THEME #7 by myackles;

  • Sidebar Image width - 200px 
  • 4 customizable links bellow the Sidebar Image ( put your mouse over it and they will appear )
  • You can add a picture as a Background or as a Sidebar Background Image
  • You can also change the background color of the posts, the text hover and many more :)

{ Live Preview };
Download from Pastebin: { x }, { with endless scrolling };
Download from Free Text Host: { x }, { with endless scrolling };

Editing is okay as long as you:
Do not claim as your own or move the credit to a secondary page !!

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Theme 07: Ennui

It’s my first grid/masonry theme! It’s relatively simple-looking but it took me a while to make the codes user-friendly and customizable. I hope you guys like it! ^^


  • 250/400px. wide post options
  • Single column/ 2-columned/ 3-columned options
  • Optional endless scrolling
  • 5 custom links
  • Circular sidebar pic option (156x156 px)
  • Various other customization selections

Live preview and code: 

theme #7 - Hakkoi 

live preview | codes


  • 3 post sizes (200px, 250px and 400px) 
  • 1-4 Column Posts (3 and 4 column only work with 200px posts)
  • Infinite Scroll (optional)
  • 2 custom links
  • Link hover effect (optional)
  • Grayscale posts (optional)
  • Dropdown description (optional)
  • optimized for CHROME

Please note that photosets will not show up full in width for 200px size posts! This theme was released in replace of the other theme I took off ^^; Thank you for using and enjoy!

The thing about Ghostbusters is that how do I go back to watching other films now?!! How can I go back to watching films where the only female lead is there to wear skimpy clothing and be a love interest for the male lead? How can I go back to films where the only “fat” character is there for everyone and themselves to make fat jokes? The thing is straight guys finally got to see what it’s like to have their only representation in the main cast be the less useful only-there-for-supposed-eye-candy a la Kevin (but then Kate McKinnon kinda stole the eye candy part there) and they didn’t like it. Before the film, I was looking forward to it but I didn’t think having an all-female team really mattered that much. I see now why it really does, especially for young girls who are finally able to see themselves in Holtzmann’s creativity and goofiness, or Patty’s love for books and history, Erin’s accomplishments in the particle physics field or Abby’s ability to take no crap (even if it’s about the number of wontons in her wonton soup). Even if people think that the film isn’t great, and everyone’s entitled to their opinions, they can’t deny that it’s important and a definite step in the right direction for Hollywood.  

✿ Theme 7 by Deborah 

This is my seventh theme yay! SO i made this theme for valentines day since its like in a week.. but i love it so much and i want it to last so i might make a normal version of this soon!
Also credit too Tobi (cookinq) for the textpost perma idea!
live preview - code

Theme Includes:
- Lace TopBar
- Link hover messages
- Easy customizable options
- 5 links + theme link
- Falling hearts
- Heart Sidebar (which is so cool and I’ve never seen it before!)
- Background photo
- Posts Background photo
- 2 columns
- Updates Pop Up
- Playlists Pop Up
- Stats Bar
- Music Bar
- 2 Sidebar hover photos
- 2 really cool Permalinks
- Description with scroll and name
- A really cute question layout

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I made this theme with a basecode by outlasting :) okay thanks enjoy :*

Theme #7: Simplicity

static preview & code (& more themes)


  • 6 custom links (you can add more if you want to)
  • hover tags
  • accordion menu with description and links (on click)


  • don’t steal/redistribute and/or remove the credit please!
  • don’t use as basecode
  • editing allowed - have fun with it :)
  • any problems/questions? - ask me!

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Playing Pool In GTA 5
  • Vikk:Why don't we make our own theme park called 7 Flags?
  • Ethan:No.
  • Josh:'Cause we'd probably get Copyrighted.
  • Ethan:We can call it 7 Flags.
  • Vikk:Each of us holds a flag.
  • Simon:No, no- let's just call it- let's just gets rid of one letter from flag.
  • Josh:Oh, uh, no. Don't like that.
  • Ethan:7 Fags.
  • ...
  • Josh:We're like test tube babies right now.
  • Ethan:I was literally going to say that but I didn't want to offend anyone.
Five times Sora saw Leon and Cloud Kissing

Happy Strifehart Week 2016!

This was written for day ones theme which was either Sora or Fanmix and so I did one of both!

You can view the fanmix here!

The songs are in order to match each kiss. I hope you enjoy the stories and songs! Since the sight needed 8 songs I just added some game music for ambience.

Art is by @onettgirl aka @tripletriadking

Also available on AO3

♕*1*♕ ‘Forever is a long time…But I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side.’

Radiant Garden was back. It was the real name of Hollow Bastion and Sora loved it. The name wasn’t as depressing as Hollow Bastion had sounded. Radiant Garden held hope in it, hope that they could get the world back up to par. Sora and the others believed in it and they had already gone so far into restoring it.

As he walked around, Sora saw all his friends gathered together. They were all going to have a little party soon but the two people missing were Cloud and Leon. They had gone off somewhere and no one knew where. It was Sora’s job to find the two. If they were both missing it usually meant they were missing together.

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