphan asked:

(It's rnrholmes here but I'm on a different account right now:)) basically when I go to click on upload it just doesn't open up anything for me to choose a thing to upload. Same goes for the background. You know when you hover over them the cursor changes to the hand thing telling you that it's a link, it doesn't do that, it's just like I'm clicking nothing?

I have no idea why it does that, but there is another way to add a header image. Just look through your code for this

<div id="header"><img src="{image:headerimg}" /></div>

and then exchange only {image:headerimg} for the URL to your header image (you have to upload it somehwere first, obviously, like a private post on tumblr or photobucket or something). Just note that this way you won’t be able to edit/upload the image in the Appearance tab in the future.

The same goes for the background image, only then it’s this bit in the code:


and make sure you really only change {image:background} for the URL and nothing else

This month I decided to do the three eyed raven from Game of Thrones as my contribution to the Quickdraw zoo! Feathers are almost as much fun as hair, I really got into the zone doing this piece. Later I plan to paint a background and combine them in photoshop, so keep an eye out for that on my sketchblog!



The eighth theme for Phanniemay ‘15 is Favorite!  This theme runs from the twenty-second to the twenty-third.  As long as your submission includes the idea of Favorite and the aspects of Danny Phantom in some way, it will satisfy the theme.  Remember not to tag casual text posts as #Phanniemay or #Phanniemay 15 as these are official submission tags only!

classic for classic still life by jackandphyl
Via Flickr:
The Naked Violin Stripped of strings, scratched by a cat, and with a bow losing its hair, This could be a sad, sad tale of silence and neglect. But do not despair, this violin was beyond repair, This orphan from the dump, no respect, what a shame. So now it poses in this chair, a classic all the same, Still just as sweet, as the songs it once played. &quot;52 of Twenty Eleven&quot;&quot;Week # 21&quot;&quot;THEME: Classic Still Life&quot; &quot;Take Aim: A Challenge Group&quot; - Challenge #19 &quot;Light and shadow&quot;

three-cheers-for-sweet-rache asked:

Hello! Today I installed your lovely theme #26 and most things are just peachy! except…the sidebar seems to be really low on my blog? like the bottom of the page cuts off the page number/ forward arrow. I looked at the sidebar height in the code but it's auto so that should be fine, right? I thought that maybe it was just my mac screen doing it but on your preview theme I can see the page numbers just fine! How does it look to you? Any ideas? Thanks for your time :)

It looks perfectly fine to me so idk what to tell you … maybe it’s your update tab interfering? Or the sidebar image is too big (height)? I really don’t know, this is what it looks like to me:

which means I’ll probably find nothing in the code either. If all else fails, change the upper margin of the sidebar? Only then you won’t be able to add a banner to the top because they’d overlap