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Oh could you do what each the modern-day losers club's Tumblr would be like? :D


Bill: personal text and photo posts. Makes his own gifs and photosets. Reblogs a lot of retro/vintage posts. Always answering asks from Stan. Always responds to “writing tips?” asks and messages. 

Ben:  posts/reblogs poetry, and pictures of books. Sometimes fan fiction. Theme is all blue. Sidebar is a image of a library. Will dive into the tag of history and the unknown. Is beverly’s blogs biggest fan.

Mike: that friendly blogger ™ , reblogs a lot of nice photography sets. A lot of selfies and friend selfies. Likes everything Eddie posts/reblogs.  Theme is black and white kind of disorganized. Richie is soft blocked.

Stan: aesthetics, and pictures of birds. takes part in discourse. Theme is clean and simple and organized. Will always send asks to Bill.  Richie is blocked. Tumblr Crush/Biggest Fan is Bill and Mike.

Beverly: a lot of fashion stuff. Dresses and DIYs. Sometimes she’ll reblog memes Richie tags her in. Her ask box is full of people asking for advice or people telling her to have a nice day.

Richie: Memes, this is a known fact. He uses a really bad theme, like either the original basic one or one that is so confusing and messy. clowns are black listed. his sidebar is a really bad blurry snapchat image of himself.

Eddie: Theme is very pretty a lot of pastel colors. Beverly helped him with his theme. Reblogs a lot of health facts and sometimes recipes. Often doesnt know the tips and tricks of tumblr, will accidentally write tags in the description portion.

We’re back in business (for the time being) !!! 

We’re so happy to see you guys excited to have us back, judging by how many asks we’ve gotten in just the past day!! We thought we’d launch things once more with a bit of a revamp to the blog! Thanks for sticking with us this long! ❤︎❤︎❤︎


Megumi Tadokoro (田所 恵) - Episode 3

“I want out… I’m definitely up for first place in the sacrifice category. I got the lowest passing score on the high school entrance exam, and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until the final…”

hello friends, someone (me) hit 7.5k yesterday and honestly i’m squealing and grinning from ear to ear with shock and surprise. how can there be that many people who want to witness my rambles and follow my lil blog? all i can say is that thank you so much to each and every single one of you. now here is a small something that i wanted to do for you guys. 

and there you go, i will be working on these over the next two weeks that i am in japan. i will try to hopefully get batches of five-ten done twice a day, if i can. but i will be sending these out privately so I do not spam everyone so please be patient with me! thank you for everything guys! 

format below [credit]

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what i want in a theme: background option, a small simple sidebar with a description and an image, custom buttons for links

actual tumblr themes: if u click this it goes WHOOOSSSHH….hhhh. BIG. H E A D E  R. 50px/30px/1px post option. no posts option actually.  my poor computer cant even load the preview for this one. tag obliterator 5000 now operational. is this a link or a self destruct button? who knows. if u change the font size by 0.00001 the theme implodes. ur blog autodeletes itself and is replaced by an aesthetic kpop blog. a cry for help is embedded in the html. good luck

Hello everyone ;)

Missing Sanvers already ? Can’t wait to see season 3 ? Is this hiatus too long ?

Fear not, Sanvers Source has decided to make this hiatus easier on you ♥
How ? We’ll make you one gifset a day until Supergirl is back on our screens !

Every week will have its own theme. 7 days a week/7 gifsets a week/7 gifsmakers

We’ll be tagging our edits with #Sanversource appreciation weeks
So be sure to follow us or the tag to see our edits ♥

We’ve already thought of 13 themes ! But if you want us to do an entire week on a special theme, don’t hesitate to ask us if it’s possible HERE.

The first week will be dedicated to our favorite DEO agent (special season 1). You already will be able to find the 1st gifset of this 1st week tomorrow ! Isn’t that great ? :D

I’ll be sure to update the themes in our sidebar every week. By clicking on the image in our sidebar, you’ll be able to find all the weeks in one place.

Ready for this little adventure ? Because we are !!!

Don’t hesitate to share, so more Sanvers fans know about this project ♥ Thank you ♥

Now open for request: matching icons & headers/sidebar image!

  • Find our icons: here 
  • Request icons: here

You can take any icon you like off our page but please like and/or reblog if you use!

You can also request a matching icon & header/sidebar image for your theme. Just be sure to tell us everything you want, as well the length and width of your header/sidebar image. Don’t know how to find this? Or how to add a header to your theme. Let us know and we’ll make a tutorial.

  • Request matching icon & header/sidebar image: here


Kara here bringing you a guide that has taken me ages. Its basically a beginners guide to pretty much everything I know how to do coding wise. Because coding is so diverse, obviously there are thousands of different ways to do things, but this is just how I do them.


What’s a Base Code? How do I know which one to pick?
How do I change the credit? How do I make it cute?
What does Margin mean? How is that important?
Fonts, how do they work? How do I change them? Can I put effects on them?
Pagination? What’s that? Why is it doing that?
Adding images, removing them, and renaming them.
Hover 101.
The magic of colors.

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