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Fame: Holmes Sweet Holmes – Moriarty Song [x]

My name is Holmes, I’m sure you’ve heard of me 
(And Watson!) 
Solving most crimes is elementary
(Not a problem!)

But once I must admit
I met my mental match
More deadly than the rest
He’ll show you no mercy!

Stay away from Mor-i-ar-ty
Turn your back and you’ll be sorry
Keep away from Moriarty
Don’t you see you’re just a trophy in his eye?
Read between the lines
(Before it’s too late!)

[Mad shredding guitar solo~]

He kills with total cruel efficiency
(Leaves no traces!)
His evil past is still a mystery
(So evasive!)
Behind his smiling face
There beats a heart of steel
As sharp as any blade
Don’t let it touch you!

[hella guitar~]

The spider spins his web
You’re the victims tonight
And now the trap is set…
You’re really in danger!

Don’t be scared of Mor-i-ar-ty
Holmes is here and he’ll be sorry
I’ll take care of Moriarty
He’s only using you
So leave it to me
I’ll take care of Moriarty!
It’s elementary… And I’ll be ready!

So… Season 4 already has an eighties crack theme song?


🎶TRC character theme songs🎶

Blue Sargent
•Kitchen Sink - 21 pilots
•Unstoppable - Sia
•Drive - Halsey
•Which witch - Florence+The Machine

Richard C. Gansey III
•Young God - Halsey
•American Money - BØRNS
• Iron - Woodkid
•The Diary Of Jane - Breaking Benjamin

Ronan Lynch
•Sleepwalking - Bring me the Horizon
•Control - Halsey
•Middle Finger - Bohnes
•Colors - Halsey

Noah Czerny
•Ghost - Halsey
•Once I was real - Caleb Kane
•Kill Kill - Lana Del Rey
•This is Gospel - Panic!At the disco

Joseph Kavinsky
•Gangsta - Kehlani
•Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan
•Colors pt2 - Halsey
•4th of July - Fall out boy

Adam Parrish
•Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics
•Youth - Troye Sivan
•Walk with the noise (Face my Devils) - IAMX
•Can’t Pretend - Tom Odell

Disney Themes for Demigods

PERCY: Son of Man from Tarzan

ANNABETH: Lesson Number One from Mulan II

NICO: Dig a Little Deeper from Princess and the Frog

WILL: Healing Incantation from Tangled

JASON: Strangers Like Me from Tarzan

PIPER: Just Around the Riverbend from Pocahontas

HAZEL: Belle from Beauty and the Beast

FRANK: On My Way from Brother Bear

LEO: I’m Still Here from Treasure Planet

CALYPSO: When Will my Life Begin from Tangled

REYNA: Learn me Right from Brave

THALIA: Streets of Gold from Oliver and Company

Theme Songs For The Signs
  • Aries: Space Jam by Shaquile O'Niel or something
  • Taurus: All Star by Shrek
  • Gemini: Best of Both Worlds by Miley Hannah Cyrus Stewert Montana
  • Cancer: Uma Thurman by Sell Out Boy (ooooooh burrrrn)
  • Leo: Turn it up by no one. now you have to listen to every song ever called turn it up and figure out which one I mean.
  • Virgo: Problem by Machete Kills
  • Libra: The Law&Order Theme Song
  • Scorpio: I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Gimme my skinny jeans!
  • Sagittarius: I'm So Fresh You Can Suck My Nuts by Soulja Boy Tell 'Em He's Irrelevant
  • Capricorn: This Is Halloween by Marilyn "I've been walking amongst the living for centuries and not one of you has noticed I'm actually a walking corpse" Manson
  • Aquarius: Bad Blood by T Swizzle
  • Pisces: Mmmm Whatcha Saaaaayy
To people of Fandomstuck

Reblog if you can think of a theme for these characters
Highschool DxD
Welcome to Night Vale
Gravity Falls
2p Hetalia
Game Grumps
Steven Universe
Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Scandinavia and the World
One Direction (needs to be a One Direction song)
Achievement Hunter
How to train your Dragon
Mystic Messenger
Killing Stalking
Yuri!! On Ice
The most popular girls in school
Monster High
Dubstep (needs to be dubstep) Iron Man
Loki (List will be updated when finding more fandoms)

Character Themes ≈ Seda’ir Nelhah

General Theme: Bad Man - Wizardz Of Oz (Featuring Joe Pringle)

Sad Theme: Hang On - Plumb

Fight Theme: No Scared - One Ok Rock

Love Theme:  Now That I’m Gone - Cold Driven

Lust Theme:  It Boys! - Guys Don’t Like Me

Happy Theme:  Don’t Stop Me Now - Queen

Death Theme:  Dead V - Nightcall ft. Dreamhour

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Theme Songs (I guess that’s what you’d call it?)

Aries - Victorious: p!atd | Centuries: FOB | American Idiot: Green Day

Taurus - Mrs. Potato Head: Melanie Martinez | The Lazy Song: Bruno Mars

Gem - Bubblegum Bitch: Marina and the Diamonds | Miss Jackson: p!atd

Nye - Lane Boy: Twenty One Pilots | The Great Escape: Boys Like Girls

Cancer - Northern Downpour: p!atd | Cry Baby: Melanie Martinez

Leo - Flawless: Beyoncé | One Way or Another: One Direction

Virgo -  Miss Mysterious: Set It Off | Something That We’re Not: Demi Lovato

Libra - Primadonna Girl: Marina and the Diamonds | Pretty Girl: Priscilla Renea

Scorpio - Bad Guy: Set It Off | Low: Sleeping With Sirens | Teenagers: MCR

Sagittarius - Ride: Twenty One Pilots | Here’s to the Zeros: Marianas Trench

Capricorn - Oh No!: Marina and the Diamonds | That Green Gentleman: p!atd

Aquarius - New Perspective: P!ATD | Crazy Kids: Kesha | Mad as Rabbits: p!atd

Pisces - State of Dreaming: Marina and the Diamonds | Cool Kids: Echosmith

Naruto characters pick theme songs for themselves

Requested by anon!

If certain characters could pick their own theme songs, what would they pick? And why? Links will be provided!

1. Rock Lee

“You’re The Best Around”

Rock Lee: “Because I AM the best around and NOTHING WILL EVER KEEP ME DOWN! HAH!”

2. Pein

“Like a Boss”

Pein: “I didn’t pick this!! I picked Pain! I would never pick something so….vulgar!”

Konan: “You were listening to it yesterday evening.”

Pein: “How did you…nevermind.”

3. Kankuro


Temari: “Well that one was pretty obvious. And typical of you.”

Kankuro: “Hey! I think it shows my artistic expression!”

Temari: “Uhuh sure.”

4. Deidara

“Boom Boom Boom”

Sasori: “Uh….you DO know what the song is about right?”

Deidara: “Well I’m going to assume it’s about explosions considering the title.”

Sasori: “You’re a goddamn idiot who didn’t even listen to the damn song.”

5. Kakuzu


Kakuzu: “It sums up how I feel about the subject in question.”

Hidan: “Can I have a raise then?”

Kakuzu: “No.”

6. Shikamaru

“The Lazy Song”

Shikamaru: “Honestly?? This is perfect for me.”

Temari: “You’re telling me. You literally asked me to look up ‘songs about laziness’ for you.”

Shikamaru: “….yeppp.”

7. Killer Bee

“Sounds Like Overwatch”

Killer Bee: “I could TOTALLY fight someone to this song!”

Gyuki: “Don’t get any ideas. The last time you said that it was 46 hours of the same damn thing and it was PAINFUL.”

8. Hidan

“Go To Sleep”

Kakuzu: “That is the edgiest shit I have ever heard oh my god you are pathetic.”

Hidan: “Pretty sure you’re just jealous because your song was fucking SHIT.”

9. Tsunade


Tsunade: “Because honestly?? Men wouldn’t stand a chance without women to help them out.”

Sakura: “You tell ‘em!!”

10. Sasuke


Naruto: “Please. PLEASE tell me that’s an ironic joke.”

Sasuke: “…..and if it isn’t?”

Naruto: “Kakashi Sensei please help him.”

RWBY Dubstep Themes

Ruby Rose | Weiss Schnee | Blake Belladonna | Yang Xiao Long

Penny | Winter Schnee | Glynda Goodwitch | Ozpin | James Ironwood

Jaune Arc | Pyrrha Nikos | Nora Valkyrie | Lie Ren

Cinder Fall | Mercury Blake | Emerald Sustrai | Neo | Roman Torchwick

Raven Brenwren | Qrow Brenwren

Coco Adel | Fox Alistar | Velvet Scarletina | Yatsuhashi Daichi

Sun Wukong | Scarlet David | Sage Ayana | Neptune Vasilias

Disney Themes for Couples

SOLANGELO: I Won’t Say I’m In Love from Hercules

PERCABETH: Angelica’s Tango from Pirates of the Caribbean

JASPER: If I Never Knew You from Pocahontas

FRAZEL: Something There from Beauty and the Beast

CALEO: Ma Belle Evangeline from Princess and the Frog