THEME #7 by myackles;

  • Sidebar Image width - 200px 
  • 4 customizable links bellow the Sidebar Image ( put your mouse over it and they will appear )
  • You can add a picture as a Background or as a Sidebar Background Image
  • You can also change the background color of the posts, the text hover and many more :)

{ Live Preview };
Download from Pastebin: { x }, { with endless scrolling };
Download from Free Text Host: { x }, { with endless scrolling };

Editing is okay as long as you:
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Theme 07: Ennui

It’s my first grid/masonry theme! It’s relatively simple-looking but it took me a while to make the codes user-friendly and customizable. I hope you guys like it! ^^


  • 250/400px. wide post options
  • Single column/ 2-columned/ 3-columned options
  • Optional endless scrolling
  • 5 custom links
  • Circular sidebar pic option (156x156 px)
  • Various other customization selections

Live preview and code: 

theme #7 - Hakkoi 

live preview | codes


  • 3 post sizes (200px, 250px and 400px) 
  • 1-4 Column Posts (3 and 4 column only work with 200px posts)
  • Infinite Scroll (optional)
  • 2 custom links
  • Link hover effect (optional)
  • Grayscale posts (optional)
  • Dropdown description (optional)
  • optimized for CHROME

Please note that photosets will not show up full in width for 200px size posts! This theme was released in replace of the other theme I took off ^^; Thank you for using and enjoy!

If you look back to chapter 4, each original Team 7 member has achieved their future dream by the end of the manga


Chapter 700:


Chapter 699: 

Chapter 700:

Even though it’s not the literal resurrection of his clan he is building relationships and has moved on to restarting the clan

Chapter 394:

Not much to be said here


Although her ambition is not vocalised it’s obvious it has something to do with Sasuke

Chapter 699:

So when people say that they were disappointed with how it ended because they believed that Kishi didn’t keep with the “never give up” theme, he really did keep to it not just for Naruto but for all the members of Team 7

Theme #7 -  A Little Death

Live Preview | Pastebin

a bit out of the box, not your conventional theme.

The “sidebar image”, MUST be a pattern. (The size is 150x180, so try resizing the pattern to a 50x50 square for the best look.)

3 Customizable Links

The description looks best when filled to capacity, but short ones are good too.

This theme was coded in Mozilla Firefox and tweaked in Chrome. Works best in those.

Don’t remove the credit, thank you.

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✿ Theme 7 by Deborah 

This is my seventh theme yay! SO i made this theme for valentines day since its like in a week.. but i love it so much and i want it to last so i might make a normal version of this soon!
Also credit too Tobi (cookinq) for the textpost perma idea!
live preview - code

Theme Includes:
- Lace TopBar
- Link hover messages
- Easy customizable options
- 5 links + theme link
- Falling hearts
- Heart Sidebar (which is so cool and I’ve never seen it before!)
- Background photo
- Posts Background photo
- 2 columns
- Updates Pop Up
- Playlists Pop Up
- Stats Bar
- Music Bar
- 2 Sidebar hover photos
- 2 really cool Permalinks
- Description with scroll and name
- A really cute question layout

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I made this theme with a basecode by outlasting :) okay thanks enjoy :*