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Why the Death Bargain is terrible

So this is going be a huge rant because I am very,very angry. This is why I feel the Death Bargain Fey/re and R/hys made was a terrible writing choice and rather disturbing way for the relationship to go.

1.It turns the Fey//sand relationship into something very unhealthy. I used to adore this relationship but,this ruined it for me. The idea that they are so codependent that they would rather die than live out the other is extremely toxic. When you feel like life is worth living because of one person and one person only,something is deeply wrong.

2.It is an utter betrayal to the themes of @C0M@F. In  AC0M@F it is often talked about how much the inner circle means to each other,how close their bonds are and how they help each other by just being family. They showed that family was more about who loves and cares for you rather than who are related too. It’s Fey/re’s devotion to her sisters is also stressed. An other big theme is recovering and living with trauma. Fey/re slowly heals from her trauma and learns to live with. M0r’s line “Don’t let the bad days win” is one my favorite quotes. In my mind AC0M@F was just as much about recovering from depression/trauma and how important families are,blood-related or not. In A0W@R,Fey/re and R/hys decide not live not for their families,or friends or their court or even each other. They decide they can’t deal with life without the other. They decide they can’t recover. They decide to let those future bad days win. 

3.This is romanticizing s*cuide. This death pact is portrayed as being so romantic and an example of their true,true love. It doesn’t mention how devasted their family will be when they lose two loved ones at once. It doesn’t mention how sad it is that they feel they have nothing else really to live for but each other. It is just an example of their perfect,true love. I’m going to get really personal. I have lost a loved one to s*cuide. I have had s*dical thoughts. So seeing this used to show their “great” love is horrfic to me. 

4.Fey//sand is framed to be a perfect relationship. It is supossed to be equal and loving and actual soulmates. So seeing this death pact also being idealized by the narrative is sickening. The “I would rather die then live without my beloved” mentality is deeply unhealthy and should be thought of as part of the perfect relationship.

I’m sorry that is so long but this deeply angered and disturbed me and I felt like I had to share my thoughts.

My predictions for season 4 of Degrassi Next Class

Goldi - i see shes hanging out with Winston more, and they’re in costume for something (prom theme?)

Tristan - he’s recovering more and better (talk, but struggles to mobilize  with his legs), relationship with Miles improving which i believe that Tristan is a little bothered with Miles/Lola

Zig/Saad - beef between them, could be about Maya or Zig saying something without thinking. Very interested about this.

Shay - arguing with someone (mom?)  about her future but is struggling.

Yael -obvi, her wig storyline, is going to be very open about it..

Maya -wasn’t seen on the trailer, but hopefully we’ll know if shes better.

I can pretty much tell that Miles and Zoe will be slightly sidelined this season

Yael and Lola friendship still strong, Gronah kiss, end of zesme?, rise of Zaya?

UPDATE °Season 4 theme is confirmed to be about Mental Health. °Gender Identity? is this about Yael? Is she really going to be transgender? °Maya with the vlogger club..don’t get me started
PSA: Check your theme

Saw a post about Tumblr resetting custom themes, checked mine just now and saw that it had basically stripped the theme down to the bare bones and gotten rid of all the customization, presumably because this website is run by people who have never used the internet before. Luckily found this:  which will give you a good restore point. 

So check your blog, and if everything looks good, save the code so it’s an easy copy and paste fix if something does happen. 

Tumblr Theme Reset Glitch

Keep an eye on your blog theme. Tumblr has a recent glitch where some blog themes and theme settings are resetting to their defaults. If this bug strikes your blog, try recovering your custom theme to its latest backup.

From the “Recover Custom Theme” page, choose your blog from the drop-down menu (if needed). Click the “View backups” button. Revert to the latest theme backup then check your blog theme.

If the reversion doesn’t work, seek a cached copy of your blog and check the HTML source to manually restore your theme.

How to Recover Your Custom Tumblr Theme:
Tweaking your Tumblr theme’s HTML and something went wrong? Go to The “Recover Custom Theme” page appears. Select your blog (if you have more than one with your Tumblr account). Click the “View Backups” button. A list of previous theme versions appears with the most recent ones first. Click a “Revert” button to recover your previous theme.

Important: Please Signal Boost

This is going to be long so it can be detailed. Sorry dudes.

Myself and a few other people I know of are experiencing a really bad error with blogs (I swear to zeus I’m not overreacting and I’m not trying to generate fear, I’m just warning everyone cause fuck I’d be a mess if this was this blog or Leda frack). This has happened to multiple blogs the latest having been accessed fine yesterday

If what’s written below happens to your blog, you should notify staff, and there will send you the following email:


Thanks for sending this over. I’ve passed this along to our engineering team to investigate.
As always, we appreciate your support and feedback.
Thank you,

Which appears to be a copypasta deal, as the exact same message was sent to multiple people. Sometimes you have to be persistent for them to do this.

It looks a little like this:

Before receiving ‘engineering team’ email:
  • Theme has become basic, usually with a white background and all links are generic blue with visited links turning purple.
  • All pages will appear to be missing (but are not gone we’ll get to that later).
  • Blog settings will have changed so that your ask box is closed, replies are unavailable, and only one page of your messed up blog appears.
  • You can open up customise but no matter what you do it will not save.
  • You cannot use the drop down menu at the top right to sign out, you have to manually go to
  • You can send mail but obviously not recieve it.
  • You cannot recieve fanmail
  • If you attempt to post, you will be redirected to back to the dash before it even opens
  • Your icon is a default icon.
  • You have no blog preview.
  • In some cases you can access your activity though this is only in one reported case I know of.
  • You have to manually enter in your URL, if you click the default icon it redirects you to and you see the generic message.
After emailing ‘engineering team’ email:
There's a post on this here too. (autoplay)
  • You are able to restore your theme at, though it’ll be the last version before you updated it before, your links remain the same, as do your title and description.
  • I recommend you copy the code once you do to be safe cause you’ve got t’ ask yourself one question here, do I feel lucky? And well do you? ‘Cause this bs just happened to you.
  • You can set your blog so it shows 10 posts a page again by going into advances settings on customize.
  • Customize works again and, yes, will actually save.
  • You can get your pages back now by making a new one, this was tested on and discovered by fxmily.
  • You can use the top right drop-down menu and access your settings/log out/following the normal way but you can’t view your followers/activity/drafts and it will redirect you to your blog.
  • You can reopen your ask box.
  • You can recieve privately answer asks, but you can’t receive fanmail.
  • Presumably you see your activity if you’re like the one case I mentioned above but we haven’t got that far yet with his blog.
  • You can start a post and start a reblog but when you press post it will just show load animation for about a second before it gives up, any further attempts and it won’t even try.
  • You can’t publicly answer asks, it gives a generic error message.
  • Altering your dash settings and turning them back has no effect.
  • You can see the activity on the lightning bolt.

That’s about all we know so far, tumblr’s being stingy with details and ain’t even but I’ll keep this updated if they actually answer me or if we work out more. If you know anything more yourself please either add it to this post or message me so I can add it to the original.

Again, sorry this post was so long.


im gonna make a post here in non caps so i can help people remain calm

  • everyones theme has been erased and replaced with what seems to be a default theme, and everyones html has been erased
  • some themes still work apparently? but mostly everyones has been erased

  • you have not been hacked and your blog has not been purposefully sabotaged

  • its best to wait patiently until tumblr fixes this

so just wait patiently and calmly until this is resolved and do not panic!

In Case of Tumblr Blog Emergency:

About the Theme Glitch:

If you’re not aware, tumblr keeps resetting themes to their default settings in the basic editor (i.e your description, colours, photos, etc.). Don’t freak out though it’s easily fixed and guarded against.

  • If it hasn’t happened to you yet, create a restore point by changing something harmless about the code, idk add a comment to your html section saying something like 
<!-------- RESTORE POINT -------->
  • under the head tag as this will not affect your code. (If it has, still don’t panic the next steps work fine, you just have an extra step than the people who left the restore point in advance)
  • If/when you get the error, recover your theme at the link right here.This should make your theme look as it did before.
  • If you didn’t get the chance to make a point to restore to, you’ll probably be OK, but just in case copy all the current code you have to notepad or patebin/whatever, before doing step 3, and paste it back in once done and it should be perfect now.

Hope this helps calm a few people down/relieve stress.

countessdrugula  asked:

So I was editing my HTML in order to revamp my music player. Your blog post about zooming in 100% really helped cuz the bitch had been scrolling around like it was crazy town. Thanks, but the bad part is, while doing that process I must've deleted something crucual. Now my blog is a hollow shell with my background and that fuckin music player. The sidebar is gone, all my posts are gone. I've had it for 4 years and finally got it the way I like it and BAM shit hits all the fans. What do I do?

Looks like you changed your theme or solved the issue, but if this happens again or to anyone else you can try tumblr’s theme recovery page!

Here’s staff’s post about it:

If you have the 18 and over virus on your blog

Just go to and click the second one down.

You don’t have to change your theme, this will make everything you have put in your theme back to normal so you don’t have to recode everything, and get rid of the 18 and up thing.

If the second on didn’t work, keep going down until you find one that doesn’t have the 18 and up thing on it

And remember if you see something on someones blog that asks you to log in DO NOT DO IT, THIS IS A SCAM.



edit: wow okay this is awesome, guys its okay im not going to disappear, i googled tumblr theme revert and omg you can revert to old custom themes back to two weeks I believe, thank the stars. Just so all ya know, if this happens to you (which i hope it doesnt, its quite frustrating) just use this link here and you can fix it (: although i still have to make some minor changes since it saved 6 days ago, i made some tiny adjustments within that time that I need to redo. although im still kinda like wtf why did that even happen :O