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      「   THEME #018: MUSHISHI by angelicxi   」
      ↳ [  preview one  /  preview two  ]
      ❥ the link to the codes is in the preview’s theme info post.

      I’ve been rewatching Mushishi a lot ever since I was in the middle of my exam sessions — it has a very calming effect on me — and finally decided to give some shape to the feelings it always leaves me with. Thus, a simple theme inspired by the episode title cards, perfect for just about any blog type.

      [ + ]  option for 400px posts;
      [ + ]  option for 500px posts;
      [ + ]  option for 700px posts;
      [ + ]  slot for a title (about 7 characters using break tags, jpn/eng);
      [ + ]  content (posts) will auto-center to accomodate your screen dimensions;
      [ + ]  posts are styled after the new dashboard format;
      [ + ]  post backgrounds can be either opaque or transparent;
      [ + ]  the sidebar strip background can be either plain (block) color or a gradient;
      [ + ]  background is by default plaincolor;
      [ + ]  option for a gradient background;
      [ + ]  option for a pattern/texture background;
      [ + ]  option for a wallpaper;
     tip: it’s recommended you use an image that is at least 1366px by 768px, but any size goes.
      [ + ]  option for update tabs (five, but you can manually replicate the code to add more);
      [ + ]  option for light tumblr controls.

      Do NOT:
         —  remove the credit
         —  use as a base code
         —  repost/claim as yours
      Respect the maker’s work, please.
      This theme is optimized for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.
      It is best viewed on a 1366x768 screen resolution.

**Please do not delete the text or self-promote, unless you’ll be automatically disqualified.**

Hello lovelies! Liz @azuher and I @flhuent have decided to host an awards together. We love smoky eyes and Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky palette, so we’re happy to present “NAKED Smoky Palette Awards”! If you’re interested, please read the following text below.


  • Must be following @azuher and @flhuent (we will check).
  • Do not delete the text or self-promote as mentioned above.
  • Reblog this post to apply, likes will be counted as bookmarks.
  • For those who are apllying for under 1k, please submit proof (screenshot) of your followers.


  • Best theme: High 
  • Best icon: Dirtysweet 
  • Best posts: Radar 
  • Best playlist: Armor 
  • Best updates tab: Slanted 
  • Nicest blogger: Dagger
  • Best new discovery: Black Market 
  • Best color scheme: Smolder 
  • Best under 1k: Password (must submit proof/screenshot of your followers here and here
  • Best overall: Whiskey 
  • Liz’ fave: Combust 
  • Helen’s fave: Thirteen


  • A follow from both of us (if not already)
  • 2 new friends!
  • We will queue from you a lot and give you promo of your choice :)
  • Feature on an awards page (under construction)


  • Talk to us! (we’re sure, we’re nice! :) )
  • Reblog this post more than once, so we can notice you more.
  • Follow Liz’ instagram here and Helen’s instagram here
  • Apply to Liz’ other awards and Helen’s fave


  • We will be choosing when we reach the decent amount of notes.
  • Banner was made by Helen @flhuent // @flhuentdesigns

Happy reblogging and have a nice day!

Lots of love,

Liz and Helen

*:・゚✼:・゚mobile nav ✫ *:・゚♡ *:・゚

If you are on a mobile device but still looking for something specific, here is a navigation: 


girls | boys | kids
japanese | black ulzzang
pastel | faceless
pack | matching
couple: girlxgirl | girlxboy | boyxboy


caps | mask | glasses
pets | flowers | food
cigarettes | tattoo
space buns | curly hair | short hair | pixie hair

Per color

white | gray scale | black
blue | purple
pink | red | brown
green | yellow

Tumblr - Photoshop

action | psd
photoshop cs6 | download (packs)
fav themes | updates tabs

Ulzzang acc

ulzzang instagram (asks)
ulzzang instagram acc | ulzzang collections
kpop cosplay


what’s ulzzang?
how to be ulzzang?
where to buy ulzzang clothes?
how to download and install photoshop?
how to make icons?

Ahhh hello all you lovely people! As you might have gathered from the shitty banner above — we (me and all of you who follow and support this trash blog) have reached 2.5k !!! This is such a huge accomplishment and I’m so grateful for you all! To celebrate I thought I would do my first ever… *cue drum roll*… TUMBLR AWARDS!!!

T O  E N T E R

  • •must be following your local trash bin (aka me)
  • REBLOG this post (likes don’t count sorry)
  • apply for my Charlie Weasley network (optional, but appreciated!)
  • must enter by the deadline of June 30th 12:00AM Central Time 


mandrake award: best url
gillyweed award: best domain
dittany award: best mobile
devil’s snare award: best icon
shrivelfig award: best desktop theme
asphodel award: best updates tab
whomping willow award: best navigation page
venomous tentacula award: best multifandom
dirigible plum award: best non-hp
gurdyroot award: best hp
knotgrass award: best edits*
fluxweed award: best writing**
rhododendron award: rising blogger***
pomona sprout award: nicest blogger
neville longbottom award: personal favorite

D I S C L A I M E R S 

*=please put creations tag in the tags when you reblog

** = please put writing tag in the tags when you reblog
*** = please send me a screenshot of your follower count (must be 500 or lower)

when you reblog this you will automatically be entered into all categories (except the ones starred* unless they apply to you)

there will be one winner for each category and two (2) runners up.



  • a follow from me, if not already
  • my love and eternal awkward friendship
  • if you have creations/writing i will reblog as much of them as i can
  • your choice of any of the urls I have saved HERE, if you would like

First Place 

  • 3 edits of your choice upon request
  • 6 promos upon request over 2 months

Runners Up

  • 1 edit of your choice upon request
  • 3 promos upon request over 2 months

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! I am so grateful to have new followers on my side blogs, @queenvdaenerys and @clarkegriffens !

As you already know you are all super mega awesome and have the best blogs in the world so that’s why everyone wins in these awards!

I noticed I forget to include some type of *prize* for all my winners so if any of you have an icon request I will make it for you and message it to you so that you’re the only person that has it! Also I will put a link to this post in my updates tab.

Sorry pals, but I am not putting this under a cut because I want all of these amazing blogs to be seen! Awards are in no particular order!

Thank you all again for participating, I really did enjoy visiting and perusing all of your blogs! I really hope this has been a positive experience for all of you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

blogrates (งツ)ว

bc i feel like it and just wanna chill after feeling crappy for most of the day

  • mbf: @steveharringtons
  • reblog this post 
  • send me and ask with your fave stranger things s2 moments, or just ask a question or tell me something nice. anything really. + a  ✨ 
  • check out my sideblog maybe?


url: 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | amazing!
icon:  5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | beautiful!
theme:  5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | flawless!
update tab:  5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | wonderful!
posts:  5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | perfect!
overall:  5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | the best!
following: not yet, sorry lovely! | +f  | ofc! | you’re one of my pals!!

hello again.

So, if the title is no indication, I am back. 

If you are slightly confused as to why I’m saying I’m back then let me lay it down. About a month ago I made a post called much deserved. I needed a break from always being plugged in online, I needed time to work on my imagines at my own speed; not just the speed you guys wanted. So I went on hiatus. I did this for so many reasons, but I will explain myself. Just let me compose myself and we can get into it. Sit down, grab a drink and let’s do this. 

When I took my hiatus I was going through a really tough time, I still am in fact, but I know I can handle it now. I have unfortunately been unemployed since April of this year, this means that for most of the year I have been unbelievably poor. This isn’t a sob story; this is a fact. I was under so much stress from my personal life that I couldn’t find it within me to write anything. It began to feel like a burden and not a joy. 

So I took a step back to evaluate my life from the outside. I applied for jobs, I’m trying to decorate my flat and I want to improve my relationship with my partner. It’s going well, I finally have interviews, I can actually somewhat bare my home and Stewart and I are in a really good place right now. 

But something was still holding me back from returning. I wasn’t happy with my blog at all. It was a mess, something that caused me more unnecessary stress. So I changed it. I’m still the same person I was, nothing has changed there, but this is no longer the blog you used to visit. It’s better. 

I have an updates tab, my themes are sleek once more, I have an imagine ready to post as per the schedule in my bio. My master-list is completely redone, there is nothing that isn’t in order. Plus now it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. Not to be a shameless plugger but I spent a lot of time and effort on it. Stewart has spent countless hours with me fixing everything so you all have him to thank. Without him, I wouldn’t be back. 

Thank you for waiting for me to be ready, I love you guys so much. It feels good to be coming back. 

You’re not ready for what I have coming. 

love lau xox

Originally posted by stitchholdsmyheart

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🎅 New Icon and Theme Updated 🎅 

  • Theme for Christmas aka best time of the year. 
  • Still have that updates tab on the top left corner (to check what I’m posting and if I have any wips).
  • I can finally use the cute gif by @riice as my dashboard/mobile header (tysm sweetie!)
  •  Some new stuff linked on my resources page (mostly faq).


so I’m very bored and need something to do, also I want to follow new blogs to keep my dash going 

r u l e s

— mbf me 
reblog this post (likes will be counted as bookmarks)
— send me an ask with you telling me your favorite film/movie/book + the word “br”

n o t e

— blacklist #br if you don’t want to be spammed
— please don’t let this flop
— if this doesn’t get over 10 reblogs, let’s just pretend this never happened, okay?

layout is under the cut..

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ya girl here hit 1.1k last night and i wanted to celebrate with you guys. thank you so much for all the love you guys give me! 


the goods: 

  • send  ☔️ to be added to my fandom family. please also send top 3 hp characters and whether or not you’d like to be added to the discord group chat to be added to my fandom family! check here to see who’s been taken! ( please send hp characters only! )
    • please track the tag #vikkisfam to share your edits and posts ♥
  • send  🐾 to be added to my birthday page. don’t forget to include your name,  birthday and an idea for an edit for your birthday present! 
  • send  ✨ for a detailed blog rate! format below the cut!  
  • send  🌺 for a simple blog rate! format below the cut!
  • send   🌎 + two things for a make me choose edit. please limit these things to the hp universe! 

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so, on this very day i hit 1k. i started this blog around 4 months ago and i’ve met so many new and supportive people on the studyblr community. i want to take the time to say how grateful i am for all of you. so, to celebrate 1k i decided to do blogrates, since i love participating in them.

r u l e s

  • mbf me 
  • must be a studyblr
  • reblog this post (likes will be counted as bookmarks)
  • maybe check out my other blogs? (@idiyllic​ & @nxncywheelers​)
  • tell me what your studyblr is if your primary isn’t your studyblr
  • send me an ask with the words “1k br” at the beginning of your ask and tell me your favourite song / movie / book / tv show (or all if you want to) 

n o t e

  • blacklist #eruditeebr if you don’t want to be spammed
  • please don’t let this flop
  • if this doesn’t get over 10 reblogs, let’s just pretend this never happened, okay?

layout is under the cut

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Please Help Ren (Commissions)

Hello!  I’m Ren, a 20 year old communications design student with a special interest in web design and development.  I’m also a trans guy looking to pay for top surgery in the next year.  My insurance has noncommittally hinted at covering some of the cost, but I still need to pay for consultations, hospital fees, and whatever the insurance won’t pay for.  I have some money saved up, but not enough for comfort.  Because of this, I’m reopening commissions in order to help finance this surgery.

I take commissions for the following:

  • tumblr themes, pages, and add ons (like updates tabs)
  • full websites for commercial or personal use (such as personal portfolios)
  • web development tutoring and consulting
  • proofreading and debugging services

A full list of services and all pricing/forms can be found here.  I can show you examples of work or past commissions upon request (these are all of my public themes).  If you’re interested, you can also IM me.  I accept mainly PayPal, but other means of payment can be negotiated (however, I do not barter/trade).

Signal boosts are also appreciated.

30 day summer study challenge - xvii/xxx

advice for new studyblrs

Hey lovelies! So today’s challenge was to list down some advice for new studyblrs/things I wish I knew when I was starting out. Quite a bit of what’ll be mentioned here has probably already been mentioned by other studyblrs, but let’s get to it! ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙

  • Make an introduction post - this is super important guys and admittedly a step I forgot to do oops! It let’s the community know that there’s a newcomer + get’s your studyblr out there. Tell us about yourself! From the basics like your year level to your hobbies and interests, we’d love to hear them! Tbh it helps a whole lot with my next tip! Also!! If you’re like me and have had a studyblr for MONTHS but never made an intro post, don’t hesitate to make one! It’s never too late!
  • Make friends! - this is probably one of the friendliest tumblr communities you will ever find, so don’t be afraid to reach out to the people here! If you’re shy, try participating in some ask games, or you can comment on original content! Don’t know what to say? Find studyblrs that share the same interests you do - I’m ridiculously awkward, but finding studyblrs who like the same things you do make most of that awkwardness/shyness disappear!
  • Make original content - while reblogging content is what helps inspire + keep the studyblr community going, remember that you have things you can contribute too! There are lots of things for you to contribute: you can add in pictures of you studying, your notes, or your bullet journal; you can make masterposts or give advice; you can even make motivational graphics or printables if you ave access to graphic design software/websites! Go crazy! If you don’t know where to start, try out some studyblr challenges - like the 100 days of productivity, the monthly challenges, or the one I’m doing right now! - since they encourage you to put out original content everyday! 
  • Don’t be afraid to tag other studyblrs - if you’re a new studyblr, getting original content noticed can be tricky. But a lot of studyblrs have a tag they track (I personally track #catstudies), so you can include them in your tags to give your posts more exposure! You can also tag things #studyblr or #studyspo
  • Play around with your theme + tagging system - this is something that is honestly super fun AND makes your studyblr more *aesthetically pleasing* °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° It’ll help set the mood for your blog and helps you learn a bit about coding if you want to hardcore customize things! In case anyone’s curious, my current theme is by @shythemes, while the updates tab is by @felinum, and they both have really lovely themes I see often in the studyblr community, along with @sorrism and @acuite! I also recommend setting up a navigation page/tagging system to keep your posts organized + easy to find! 

I hope this helps you lovelies out! Never hesitate to drop me a message if you have any questions or just want to chat! 

so i woke up to 600 followers and i’m honestly shook! so i decided to do some blogrates/aesthetic/edits because i love you all. 


  • You must be following me;
  • Reblog this post;
  • send me an ask containing 🌖= A blog rate, 🌗= Aesthetic  🌑= edit + request what ever edit you want (fandoms listed below)
  • layout ↓ (under the cut)
  • Pick as many as you want.
  • if you don’t want to see this blacklist #chloe600

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so as part of my recent 5k 5.1k, i’ve decided to do blogrates again! they’re always fun to do and i love finding new blogs to follow! 

to get one:

  • mbf me
  • it’d be nice if you’d reblog this post ;D
  • send me a mssg about anything you want! (+ use ★ so i know it’s for a blograte!)

they’ll look like this:

  • url: ?/10
  • icon: ?/10
  • theme: ?/10
  • mobile theme: ?/10
  • updates tab: ?/10
  • posts: ?/10
  • overall: ?/10
  • following: no(t yet) | f+ | yes | ALWAYS

blacklist: 5k br

(please ignore the badly made banner lmao) 

this fuckass got 800 followers?? first off i want to say thank you guys so much!! i wanted to do something small for this, so i’m doing blogrates* and blog compliments! feel free to send in both!  ❤

  • send me a ♛ + your favorite song for a short blograte (format under the cut) 
  • send me a ✩ + favorite hp character for a longer blograte (format under cut) 
  • send me a ♔ + what makes you happy for a blog compliment. 


that’s all, thank you again for 800! ❤ ❤

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Hello Little Gremlins, I totally left this behind when I went into my long long hiatus. Now that I recently reached 1.6k followers, it was a perfect occasion to run this shit again.

Let’s get this shit started, shall we?

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ok so (1) i just reached 600 followers???? wtf ily (2) i dont want to do my hw and (3) im procrastinating writing fanfic for b99,, so imma do a fancy shmancy thing!! its actually pretty lame bUT i getta shower u guys with love and i love doing that so!!

what u gotta doooooo

  • reblog this!
  • follow me! (and maybe my new sideblog if u want?)
  • send me an ask with what u want!
  • ((pls only ask for one of the first 2 options,, the 3rd option u can combine with either tho lol))

the thiiiiiings

  • send me ★ for a blograte! (below the cut)
  • send me ☆ for a compliment!
  • if u just start yelling with me about b99 ill give u whatever u want yell back louder and become ur best friend!!!!!

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