City Lights: live preview | code 

  • 150x150 sidebar
  • 4 links
  • auto adjustable description
  • 500px posts 
  • white follow button
  • updates tab 
  • neon title

About Me: live preview | code

  • 150x150 bordered image
  • neon main and second title 
  • space for name, age, birthday, and favorites
  • dropcap with information
  • scrollbar if needed
  • 4 links (back, ask, face, impersonations) 

Candyland: live preview | code

  • 250px width with auto adjustable height
  • 5 color bars under sbimage (customizable) 
  • 5 links
  • white follow button
  • 500px posts

Night Stars: live preview | code

  • 105x105px round sidebar with hover rotation
  • 500px posts
  • 4 links
  • updates tab
  • white follow button
  • hover tags

Please like/reblog if using or considering using! Enjoy and message me with any questions! 

anonymous asked:

I liked the old member page more. But the theme looks good. I like how it ties with Carnival. :)

To be honest, I also prefer the old members page, but the fact that it didn’t match the rest of the theme really stressed me out :)))) this must be my ocd or something. So I decided to use a theme pack.
Anyway, maybe one of our members who’s good at html will give me a helping hand with the future themes! If they want to, of course ❤️