theme with updates tab


      「   THEME #018: MUSHISHI by angelicxi   」
      ↳ [  preview one  /  preview two  ]
      ❥ the link to the codes is in the preview’s theme info post.

      I’ve been rewatching Mushishi a lot ever since I was in the middle of my exam sessions — it has a very calming effect on me — and finally decided to give some shape to the feelings it always leaves me with. Thus, a simple theme inspired by the episode title cards, perfect for just about any blog type.

      [ + ]  option for 400px posts;
      [ + ]  option for 500px posts;
      [ + ]  option for 700px posts;
      [ + ]  slot for a title (about 7 characters using break tags, jpn/eng);
      [ + ]  content (posts) will auto-center to accomodate your screen dimensions;
      [ + ]  posts are styled after the new dashboard format;
      [ + ]  post backgrounds can be either opaque or transparent;
      [ + ]  the sidebar strip background can be either plain (block) color or a gradient;
      [ + ]  background is by default plaincolor;
      [ + ]  option for a gradient background;
      [ + ]  option for a pattern/texture background;
      [ + ]  option for a wallpaper;
     tip: it’s recommended you use an image that is at least 1366px by 768px, but any size goes.
      [ + ]  option for update tabs (five, but you can manually replicate the code to add more);
      [ + ]  option for light tumblr controls.

      Do NOT:
         —  remove the credit
         —  use as a base code
         —  repost/claim as yours
      Respect the maker’s work, please.
      This theme is optimized for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.
      It is best viewed on a 1366x768 screen resolution.

**Please do not delete the text or self-promote, unless you’ll be automatically disqualified.**

Hello lovelies! Liz @azuher and I @flhuent have decided to host an awards together. We love smoky eyes and Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky palette, so we’re happy to present “NAKED Smoky Palette Awards”! If you’re interested, please read the following text below.


  • Must be following @azuher and @flhuent (we will check).
  • Do not delete the text or self-promote as mentioned above.
  • Reblog this post to apply, likes will be counted as bookmarks.
  • For those who are apllying for under 1k, please submit proof (screenshot) of your followers.


  • Best theme: High 
  • Best icon: Dirtysweet 
  • Best posts: Radar 
  • Best playlist: Armor 
  • Best updates tab: Slanted 
  • Nicest blogger: Dagger
  • Best new discovery: Black Market 
  • Best color scheme: Smolder 
  • Best under 1k: Password (must submit proof/screenshot of your followers here and here
  • Best overall: Whiskey 
  • Liz’ fave: Combust 
  • Helen’s fave: Thirteen


  • A follow from both of us (if not already)
  • 2 new friends!
  • We will queue from you a lot and give you promo of your choice :)
  • Feature on an awards page (under construction)


  • Talk to us! (we’re sure, we’re nice! :) )
  • Reblog this post more than once, so we can notice you more.
  • Follow Liz’ instagram here and Helen’s instagram here
  • Apply to Liz’ other awards and Helen’s fave


  • We will be choosing when we reach the decent amount of notes.
  • Banner was made by Helen @flhuent // @flhuentdesigns

Happy reblogging and have a nice day!

Lots of love,

Liz and Helen

*:・゚✼:・゚mobile nav ✫ *:・゚♡ *:・゚

If you are on a mobile device but still looking for something specific, here is a navigation: 


girls | boys | kids
japanese | black ulzzang
pastel | faceless
pack | matching
couple: girlxgirl | girlxboy | boyxboy


caps | mask | glasses
pets | flowers | food
cigarettes | tattoo
space buns | curly hair | short hair | pixie hair

Per color

white | gray scale | black
blue | purple
pink | red | brown
green | yellow

Tumblr - Photoshop

action | psd
photoshop cs6 | download (packs)
fav themes | updates tabs

Ulzzang acc

ulzzang instagram (asks)
ulzzang instagram acc | ulzzang collections
kpop cosplay


what’s ulzzang?
how to be ulzzang?
where to buy ulzzang clothes?
how to download and install photoshop?
how to make icons?

cakepopidols  asked:

Updates tab tutorial, please? *

Of course :3 Im going to start off by saying i got the code for this updates tab from here, and i edited it to be the way it is now :) 

tutorial below the cut!


  1. Go to Customize, then click edit HTML
  2. Put This Code Before </style>
  3. Then Put This Code Below <body>
  4. You Replace ‘Title 1’ with The First title you want, etc..
  5. and you replace ‘text here’ with the text you want below your title :3


  1. First you want to go to the first code and find this section: 

  2. To Move it to the right, you want to increase the number in ‘left: 38px’
  3. To Move it Down, Increase the number number in ‘top: 130px’
  4. This is the current position of my updates tab.. which looks like this: 


  1. Go to the first part of the code
  2. find the section you want to change
  3. Change the height under #ocehans1:hover{


  1. go to the first code and copy this part:                             #ocehans1{
    border-bottom:1px solid #efefef;
    -webkit-transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out;
    -moz-transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out;
    -o-transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out;
    -webkit-transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out;
    -moz-transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out;
    -o-transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out;
  2. Change the numbers after #ocehans_ to the next available number
  3. for example: there are four original sections, so you would change the number to 5
  4. paste the changed code after all of the other ones so it will look like this:

  6. Then, go to the second part of the code and copy this code:    
  7. <div id=”ocehans”>
    <div id=”ocehans1”>
    <div style=”font-size:8px;”>title 1</div> <div style=”padding-top:1px; text-transform:uppercase; opacity:.9; font-family: calibri; font-size:8px; line-height:10px; text-align:center; color:#b9b9b9;”>
    text 1 here
  8. change the number to the next available number
  9. paste it after the other text sections


  1. First you want to put this code <meta name=”image:updatestab” content=”“/>
  2. with the other <meta name= ‘s at the top of your HTML
  3. Then Put this code 

    #updatestab img{
    margin-top: 5px;
    margin-left: 28px;

  4. somewhere after <style type=”text/css”>

  5. then you need to put this code: <div id=”updatestab”><img src=”{image:updatestab}”></div>  after </style> and </head>
  6. To move the picture, change the numbers after margin-top and margin-left


  1. First you will need this code: <a href=”url here” target=”url here”>LINK TITLE</a>
  2. Replace both url here’s with the link you want, and replace LINK TITLE With what you want to call it
  3. EXAMPLE: 


  1. Take the Code for the links (<a href=”url here” target=”url here”>LINK TITLE</a>) and add this code: title=”HOVER WORD HERE”
  2. it will look like this:

<a href=”url here” target=”url here” title=”HOVER WORD HERE”>LINK TITLE</a>


  1. First, find an image you want to use as a dividers. Here is a whole shit load to choose from :3
  2. Save the picture to your computer and go to and follow the directions on the site
  3. Take the HTML link and put it in this code:
  4. <img src=”URL HERE” height=”20” width=”110”>
  5. Adjust The height and width to the size you want it to be :)


  1. The first thing you need to do to change certain words to cool fonts, is find a font you would like to use. HERE is a Page with fonts that already have the code you will need
  2. Take the code from the font page and paste it after <style type=”text/css”>. It should look like this:        

  3. The word after ‘font-family:’ is the font name
  4. Then go to the text you want to change and do this:                   <font color=’#COLOR HERE’><font face=’FONT NAME HERE’;><font size=’5’> TEXT HERE </font></font></font>
  5. Here is a page where you can choose colors and get the code numbers :3
  6. Change the font size to the size you want it to be


  1. <marquee> TEXT HERE </marquee>
  2. Thats it :)

Thats about it!! If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message here :3


so I’m very bored and need something to do, also I want to follow new blogs to keep my dash going 

r u l e s

— mbf me 
reblog this post (likes will be counted as bookmarks)
— send me an ask with you telling me your favorite film/movie/book + the word “br”

n o t e

— blacklist #br if you don’t want to be spammed
— please don’t let this flop
— if this doesn’t get over 10 reblogs, let’s just pretend this never happened, okay?

layout is under the cut..

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so, on this very day i hit 1k. i started this blog around 4 months ago and i’ve met so many new and supportive people on the studyblr community. i want to take the time to say how grateful i am for all of you. so, to celebrate 1k i decided to do blogrates, since i love participating in them.

r u l e s

  • mbf me 
  • must be a studyblr
  • reblog this post (likes will be counted as bookmarks)
  • maybe check out my other blogs? (@idiyllic​ & @nxncywheelers​)
  • tell me what your studyblr is if your primary isn’t your studyblr
  • send me an ask with the words “1k br” at the beginning of your ask and tell me your favourite song / movie / book / tv show (or all if you want to) 

n o t e

  • blacklist #eruditeebr if you don’t want to be spammed
  • please don’t let this flop
  • if this doesn’t get over 10 reblogs, let’s just pretend this never happened, okay?

layout is under the cut

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excuse my shitty edit, but i’ve decided to put together all the links into one place that i’ve found that i want to reference, mainly writing and food. (will be adding more constantly) (updated: 1/26/16)

personal health tips:

  • yoga [x] [x]
  • emergency compliment
  • the quiet place
  • the nicest place on the internet
  • cute roulette
  • cute overload
  • the dawn room
  • the thoughts room
  • calming manatee
  • make everything okay
  • stories to give you hope
  • 90 seconds relaxation
  • cute yahoo answers
  • 7 cups of tea
  • take care of yourself after a lapse
  • coping with depression
  • things to remind yourself [x] [x] [x] [x]
  • when someone sees your self-harm scars
  • fade/cover scars
  • help someone or be helped
  • butterfly project
  • caring for injuries
  • when you feel suicidal
  • hotlines
  • alternatives to hurting yourself
  • hoe maintenance
  • get rid of blackheads
  • hygiene masterpost
  • shaving ur vagina
  • alleviate cramps
  • remove lower stomach fat

beauty tips:

  • super duper silky legs
  • skin care
  • cover up a tattoo
  • bra fitting 101
  • 10 rules of getting a tattoo
  • cheap jewelry
  • makeup for beginners

food tips:

  • starbucks holiday drinks
  • panera’s mac & cheese
  • mini mac & cheese pies
  • pumpkin spice smoothie
  • cookie recipes
  • french toast roll-ups
  • s'mores stuffed pizza cookies
  • chocolate chip cookie dough brownie bombs
  • 10-minute recipes
  • chocolate chip cookies [x] [x] [x]
  • coffee recipes [x] [x]
  • healthy snacks [x] [x]
  • 62 smoothies + more smoothies
  • pizza hacks
  • snacks
  • myfriedgefood / supercook
  • what the fuck should i make for dinner
  • cheeseburger cupcakes
  • garlic & parmesan pull apart bread
  • mexican chili-cheese ramen
  • mac & cheese ramen
  • microwave mug mac & cheese
  • nutella hot chocolate
  • microwave scalloped potatoes
  • microwave baked potato
  • dishes you should know
  • pizza coupons
  • homemade vitamin water
  • pms sos smoothie + more healthy smoothies (2)
  • salad recipes
  • yummy deserts
  • s'mores pie
  • grilled cheeses
  • food life hacks
  • infused waters
  • lazy cookie bars

school tips:

  • write a kickass essay
  • take a study break
  • how to use google
  • mathway
  • graphing calculator
  • effectively pull an all-nighter
  • useful college tips
  • free online textbooks
  • how to take notes
  • procrastination guide
  • save $1600 in school supplies

adult tips:

  • prevent a hangover
  • take care of yourself when sick
  • 15 things to keep in your car
  • 99 life hacks
  • clean your bathroom
  • college help masterpost
  • moving out
  • when you can’t pay your bills
  • college books
  • organize your closet
  • clean your kitchen
  • budgeting
  • improve your studying skills
  • dorm room survival tips
  • harsh truths
  • things to bring to the doctors
  • jobs based on social interaction
  • first apartment essentials
  • college packing list
  • doing your taxes
  • how to write a resume
  • protect ur home from break-ins
  • remove stains
  • plan your roadtrip wisely
  • interview questions to ask
  • be a better you
  • dealing w worst case scenario
  • things you never learned in high school
  • if you find yourself homeless

writing tips:

  • get inspired [x] [x]
  • become a better writer [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
  • smut writing [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [bdsm] [] [les.] [bj] [lang.]
  • how to write a kiss [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
  • plotting your novel [x] [x] [x]
  • add spark to your writing
  • birth order personality traits
  • 101 date ideas
  • naming your characters [x] [x] [x] + names
  • finish what you started
  • cliche finder
  • creating fictional characters
  • make your character likable
  • find that word you’ve been thinking about
  • writing point of views
  • interesting jobs [x]
  • mary sue warnings [x]
  • check writing
  • 8 words to avoid while writing
  • characters to avoid writing
  • writing someone with a mental illness [x] [x] [x]
  • rhyme zone
  • 100 words for facial expressions
  • writers block? [x] [x]
  • writing fictional relationships
  • describing someone’s voice
  • describing eye color
  • describing clothes [x] [x]
  • describing someone’s looks [x] [x]
  • wordhippo
  • calming sounds
  • worldwide weather
  • body language [x] [x] [x] [x]
  • family tree
  • create a house
  • character flaws [x] [x]
  • good traits and faults / bad traits and virtues
  • character traits [x] [x]
  • phobias [x] [x]
  • character secrets [x] [x] [x]
  • character quirks [x] [x]


  • lots of stuff
  • proofreading
  • dialogue
  • semicolons and colons
  • dashes and parenthesis
  • hyphens
  • apostrophes
  • punctuation
  • variations of words

how to write _______:

  • lots of stuff
  • flirtatious characters
  • bitchy characters
  • distant characters
  • shy characters
  • rebellious characters [x]
  • manipulative characters
  • babies
  • injuries
  • male characters [x] [x]
  • someone high on ecstacy
  • someone high on cocaine
  • someone high on weed
  • someone drunk
  • friends with benefits relationship
  • british slang

writing generators:

  • lots of stuff
  • writing prompts
  • random name
  • personality
  • town
  • teen
  • character
  • character interests
  • family relationships
  • character motivation
  • flaws and weaknesses
  • character secret
  • character traits/quirks

for when you’re bored:

  • stupid games
  • kiss some giraffes
  • winterbells
  • pizza party pickup
  • tipton trouble
  • bueno rufus
  • chain reaction
  • find the invisible cow
  • shuffle
  • bored button
  • the useless website
  • crazy card trick
  • thisissand
  • super mario
  • highDEAS
  • this is the only level
  • sushi cat
  • find that song from that tv episode
  • make a fake text / tweet
  • diy masterpost


  • open the tag u just closed
  • post limit checker
  • youtube video to mp3
  • music you’ve reblogged
  • cute lil backgrounds
  • reaction gifs
  • make shit transparent
  • themes
  • updates tabs
  • lifehacks
  • what the fuck should you do today
  • creepy wiki articles
  • more creepy shit
  • alt characters
  • discover who ur asshole anon is
  • what should i read next (v2)
  • textpost tricks
  • internet hacks
  • tumblr hacks i guess
  • free fonts holla
  • lots of cool sites
  • fake social network sites
  • watch a random movie on netflix
  • guide to a lazy day
  • !!!! super !!!! cheap !!!! books !!!! (inc. textbooks!!!!)
  • things to do in nyc for under $30
  • things girls can buy to protect themselves
scottskira’s birthday page!✨

hey guys! ok, so wow, what a day! i’ve been wanting to do this for quite a while and i finally did it! i’m gonna start a birthday page and everyone can join! i might even start a fandom family too but that’s for another time. all you have to do is send me your name, the month, and the day! and i’m also gonna give you a blograte! format will be under the cut! btw since i’m really exhausted i’ll be answering these in the morning. have a great day everyone!

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Please Help Ren (Commissions)

Hello!  I’m Ren, a 20 year old communications design student with a special interest in web design and development.  I’m also a trans guy looking to pay for top surgery in the next year.  My insurance has noncommittally hinted at covering some of the cost, but I still need to pay for consultations, hospital fees, and whatever the insurance won’t pay for.  I have some money saved up, but not enough for comfort.  Because of this, I’m reopening commissions in order to help finance this surgery.

I take commissions for the following:

  • tumblr themes, pages, and add ons (like updates tabs)
  • full websites for commercial or personal use (such as personal portfolios)
  • web development tutoring and consulting
  • proofreading and debugging services

A full list of services and all pricing/forms can be found here.  I can show you examples of work or past commissions upon request (these are all of my public themes).  If you’re interested, you can also IM me.  I accept mainly PayPal, but other means of payment can be negotiated (however, I do not barter/trade).

Signal boosts are also appreciated.

so i woke up to 600 followers and i’m honestly shook! so i decided to do some blogrates/aesthetic/edits because i love you all. 


  • You must be following me;
  • Reblog this post;
  • send me an ask containing 🌖= A blog rate, 🌗= Aesthetic  🌑= edit + request what ever edit you want (fandoms listed below)
  • layout ↓ (under the cut)
  • Pick as many as you want.
  • if you don’t want to see this blacklist #chloe600

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30 day summer study challenge - xvii/xxx

advice for new studyblrs

Hey lovelies! So today’s challenge was to list down some advice for new studyblrs/things I wish I knew when I was starting out. Quite a bit of what’ll be mentioned here has probably already been mentioned by other studyblrs, but let’s get to it! ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙

  • Make an introduction post - this is super important guys and admittedly a step I forgot to do oops! It let’s the community know that there’s a newcomer + get’s your studyblr out there. Tell us about yourself! From the basics like your year level to your hobbies and interests, we’d love to hear them! Tbh it helps a whole lot with my next tip! Also!! If you’re like me and have had a studyblr for MONTHS but never made an intro post, don’t hesitate to make one! It’s never too late!
  • Make friends! - this is probably one of the friendliest tumblr communities you will ever find, so don’t be afraid to reach out to the people here! If you’re shy, try participating in some ask games, or you can comment on original content! Don’t know what to say? Find studyblrs that share the same interests you do - I’m ridiculously awkward, but finding studyblrs who like the same things you do make most of that awkwardness/shyness disappear!
  • Make original content - while reblogging content is what helps inspire + keep the studyblr community going, remember that you have things you can contribute too! There are lots of things for you to contribute: you can add in pictures of you studying, your notes, or your bullet journal; you can make masterposts or give advice; you can even make motivational graphics or printables if you ave access to graphic design software/websites! Go crazy! If you don’t know where to start, try out some studyblr challenges - like the 100 days of productivity, the monthly challenges, or the one I’m doing right now! - since they encourage you to put out original content everyday! 
  • Don’t be afraid to tag other studyblrs - if you’re a new studyblr, getting original content noticed can be tricky. But a lot of studyblrs have a tag they track (I personally track #catstudies), so you can include them in your tags to give your posts more exposure! You can also tag things #studyblr or #studyspo
  • Play around with your theme + tagging system - this is something that is honestly super fun AND makes your studyblr more *aesthetically pleasing* °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° It’ll help set the mood for your blog and helps you learn a bit about coding if you want to hardcore customize things! In case anyone’s curious, my current theme is by @shythemes, while the updates tab is by @felinum, and they both have really lovely themes I see often in the studyblr community, along with @sorrism and @acuite! I also recommend setting up a navigation page/tagging system to keep your posts organized + easy to find! 

I hope this helps you lovelies out! Never hesitate to drop me a message if you have any questions or just want to chat! 

ok so (1) i just reached 600 followers???? wtf ily (2) i dont want to do my hw and (3) im procrastinating writing fanfic for b99,, so imma do a fancy shmancy thing!! its actually pretty lame bUT i getta shower u guys with love and i love doing that so!!

what u gotta doooooo

  • reblog this!
  • follow me! (and maybe my new sideblog if u want?)
  • send me an ask with what u want!
  • ((pls only ask for one of the first 2 options,, the 3rd option u can combine with either tho lol))

the thiiiiiings

  • send me ★ for a blograte! (below the cut)
  • send me ☆ for a compliment!
  • if u just start yelling with me about b99 ill give u whatever u want yell back louder and become ur best friend!!!!!

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a bunch of theme stuff masterpost

so i love theme decorating and i have WAY too much of this stuff saved so i spent hours putting together this post of (almost) everything i have unecessarily saved to my computer. i hope you all enjoy these goodies (◠‿◠✿)

this post includes:

  • 110+ banners/dividers/sidebar frames
  • 130+ cute pixels
  • 60+ bgs for redux themes (+ HD scenery)
  • 50+ drawings for sidebars/update tabs
  • 16 transparent 1D-related images

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