theme song (not really)


I know they say that the space between
Can make it stronger than we’ve ever seen
They might be right but I disagree
‘Cause I’ve
never felt stronger than when you’re with me 

why i’m going to miss the blurryface era:
  • red literally everywhere
  • creepy clique art
  • music that makes you want to explore abandoned buildings 
  • tyler and josh’s talent finally being recognized. 
  • new clique frens. 
  • madison square garden
  • blurryface’s mysterious tweets. i loved staying up late theorizing with everyone about morse code. 
  • the consistent theme throughout all videos, songs, and tours has just been something really cool to observe and be a part of.  
  • incredible videos. 
  • emotional roadshow being their most impressive tour yet. 
  • snl, grammy’s, and tons of other impressive music industry stuff. 
  • the overwhelming largeness of this album and era. 
  • finally, victory over darkness.

Cristina Vee (voice of Marinette) singing the Ladybug theme song with Nate Sharp!

Dark Solas Theme (extended)
  • Dark Solas Theme (extended)
  • Trevor Morris
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Ambient

To me, the really intimidating part of Solas’ theme song is that the game introduces it so slowly - first you only hear these thrumming, oppressive war drums (and you didn’t know why - why are there drums? Why??). When you fight the Saarebas, strings come in to lead the drums. 

Only when you start fighting the last boss of the game, do you finally hear Solas’ real, complete theme song. Something like a metaphor for hunting down the pieces to the mystery behind the character himself.

I put the three versions of the song together to make a version where one builds up into the next, the way it does in the game. 6-minute panic attack.


here we are now, with the falling sky and the rain
     we’re awakening ♪

one of the scenes I would really love to see (as I’m sure many people have thought of!) is Rey experiencing her first rainfall ☺ also because “Awakening” has become one of my theme songs for TFA and all the new kids, there’s something about it which is very beautiful and fits so well thematically ;;

AND BONUS PIC: Finn + Rey (+ Poe’s jacket of a thousand uses (〃▽〃) )

Things I've noticed about the YOI fandom:

-every other blogs header/picture is that forsaken screenshot of Yurio smiling.
-Georgi fanart is nonexistant; it’s kinda sad actually.
-“OMG Victor is such a dorky lover!!”
-everyone and their moms have cried over King JJ’s theme song.
-nobody really ever got over drunk yuri.
-long ass posts making fun of some stupid/adorable/really petty canon thing Victor did.
-there is literally no such thing as a normal interview with Kubo-sensei; the fandom explodes with cute headcanons every time she talks.
-someone could write a cute fanfiction about a headcanon and it would fucking come true next episode.
-half of the fandom is “Yurio is actually just a bean who needs love and he deserves Otabek” and the other half is “don’t ship a fifteen year old with an eighteen year old CUNT.”

Reasons to watch BBC Class

- Racially diverse teen cast
- Like a significant portion of the main cast is not white
- LGBT representation
- Like an actual gay couple is established in the first episode and its not questioned or even a part of the plot they’re just together and I love it
- It’s like all the best parts of supernatural (monster hunting), doctor who (aliens), and sherlock (cinematography) combined with young avengers (kick ass teen cast)
- the writer/producer of the series is Patrick Ness, an LGBT YA Author
- The plot is actually good
- The theme song is catchy
- It’s a really good show
- Cause I said so

Star vs the Forces of Evil Character Theme Songs

After months of deliberating, I finally came to finalize my decision for these character theme songs! Now quick disclaimer, the characters are multidimensional to the point where you can make an entire playlist for each character, but for now I’m just focusing on songs that capture the spirit of the character in one go. I’m even going to leave an explaination to why I picked a certain song. If you like it, cool. If you disagree, that’s fine too. When I heard these songs this one character just came to mind:

Star Butterfly“Just Like Fire” by P!nk

I really wanted to do this before she got her actual theme song on “Starsong.” I wanted something really empowering with a female vocalist, but for some reason, Star always reminds me of 90s pop music. I don’t mean the boy bands and girl idols. I mean the novelty bands and one hit wonders. I remembered that P!nk (Pink) was an artist I heard when I was a kid. I originally picked “So What” but I didn’t want it to sound like Star was still hung up on Tom (Spoiler Alert: she isn’t). Plus with lyrics like “Just like magic,” and “No one can be like me anyway,” it was a bullseye.

Marco Diaz“I Melt With You” by Bowling for Soup

This was really hard for some reason. I tried looking at it from every angle. Should I pick a song that focused on his insecurities, his Mexican heritage, his karate? Instead I picked a song that focused on how he loves his friend. Marco is kinda a dork, kinda a badass, kinda cool and kinda lame, so I found a genre of music that some people find kinda cool and kinda lame: pop punk. Plus, it gives that SoCal vibe (even if the band is from Texas).

Janna“Freak Like Me” by Halestorm

This was the first and only song I picked. She’s a troublemaker and she loves it. Kinda weird and into the macabre. She’s already messed up, might as well have some fun with it.

Jackie Lynn Thomas“A Song About California” by Hey Ocean!

What better for a girl who everyone thinks is a mermaid than a band called “Hey Ocean!” It’s chill, but still with the right amount of energy, kinda like the character.

Starco songs

Sorry but I’m a big time starco shippers and I know I’ll bug my friends about this if I don’t get it out of my head, so here:

Starco (Star’s P.O.V.)“Head over Feet” by Alanis Morissette

Star still reminds me of 90s music. I have no idea why. I think the lyrics really catch how Star fell for Marco for basically being the best friend she ever had. There’s a comic by Area that, I think, really captures how Star developed a crush on Marco basically off-screen.

Starco (Marco’s P.O.V.)“You Captivate Me” by Eyeshine

A real SoCal band this time. Whether or not Marco develops a crush on Star, this song shows how Star has helped Marco feel stronger. He’s said several times she’s the coolest girl ever. 

Starco“No Matter Where You Are” by Us The Duo

If I could sum up starco (platonic or romantic) it would be, “We always have each other’s back.” This song says that, but is obviously more romantic. So if starco became romantic, I think it would carry this spirit.

That’s all I have for now. This is a weird hobby of mine so if you want me to pick a theme song for another character or show, just drop me an ask and if I can I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for reading.

all I know is
when we’re sleeping
our friends, they creep in
and all the rest

alternatively titled, i can’t believe i’ve made three vriskanroserezi fanmixes

femmes, brooke waggoner // actor out of work, st vincent // all i want is to be your girl, holly miranda // rose, 1956, waxahatchee // sleep tonight, stars // gravity (amy’s response to pauline), the blow // hollow bedroom, waxahatchee // you’re the best, wet

listen here

Shiver Shiver

If you want can you write a punk Gerard one and he moves in next to y/n and her mom has her bring something by cause they’re like new neighbors or whatever and it leads to smut


I absolutely can! This one was so much fun to write! I hope you enjoy! Also I don’t know why but I always make the smut so…. Not what you’d expect with punk prompts. But I’ll work on it I swear!

Warnings: Smut, Gee’s a little feisty too, but that’s all :)

You had gotten home late that day because of cheer practice when you saw your mum in the kitchen poking around in the oven. You watched her, trying not to laugh as you saw her swear and mutter to herself as she keep looking through the window. Your mum in the kitchen was always a terrible idea, she somehow always managed to ruin whatever she was doing. Walking over to the fridge you pulled out a water. “Hey Mum, whatcha doing?” You asked as she turned to face you, setting a pan on the counter.

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