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which wow expansion had your favorite music in general??

Uuuuuuugh that’s hard. Wrath through WoD all had some amazing work. For diversity of sound Cata, for composition MoP, for best individual songs WoD, and for best overall… probably Wrath. 

O Thanagor is my favorite recurring leitmotif and I have a lot of love for WoW’s human themes which helps my bias a LOT. The Grizzly Hills and Vrykul themes, the introduction of the choral Titan/Ulduar theme, every damn song that came with the Tournament, Storm Peaks, ICC’s reuse of Ominous Latin 12-Year-Olds. My nostalgia for the expansion in general plays a role. I’d played since late vanilla, but I didn’t start RPing until Wrath and my best memories of the game are associated with it. 

Which I guess is a lot of words to say “Invincible still makes me cry”

WoD is probably a close second. Not as fond of the expansion, but the music team showed the fuck up to work for it.


The Ravenclaw common room and dormitories are located in Ravenclaw Tower on the west side of the castle. The common room is circular, with arched windows that provide incredible views of the Hogwarts grounds, and a domed ceiling painted with stars like the night sky. 

photo by Dennis L