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43 Cartoon Theme Song Mashup | Ensemble ACJW

Alright, Cartoon Hounds. There are 43 - 43! - cartoon themes here, including (hint) Adventure Time. How many can you name?


I should just be my own best friend
Not fuck myself in the head with stupid men


It’s Throwback to School week on Oh My Disney! See even more ‘90s content on the blog


The Carnegie Ensemble’s Incredible 43 Cartoon Mashup

Saturday morning has never sounded so classy.

Disney Themes for Demigods

PERCY: Son of Man from Tarzan

ANNABETH: Lesson Number One from Mulan II

NICO: Dig a Little Deeper from Princess and the Frog

WILL: Healing Incantation from Tangled

JASON: Strangers Like Me from Tarzan

PIPER: Just Around the Riverbend from Pocahontas

HAZEL: Belle from Beauty and the Beast

FRANK: On My Way from Brother Bear

LEO: I’m Still Here from Treasure Planet

CALYPSO: When Will my Life Begin from Tangled

REYNA: Learn me Right from Brave

THALIA: Streets of Gold from Oliver and Company


The Russian Version of the TMNT Theme Song is Hilariously Foreign

One large pizza with extra vodka sauce.

Theme Songs For The Signs
  • Aries:Space Jam by Shaquile O'Niel or something
  • Taurus:All Star by Shrek
  • Gemini:Best of Both Worlds by Miley Hannah Cyrus Stewert Montana
  • Cancer:Uma Thurman by Sell Out Boy (ooooooh burrrrn)
  • Leo:Turn it up by no one. now you have to listen to every song ever called turn it up and figure out which one I mean.
  • Virgo:Problem by Machete Kills
  • Libra:The Law&Order Theme Song
  • Scorpio:I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Gimme my skinny jeans!
  • Sagittarius:I'm So Fresh You Can Suck My Nuts by Soulja Boy Tell 'Em He's Irrelevant
  • Capricorn:This Is Halloween by Marilyn "I've been walking amongst the living for centuries and not one of you has noticed I'm actually a walking corpse" Manson
  • Aquarius:Bad Blood by T Swizzle
  • Pisces:Mmmm Whatcha Saaaaayy
Carmilla S2 Possible Theme Song

Come on Perry!


Laura Laura Laura the explorer!
LaF, that super cool Biochemist!

Need your help!

Keep running!
Lets go!
Be normal!
Dammit Laura!

Tweet and run away!

Go! Go!


Carmilla no biting!
Carmilla no biting! (Oh come on!)

Laura the explorer!


“I was not aware of it but it is really scattered everywhere. Everyone’s sad stories.

“For everyone’s sad stories… We can’t do anything about it because we are not god. Human can protect only up to 3 meter radius. Among us, and the office of the company, those who reach out when something happens… Even those who want to help are unable to do anything.”

DailyGrace Theme Songs

A few weeks ago I made these MP3s of some of the DailyGrace theme songs. I thought I’d share them here too for any f*cker who wants, but doesn’t have, them already.

For those of you inclined to know the technical details of how I made the MP3s, you can click below. 

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