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Did you really name one of the characters in GWP 'Phoenix Little Phoenix'? :D Or, since in Chinese culture the surname goes first: 'Little Phoenix Phoenix'?

It kind of looks that way, doesn’t it. But then one of the buried themes of the book is “repetition / resonance”: the storyteller’s oldest friend. Because you can’t tell if a thing is a theme until you see it at least twice. The third time (especially in a screenplay), it’s a resonance. (See also Hexagram 30, Li: “Fire, Repeated.” And part of its rhyme-paraphrase [I wouldn’t attempt to dignify it by calling it a translation]: “And do not miss, ‘twixt fire and ice, / Your chance to make the Sun rise twice.” I’m happy enough to blame Clae Waltham for the name for the hexagram, “Double Brightness”.)

Meanwhile, if you’ve finished the book, I’d guess you have a sense of what’s going on with Penn’s name. :)

      SHOUTOUT TO COMIC-BASED RP BLOGS… you know what i’m talking about… comic-only blogs require so much work!!! so much research!!! so many hours spent on editing graphics and hunting down comic issues!!! so much love!!!! and blogs like that never get enough credit in my opinion, SO THIS POST IS FOR YOU GUYS… you keep reading all those comic books… keep writing your great blogs even though there might be like 5 people on this site who even recognize your character. i know how much work it is to keep up with those damn comic books AND I APPRECIATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU… KEEP IT UP, TRUE BELIEVERS….


This wedding dress is made out of book pages!

Photography & Concept: Bellamint Photography // Floral Design, DIY Wedding Dress & Concept: Sunflower Creative// Makeup: Magnifica Bella // Hair: Love Your Hair by Brandi Trapp
Nontraditional Love - 1st LGBTQ & Poly themed coloring book
Nontraditional Love is the 1st LGBTQ and Polyamory themed adult coloring book. Let's bring this much needed book to life.

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A little snapshot of uni life the past few days. It has been really busy filled with lots of reading and making friends like Cactus Jeff.

Also, I would like to note that the stack of books are all required texts for ONE class. Needless to say, I have reading non-stop this semester to keep up with all my classes.

Despite the constant stress and , uni life is pretty rad.

Lunarthon: STARS ABOVE giveaway

Need more Lunar Chronicles in your life? Read on to learn more about Stars Above, the new collection of short stories from Cinder’s world, and enter our giveaway for the chance to win a copy!

With less than a week to go until Stars Above hits the shelves, in this week’s Lunarthon feature we’re taking a break from our readalong to look at the Lunar Chronicles novellas, and what readers can expect from Stars Above!

I’m a huge fan of bonus content in any form – whether it’s revealed in an author Q&A, or in an adaptation, or in a brand new book created just for those fans who want to spend a little more time with the characters they’ve grown to love.  Companion novellas are a fantastic way for authors to share more stories from the universe they’ve created with their fans, and I’m so thrilled that on February 2nd I’ll be able to return to the world of the Lunar Chronicles.

The best thing about reading a short story collection is that it doesn’t matter what order you read the stories in – you can pick whichever you’re in the mood to read first.  But choosing can be difficult, especially if you’re as fussy a reader as I am.  So in preparation for the release of Stars Above, here’s a summary of what readers can expect from each story in the new Lunar Chronicles collection.

Read more about Stars Above and enter to win a copy of Stars Above on  YA Interrobang! You get bonus entries for following us here on Tumblr!

Theme Change

I’ve been reading more DC and independent comics lately, so I’ve decided to broaden the focus of this blog. I will now be posting about any and every comic I want. 

This will still be a predominately Marvel place, but some others will be thrown in too. Who knows, maybe you’ll see something new to check out? 

I love all comics. I hope everyone will be open minded about this. Marvel vs. DC feuds are silly. Who knows, maybe you’ll see something new to check out? 


Project 10 Stage 2 

Focusing on my Theme Book

More experiments in my theme book - developing the theme of architecture / cityscapes in a range of media.  I am letting this process find it’s own way - I am still not sure what I will be making and which individual projects I will be focusing on.  I am constrained by the size of the bag (A3) I have to send to send my work to my tutor in.  I have also added my own constraint that I am not planning to buy any new fabric or yarn for this project.

Lunarthon: Scarlet chapters 1-15

Welcome back to Lunarthon! This week, we’re starting book two of the series – Scarlet! In chapters 1-15, we’re introduced to a whole host of new settings, new ensemble characters, and brand new stakes for Cinder and her friends.

Scarlet starts with a bang, as we’re thrown back into Cinder’s world right in the middle of a daring prison break.  We also meet the titular protagonist of book two of the Lunar Chronicles: Scarlet Benoit, a French pilot and farm girl with a temper as fiery as her hair:

Something had happened to her grandmother. Something was wrong and if the police didn’t keep looking, Scarlet was going to take it to court and see that every one of their turnip-head detectives was disbarred and would never work again and –

She snatched a gleaming red tomato in each fist, spun on her heels, and pummelled the stone wall with them.

Of all Meyer’s heroines, Scarlet is often overlooked by fans of The Lunar Chronicles. She’s not special like Cinder, she’s not royalty like Winter, and she’s not as sweet and endearing as Cress.  But re-reading the first fifteen chapters of Scarlet made me fall in love with the feistiest, stubbornest member of Meyer’s ensemble all over again.  As soon as Scarlet jumped onto a bar table to defend a girl she’d never met – and a cyborg Lunar at that – from a sexist and ignorant crowd, I was reminded of why Scarlet is such an invaluable part of Team Cinder. She might not have Lunar powers or hacking abilities, but she’s got a strong sense of justice and she’s fiercely loyal to her friends.

Read more about how fantastic Scarlet is on YA Interrobang.

I’m reading book 16: The Warning, which is the, like, “Animorphs does modern day internet things” themed book, and I’ve been thinking about updated Animorphs in the internet age.

– Visser 3 spending two months investigating the source of every. funny. animal. video/vine/news story, paranoid and convinced that the Andalite Bandits are somehow sending complex messages with Vines. Human controllers try to tell him that it’s just a thing, but he insists, runs them through complicatd software analyzing for visual patterns.

– The Animorphs carefully managing their social media profiles so that their internet personas don’t change. Jake checking in regularly to make sure people have met their minimum Instagram quotas and snapchatted random videos and updated Tumblr queues (well, that one is just Cassie, obvs.).

 – Jake finding himself just staring at the Fb page for The Sharing, checking it every day. Feeling a gut-punch every time someone follows the page, getting sick every time one of their photos come up in his feed because Tom is tagged.

 – Marco seeing his mother as Visser 1,  getting out his old iTouch that has all the texts from his mom on it, the ones he’s kept to read sometimes. Reading through them one more time, everyday messages to his younger self about pickups from friends’ houses, about dinner, about school. Deleting them. Throwing the iTouch against the wall until it breaks. (It doesn’t help.)

 – Funny animal videos losing something for Cassie, not cheering her up like they used to. She pays more attention to survival tips, to vet blogs, blogs of anatomy and scientific illustration, graphic illustrations of injuries. She tells herself it’s so she knows how to help if– when— someone gets hurt, but really it’s just because she’s started to see the world in terms of what can break. She knows she won’t always be able to fix it, but she needs to at least know what could go wrong or she might panic.

 – Rachel likes to look over Cassie’s shoulder, because Rachel’s started seeing the world in terms of what she can break and she likes to get inspiration. It scares her a little, the visceral fascination with damage and injury and pain. She accepts it.

 – Tobias never really had any social media profiles that need upkeep, but spending so much time alone he used to know every way of downloading shows, every site. Torrenting master. He doesn’t really miss it except at night, on his branch, when he gets the same lonely, scared feeling he used to have in whatever crappy bedroom he was staying in as a kid. He stops missing it eventually, but he does want to get his talons on a go-pro at some point because he’s pretty sure he could win every photo contest ever.

All the books I ordered last week have finally arrived! I splurged and bought myself ten pretty hardcovers. c: #bookstagram #booklr #books #ya

Soo I decided to start a book-themed instagram account. If anyone else has one, send me your username (or follow me if you’d like) so I can follow you please! c: