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Free! Theme Songs

Haruka Nanase

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Free Now: Sleeping With Sirens | Bird Set Free: Sia | Numb: (Nightcore) Linkin Park

Makoto Tachibana 

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Count On Me: Bruno Mars | Just The Way You Are: (Nightcore) Bruno Mars | Treat You Better: Shawn Mendez 

Rei Ryügazaki 

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Fergalicious: Fergie | The Greatest: (Nightcore) Sia | Mermaid: Train 

Nagisa Harzuki 

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Young Volcanoes: (Nightcore) Fall Out Boy | Here’s To Never Growing Up: Avril Lavigne | Smile: Avril Lavigne

Rin Matsuoka 

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Breakaway: (Nightcore) Kelly Clarkson | Hall of Fame: The Script | Don’t Forget Where You Belong: One Direction

Gou Matsuoka 

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Teenage Dream: (Nightcore) Katy Perry | Hide Away: Daya | Boys Will Be Boys: (Nightcore) Paulina Rubio 

Aiichiro Nitori 

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My Happy Ending: Avril Lavigne | Firework: Katy Perry | Say Something: A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

Seijuro Mikoshiba 

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Headstrong: (Nightcore) Trapt | Let Me Love You: (Nightcore) Justin Bieber & DJ Snake | Girls: The 1975 

Miho Amakata

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Roses: The Chainsmokers ft. Roses | Kidz; Take That | Born This Way: (Nightcore) Lady Gaga 

Sousuke Yamazaki

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It’s My Life: Bon Jovi | Sick Of It: (Nightcore) Skillet | Drag Me Down: (Nightcore) One Direction

Kisumi Shigino

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Lonely: Akon | Sexy and I Know It: (Nightcore) LMFAO | What Do You Mean: Justin Bieber

Momotarou Mikoshiba

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Notice Me Senpai: NANDA?! | What About Love: Austin Mahone | Girl Crush: (Nightcore) Little Big Town 

Coach Sasabe 

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Good Time: (Nightcore) Owl City | I Won’t Give Up: Jason Mraz | I Won’t Let Go: Rascal Flatts 

Harry Potter Character Theme Songs

In alphabetical order….

Sirius Orion Black - Mr.Brightside - The Killers
Cedric Amos Diggory - The Judge - Twenty-One Pilots
Lily J. Evans/Potter - If I Die Young - The Band Perry
Hermione Jean Granger - Fight Song - Rachel Platten
Neville Longbottom - Brave - Sara Bareiles
Luna Lovegood - Brick by Boring Brick - Paramore
Remus John Lupin - Monster - Imagine Dragons 
Draco Lucius Malfoy - Perfect - P!nk
Pansy Parkinson - Where the Lines Overlap - Paramore
Harry James Potter - Ain’t it Fun - Paramore
James Potter - How to Save a Life - Fray
Fred & George Weasley - All Star - Smash Mouth
Ginny Molly Weasley - Misery Business - Paramore
Ronald Billius Weasley - Levitate - Imagine Dragons
Blaise Zabini - Hurricane - Panic! at the Disco 

Companions Theme Songs (+Maxson, no DLC companions, Romanced version)

Cait: Bad Girls - M.I.A

Curie: The Scientist - Coldplay

Codsworth: Fresh Pair of Eyes - Brooke Waggoner 

Danse: Mercury - Sleeping At Last

Deacon: Ghost - Halsey

Hancock: Blood Flow - Ritual

MacCready: Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby - Cigarettes After Sex

Nick: Sweater Weather - The Neighborhood

Piper: Video Games - Lana Del Ray

Preston: O-O-H Child - The Five Stairsteps

Strong: Fair Game - Sia

X6: Creep - Radiohead

Maxson: You Can Be The Boss - Lana Del Ray

I am researching for my next video and stumbled upon this treasure trove of nostalgia

anonymous asked:

Do your character(s) have a theme song?

Of corse they do~


Stork: “Counting Stars”- OneRepublic

Reverse: “Kill Everyone”- Hollywood Undead

Nymph: “How To Be A Heartbreaker”- Marina and the Diamonds


I have entire playlists for them, but these are my top picks!

For @leodelcaffe

Theme Songs (I guess that’s what you’d call it?)

Aries - Victorious: p!atd | Centuries: FOB | American Idiot: Green Day

Taurus - Mrs. Potato Head: Melanie Martinez | The Lazy Song: Bruno Mars

Gem - Bubblegum Bitch: Marina and the Diamonds | Miss Jackson: p!atd

Nye - Lane Boy: Twenty One Pilots | The Great Escape: Boys Like Girls

Cancer - Northern Downpour: p!atd | Cry Baby: Melanie Martinez

Leo - Flawless: Beyoncé | One Way or Another: One Direction

Virgo -  Miss Mysterious: Set It Off | Something That We’re Not: Demi Lovato

Libra - Primadonna Girl: Marina and the Diamonds | Pretty Girl: Priscilla Renea

Scorpio - Bad Guy: Set It Off | Low: Sleeping With Sirens | Teenagers: MCR

Sagittarius - Ride: Twenty One Pilots | Here’s to the Zeros: Marianas Trench

Capricorn - Oh No!: Marina and the Diamonds | That Green Gentleman: p!atd

Aquarius - New Perspective: P!ATD | Crazy Kids: Kesha | Mad as Rabbits: p!atd

Pisces - State of Dreaming: Marina and the Diamonds | Cool Kids: Echosmith


Theme song for a pre-war Megatron in Kaon / Theme song for Kaon

Them as Hamilton songs (1p/2p Hetalia)

Italy: Farmer Refuted

Germany: Right Hand Man

Japan: Non-Stop

America: Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

Russia: Stay Alive

China: Wait For It

England: What Comes Next?

France: Guns and Ships

Romano: My Shot

Prussia: Cabinet Battle #2

2p Italy: Blow Us All Away

2p Germany: The Room Where It Happens

2p Japan: Your Obedient Servant

2p America: Say No To This

2p Russia: The Adam’s Administration

2p China: A Winter’s Ball

2p England: You’ll Be Back

2p Canada: The Election of 1800

2p France: Burn

2p Romano: What’d I Miss

2p Prussia: History Has It’s Eyes On You