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Free! Theme Songs

Haruka Nanase

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Free Now: Sleeping With Sirens | Bird Set Free: Sia | New Divide: Linkin Park

Makoto Tachibana 

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Count On Me: Bruno Mars | Just The Way You Are: (Nightcore) Bruno Mars | Treat You Better: Shawn Mendez 

Rei Ryügazaki 

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Fergalicious: Fergie | The Greatest: (Nightcore) Sia | Mermaid: Train 

Nagisa Harzuki 

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Young Volcanoes: (Nightcore) Fall Out Boy | Here’s To Never Growing Up: Avril Lavigne | Smile: Avril Lavigne

Rin Matsuoka 

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Breakaway: (Nightcore) Kelly Clarkson | Hall of Fame: The Script | Don’t Forget Where You Belong: One Direction

Gou Matsuoka 

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Teenage Dream: (Nightcore) Katy Perry | Hide Away: Daya | Boys Will Be Boys: (Nightcore) Paulina Rubio 

Aiichiro Nitori 

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My Happy Ending: Avril Lavigne | Firework: Katy Perry | Say Something: A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

Seijuro Mikoshiba 

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Headstrong: (Nightcore) Trapt | Let Me Love You: (Nightcore) Justin Bieber & DJ Snake | Girls: The 1975 

Miho Amakata

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Roses: The Chainsmokers ft. Roses | Kidz; Take That | Born This Way: (Nightcore) Lady Gaga 

Sousuke Yamazaki

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It’s My Life: Bon Jovi | Sick Of It: (Nightcore) Skillet | Drag Me Down: (Nightcore) One Direction

Kisumi Shigino

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Lonely: Akon | Sexy and I Know It: (Nightcore) LMFAO | What Do You Mean: Justin Bieber

Momotarou Mikoshiba

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Notice Me Senpai: NANDA?! | What About Love: Austin Mahone | Girl Crush: (Nightcore) Little Big Town 

Coach Sasabe 

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Good Time: (Nightcore) Owl City | I Won’t Give Up: Jason Mraz | I Won’t Let Go: Rascal Flatts 

My Top 5 Pop Songs Made for Horror Films

I already covered my top 10 horror movie themes, but this time I’ll be covering my top 5 pop songs made for horror movies. This includes a radio-intended song made by an established band that was made specifically for a horror film. Just before I start, I’ll just say an honorable mention is “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)” by Alice Cooper for Friday the 13th Part VI.


Fright Night – J. Geils Band from Fright Night

Fright Night is one of the best vampire films of the 80s, and definitely one of the funnest vampire films ever created. This song oozes cheesiness, which only makes the movie even more enjoyable. I love that there’s no shying away from making these lyrics too corny. It’s just trying to be a fun song for a fun film, and both deliver perfectly.


Howling – Stephen Parsons and Babel from The Howling II

This song takes cheesy fun to a whole new level, as the movie does. It’s trying so hard to be hip and so hard to be sexy. The film team even thought this song was so cool they added a music video for it at the end of the film. The video is even more shamelessly tacky, with the hot chick ripping her shirt off every time they say “howling” in the main verse. It’s hilarious, but awesome all the same. And this song is great. The movie is nowhere near as good as the first Howling, and is kind of a werewolf porn film, but great silly fun, just like this totally rad tune.


Pet Sematary – The Ramones from Pet Sematary

You know your film’s badass when you can get The Ramones to perform your theme song. It’s not even the only song by them we hear in the film. A band famous for punk/surf rock may seem like a really odd choice, especially for the film’s tragic plot, but somehow it just works. Great, dark lyrics mixed with that 80s synth keyboard that dominated the best horror soundtracks of the decade make it a perfect fit.


Dream Warriors – Dokken from A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors

An awesome movie deserves an awesome theme, and this time it sure got one. Dokken blessed Freddy’s third attack on audiences by allowing it to reach new levels of awesome with an extremely epic 80s hair metal powerhouse of a song for the film. The video was ridiculous yet awesome. Dokken literally defeats Freddy with their radical, triumphant music, followed by silly twist ending that needs to be seen to fully appreciate. I don’t think any song on this list can out-80s this one. And that’s one of the reasons I love it so much.

and #1…

Cry, Little Sister – Gerard McMann from The Lost Boys

Shamefully, I didn’t know the correct artist of this song until about a month ago, when a Tumblr user corrected me on my mistaken artist credit. But, regardless, I LOVE this track, and this movie. Since I was little The Lost Boys has been a Halloween tradition. I can’t let the season pass without watching this one. It’s cool, hip, (intentionally) hilarious, and sexy. And this hypnotic song really helps tie the film together as one awesome bundle. The sound of impending doom, like a heartbeat, with the drums, the gothic organ solo reminiscent of classic horror, the chanting of the ten commandments, being utterly ignored by the vampires in the film, and the echoing shouts of McMann just create a dark and ambient, yet funky and hip, theme to perfectly set the mood of the film. The film also features a ton of other great music, like “Lost in the Shadows”, and the tubular “I Still Believe”, performed in film by the swollen as hell Tim Capello dry-humping his sax… maybe not the best description, but trust me, the song’s awesome.

Sorry these were literally all 80s songs, but, hey, I’m an 80s baby. It’s what I love most.

Shadowhunters/TMI Theme Songs Part 1

Masterlist Request Requirements Fandoms 

Clary Fairchild

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Warrior: Beth Crowley | Alice: Avril Lavigne | Scars: Allison Iraheta 

Jace Wayland

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Monster: Imagine Dragons | Elastic Heart: Sia | Remember the Name: Fort Minor

Alec Lightwood

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Better Than I Know Myself: Adam Lambert | Perfect: Simple Plan | Numb: Linkin Park

Isabelle Lightwood

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This is What Makes us Girls: Lana Del Rey | Paper Doll: Bea Miller | Warrior: Demi Lovato 

Max Lightwood

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Little brother: Ella Vos | Gone Too Soon: Simple Plan | Hey Brother: Avicii 

Simon Lewis

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Magnetic: Jessie J | I got you: Leona Lewis | Those Night: Skillet

Raphael Santiago

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Running with the Wild Things: Against the Current | Give you Hell: All the American Rejects | Fight to the Bitter End: Black Tide 

Luke Garroway

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Wolf: Skott | Lego House: Ed Sheeran | In Love with a Girl: Gavin Degraw 

Jocelyn Fairchild

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Time to Say Goodbye: Lauren Aquilina | Good Girl: Carrie Underwood | Titanium: Madilyn Bailey 

Magnus Bane

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Battlescars: Paradise Fears | Photograph: Ed Sheeran | Last Friday Night: Katy Perry

Companions Theme Songs (+Maxson, no DLC companions, Romanced version)

Cait: Bad Girls - M.I.A

Curie: The Scientist - Coldplay

Codsworth: Fresh Pair of Eyes - Brooke Waggoner 

Danse: Mercury - Sleeping At Last

Deacon: Ghost - Halsey

Hancock: Blood Flow - Ritual

MacCready: Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby - Cigarettes After Sex

Nick: Sweater Weather - The Neighborhood

Piper: Video Games - Lana Del Ray

Preston: O-O-H Child - The Five Stairsteps

Strong: Fair Game - Sia

X6: Creep - Radiohead

Maxson: You Can Be The Boss - Lana Del Ray

2p Axis Yandere Songs

2p Italy: Smother Me – The Used (Yes, this isn’t a yandere song but it’s the closest I could get for Luciano)

2p Germany: One Way or Another - Blondie

2p Japan: Hide and Seek -  Lizz Robinett

2p Prussia: This Little Girl – Cady Groves

2p Romano: Pretty Little Psycho – Porcelain Black

2p Spain: Super Psycho Love – Simon Curtis (Tumblr only allows five videos so here is the link for Andres’s song)

anonymous asked:

If I'm not mistaken, the guy singing the Hawaiian Ultraseven opening is the singer of the Gingaman theme? Sounds just like him!

That’s a good ear you have there!  Though he did not sing the Japanese version,  Masato Shimon (子門 真人) did sing the version for the Hawaiian dub.  He would later go on, under the name of Ryū Kisami (希砂未 竜) to provide the vocals for the Seijyuu Sentai Gingaman theme!

He was a pretty prolific theme singer in the 1970s, performing songs for:

Kamen Rider
Triple Fighter
Android Kikaider
Iron King
Jumborg Ace
Fire Man
Kamen Rider V3
Ryuusei Ningen Zone (Zone Fighter)
Kikaider 01
Kamen Rider X
Kamen Rider Amazon
Star of Pro-Wrestling Azteckaiser
and lots and lots of anime.

Harry Potter Character Theme Songs

In alphabetical order….

Sirius Orion Black - Mr.Brightside - The Killers
Cedric Amos Diggory - The Judge - Twenty-One Pilots
Lily J. Evans/Potter - If I Die Young - The Band Perry
Hermione Jean Granger - Fight Song - Rachel Platten
Neville Longbottom - Brave - Sara Bareiles
Luna Lovegood - Brick by Boring Brick - Paramore
Remus John Lupin - Monster - Imagine Dragons 
Draco Lucius Malfoy - Perfect - P!nk
Pansy Parkinson - Where the Lines Overlap - Paramore
Harry James Potter - Ain’t it Fun - Paramore
James Potter - How to Save a Life - Fray
Fred & George Weasley - All Star - Smash Mouth
Ginny Molly Weasley - Misery Business - Paramore
Ronald Billius Weasley - Levitate - Imagine Dragons
Blaise Zabini - Hurricane - Panic! at the Disco