theme park type rides

MBTI Types as Pools

ENTP: Basically a theme park with water. Games, rides, and… cotton candy?
ENTJ: There is wifi accessible from every part of the pool. You go there to see people on laptops and phones getting work done while floating on the lazy river or drinking a margarita.
ENFP: The whole thing has the ambiance of a luau with tropical flowers and bamboo furniture. At night they have the unofficial tradition of lighting a bonfire and making s'mores.
ENFJ: Everyone pretty much forgets that it’s a pool and not a cafe. People show up just to talk and hang out.
ESTP: Water is being splashed everywhere; there is complete anarchy; the life guards have waged war on the managerial staff and poolgoers are taking sides.
ESTJ: The most organized establishment you have ever laid eyes on. They have also discovered that the most effective way to limit the line for the waterslide is to make it go about 40mph (met with mixed reactions from parents).
ESFP: Slides. Lot of slides. “That one goes upside down; how does that even work?”
ESFJ: The amount of sun reflected off of the water is matched only by the sunny personalities of the staff. Those at the ice cream bar will sneak you a free cookie with your order if you’re discreet enough.
INTP: It is simply a mess of different shapes and features all mashed into one weird pool… but it works.
INTJ: There is an interactive system to match each individual with their optimal chair. Light and fountain show at 9.
INFP: The pool is open 24/7 for all of your nighttime poolgoing needs. It looks similar to INTP’s with many small areas, and a shady area for hammocks nearby.
INFJ: The oversized hot tub is the main attraction of the pool. It overflows into the pool in a huge waterfall.
ISTP: It’s more of a lake or pond than a pool. The wooden bridges are a highlight of the whole thing, as is the rope that kids use to swing into the water.
ISTJ: The only word to describe it is lagoon. It’s a beautiful serene area you feel free to relax and exist in.
ISFP: As many fountains as you can count. They are very fun to swim in, or relaxing to listen to as you collect your thoughts.
ISFJ: It’s a sandy-bottom pool with lots of trees and shade to relax by, a welcome escape from the world around you.

Guide 2 Getting 2 Know You.

1- Name you preferred being called:

2- Age:

3- Sex:

4- How do you identify yourself?

5- Where do you live?

6- Favorite season?

7- Favorite colors?

8- Food(s) you can’t live without:

9- Top 5 Places you want to visit:

10- Languages you know (if there are any):

11- Favorite movies:

12- Favorite artists:

13- Favorite actors:

14- Favorite actresses:

15- Favorite shows:

16- Favorite cartoons:

17- What type of zombie apocalypse would you prefer? Resident Evil, Dawn of the Dead, Zombieland, World War Z, 28 Days Later.

18- Do you like to read? If yes, what… novels, fan fiction, comics, other.

19- Do you like when people give you nicknames or no?

20- Best nickname you were ever given and who gave it to you?

21- Favorite day of the week? Worst day of the week?

22- Do you cook? Bake? or do you just prefer to eat?

23- Only child? Siblings?

24- Do you know your zodiac sign or are you just the type that doesn’t believe in that?

25- What pisses you off the most?

26- One thing that NEVER FAILS to make you laugh.

27- 5 Songs you know by heart:

28- Do you have a best friend?

29- Do you have a pet? What is it?

30- You’re on a road trip, are you the driver/the passenger/or do you switch off… & do you pick up that hitchhiker flagging you down?

31- What’s your favorite scary movie?

32- What’s your favorite parody movie?

33- Do you want kids or do they scare the bejesus out of you?

34- Beetlejuice or Casper?

35- Do you have tattoos?Are they random art, or do they mean some specific?

36- Piercings?

37- Do you drink? Do you smoke? Both?

38- Pepsi, Coke, Dr. Pepper?

39- Sprite, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist?

40- Have you ever been to a theme park? Favorite type of ride?

41- What was the last movie you saw? What did you think of it?

42- What movie do you quote the most, (if any)?

43- Do you sing in the shower or when you’re alone?

44- Have you ever written a love letter?

45- Have you ever been in love?

46- What inspires you the most?

47- Can you play an instrument?

48- Can you draw/paint/sculpt?

49- Name 3 superpowers that you would want:

50- If you could be a bender what type would you be: Water, Air, Fire, Earth?

51- ARE YOU THE forgive and forget, forgive and never forget, never forgive and forget or never forgive and never forget type?

52- Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh?

53- N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, O-Town or LFO?

54- Baby, One More Time or Genie in A Bottle?

55- Do you know the choreography to any videos?

56- Let’s be honest how many High School Musical songs do you know?

57- Any movies that you’re looking forward to?

58- Any movie that you think should be made or remade?

59- Can you swim?

60- Do you surf?

61- What makes you panic?

62- Who would you want to meet right now?

63- Have you ever stood up for anyone?

64- Would you fight for someone you can’t be with?

65- You’re starting a brand new civilization, name 3 types of people you’ll need:

66- Do you plan things out or do you prefer to be spontaneous?

67- Are you listening to anything right now?

68- Do you miss anyone?

69- Have you ever talked to someone, that you don’t talk to anymore, that you wish you had tried harder with?

70- Do you tend to see the good or the bad?

71- What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

72- Has anyone ever surprised you?

73- What turns you on?

74- If someone kisses your neck…

75- Did you like Harry Potter?

76- Are you more The Craft or Charmed?

77- Star Wars, Star Trek, or Stargate?

78- Do you remember your dreams?

79- The most interesting thing someone ever did for you?

80- Has anyone you never expected had a crush on you?

81- Would you rather be a vampire, wizard, witch, sorcerer, zombie, werewolf, or shifter?

82- Character death you’re still upset about?

83- One thing you will never understand:

84- What bad guy/villain do you sympathize with (if any)?

85- If you could cure any ONE disease, which would you choose?

86- Name 1 80’s song you like (if any)?

87- 2 80’s movie you like (if any)?

88- Name 3 90’s songs you like?

89- Name 3 90’s movies you like?

90- Name 3 90’s shows you liked?

91- 1 *WTF* moment in life?

92- Do you like video games? If so, name your Top 5.

93- Occurence in nature that you would like to witness?

94- If you could save 3 characters from the awful decisions that writers or show creators have made, which ones would you save?

95- A bad habit of yours?

96- You can cover any song with any band/group/singer… what’s the song and who’s the band/group/singer?

97- BOLD the ones you’ve seen: Young Hercules, Breaker High, Higher Ground, Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, All That, Kenan & Kel, The Secret World of Alex Mac, Animorphs, Power Rangers, W.I.T.C.H., Daria, Beavis & Butthead, Clone High, So Weird, Big Wolf On Campus, Vampire High, Legends of the Hidden Temple, 2030 CE, The Zack Files, Caitlin’s Way, Drake and Josh, CatDog, As Told by Ginger, Degrassi: TNG, The Wild Thornberrys, Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, Angry Beavers, Ahh! Real Monsters, Hey Arnold, Invader Zim, Doug, All Grown Up, Brotherly Love, The Famous Jett Jackson, Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, Death Note. (ADD IF YOU KNOW MORE, MY BRAIN GAVE OUT, LOL)

98- Something you would re-do? Would you just relive it and do it the same OR would you change something?

99- 3 songs you would play while having sex:

100- Acting on an anonymous phone call, the police raid a house to arrest a suspected murderer. They don’t know what he looks like but they know his name is John and that he is inside the house. The police bust in on a carpenter, a lorry driver, a mechanic and a fireman all playing poker. Without hesitation or communication of any kind, they immediately arrest the fireman. How do they know they’ve got their man? (I found this online)

101- Lover, fighter or runner?

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What a lot of people don’t understand is that autism comes with a special kind of fear. We have ingrained in us a paralyzing, “mortal danger” type fear that can apply to many everyday things. If it’s a type of social interaction, going on a theme park ride, going in the ocean, any type of pain (needles, piercings), the dark, feeling a certain texture, or anything else that strikes us as particularly terrifying, there’s a genuine terror that will often leave us physically shaking. Usually when an autistic person tells you they can’t do something, they really truly can’t.

types at the theme park

intj - analyses all of the rides and set-ups. thinks about how things can be improved, and advises the others on which rides are ‘scientifically’ the best ones.

intp - teacups. just spinning around and giggling to themselves.

entj - goes on the most wild rides to prove they’re not scared, but really would be more comfortable on the tea cups with intp. starts arguing with the guy working at the hot dog stand.

entp - the thrillseeker. they’ll go on every ride twice without even blinking and then say ‘that wasn’t even scary.’

infj - will go on some of the moderate rides, but is content just eating candyfloss and watching the others.

infp - goes usually to spend time with friends rather than to go on rides, but will tolerate some.

enfj - works there, and is the only one who’ll clean up after sick kids. 

enfp - goes around all the little stalls trying to find one-off or rare handmade gifts. isn’t too bothered about the rides.

istj - reading on a bench, eating candyfloss while their friends go on the rides.

isfj - will have some fun, but is a bit scared of the really big rides.

estj - constantly asks all managers about the history of their particular ride and gains as much information as possible about every aspect of the park.

esfj - makes sure everyone’s enjoying themselves, and forgets to have any of their own fun

istp - true thrilseeker, isn’t daunted by any ride but goes for the adrenaline rush. doesn’t show off like entp, though.

isfp - appreciates the sense of togetherness, but not particularly the rides.

estp - doesn’t go on any cause they’re all ‘kiddies rides’

esfp - is convinced to ride some by friends but screams the whole time and professes how much they hated it before going on the next one

MBTI at a theme park

Requested by Anon

*16 types walk into a theme park*

ESTP: We are riding everything! Who’s with me!?

ISTP: I’m game- the faster the better.

ISFJ: I’d rather just go sit on one of the benches and watch….

INFJ: Come on ISFJ- it could be fun!

ESFP: Ya just look at that one! *points to the tallest ride*

INFJ takes a step back: I may sit with you….

ESFJ: Oooo! Gift shop!

ENFP: I’ll join you after I ride some rides.

ESTJ walks up: I grabbed the map.

ISFP: Why you gotta put so many restrictions on us? Can’t we just walk around and ride what we feel like riding?

ISTJ: Of course not!

ISFP: We don’t need a map for that

ESTJ: How else will we know where to go, how to get there, and how long it will take?

ISTJ: Exactly- maps equal efficiency.

ISFP: They equal stress!

ENFJ: Hey now, let’s just all simmer down… The map isn’t such a bad idea- at least that way we can see which rides there are, right ISFP?

ISFP: I suppose…

INTP: Is that an arcade?!

ENTP: Arcade! Yes!

INTP: ENTJ do you want to come?

ENTJ: Do they have an electronic Risk?

ENTP: The one where you try to take over the world? I would think so

ENTJ: I’m in. INTJ?

INTJ: I’ll play you.

ENTJ: *smiles deviously* Prepare to be defeated.

INTJ: *rolls eyes* Oh please- flash and show aren’t everything, let’s go.

*All the NT’s run off to the arcade*

ISFJ: I’m not surprised- oh INFJ what about that bench! Then we can see the kids play on the merry-go-round!

ISTP: Nah, INFJ wants to go ride some rides- don’t you INFJ.

INFJ looks back and forth between the ISFJ and the ISTP- then INFJ sees the big rides: …I think I’ll pass this time ISTP, these rides are a little too much for me…

ESTP: Come on INFJ, you’ve ridden all of them before.

INFJ: I know but…I don’t want too…

ISFJ: *smiles and grabs INFJ’s hand* Right choice INFJ, let’s go watch the merry-go-round!

INFJ allows self to be pulled along: I think you just emotionally manipulated me with the thought of watching children laugh.

ISFJ: *laughs* Yep.

ESFJ: Who wants to go to the gift shop? ESFP, ISFP?

ESFP: And food court?

ESFJ: If that’s what makes you happy.

ESFP: Then I’m so in!

ISFP: I’ll come along also. ENFJ?

ENFJ: I’m going to ride some rides now with ENFP, can I join you later?

ISFP: Sure.

ENFP: Rides! Oooo let’s ride that one first! Or that one! Or maybe that one! Oh look a butterfly!

ENFJ: INFP do you want to come?

INFP: *zones back in* Wait where are we again- Oh ya sure whatever.


- Tangled was the first world decided for KH3



- Improved NPCs for smarter heartless!

- Nomura says Sora’s costume is “a mix between Kingdom Hearts 2 and Dream Drop Distance” and that it was designed to be slimmer and more sporty. 

- Sora’s colors have been toned down and his hair is tamer  (does anyone else think it looks more like Roxas?)

- Sora’s not really taller or reproportioned, his slimmer outfit design just makes it seem so

- The “attraction flows” (theme park rides) are a new type of combat in kh3 meant to add the feeling of being on an amusement park ride while playing the game

- The original spinning rides gave the test audience motion sickness so they slowed them down


WOW that actually did answer a lot of my trailer questions and AAHH NOMURA! I can’t wait for more stuff!!!!


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  •  When they first started at Karasuno, there were days where Asahi would be super down and gloomy. Suga had to resort to dragging him outside, standing on a wall and dictating and incredibly motivational speech that often ended in tears from Asashi as well as Daichi who listened in.
  • Suga is feels very self conscious about the fact that girls don’t approach him and figures it’s only because he doesn’t have the charm. In reality, Suga has a plethora of girls interested in him but Daichi and Asahi have been finding out about these girls and evaluating whether or not they were worthy of the precious angel. This “Suga Protection Squad” tradition has been taught to the second and third years as well. Suga is still oblivious.
  • When Suga and Daichi first found out about Asahi’s fondness of their new libero, the two wouldn’t let go of it for weeks. Any chance to leave the two together would be taken up with Suga laughing like a maniac as him and Daichi ran off. Asanoya was a pairing that the two would secretly root for.
  • Daichi once started working as a dog keeper and would sometimes have to bring them with him to training. He thought the guys wouldn’t mind but instantly regretted his decision when all Suga would do was scratch and play with them. By the end of the day, Daichi lost his authority and Sugawara had a squadran of dogs following him home.
  • Suga is a coffee-holic. He can’t function without a cup in the morning. Daichi and Asahi take it in turns to buy a cup everyday on the way to school just incase. They started this chore after experiencing a very cranky and pissed off Suga at practice one day when he wasn’t able to have his daily cup. It was evident that Suga was trying to control his sour mood but the curses that left his mouth reduced Asahi to tears.
  • Asahi and Suga are elite when it comes to non-verbal communication. A few glances and expressions are enough to get their message across. They can easily read each other mouthing words and so the two often end up snickering or silently speaking in class. Daichi on the otherhand is hopeless at reading their gestures and ends up dumbfounded when he sees them communicate. The two had to train him to understand their volleyball signals at least.
  • Daichi has a talent for baking. It started as a hobby but he’s now mastered most desserts from cheesecakes to crumbles. It first started out as stress baking but ended up as a casual hobby. The only Karasuno boys who know are Suga and Asahi (and Ennoshita who they force to keep quiet) and the two often invite themselves to Daichi’s house to stuff themselves.
  • Suga is surprisingly an adrenaline junkie and is LETHAL at theme park. The type that will ride all the hardcore rollercoasters. Several times. Arms in the air on the drop while yelling. Daichi can just about keep up, taking a break every now and then. Asahi is shit scared and doesn’t handle them well. He’ll take any chance to run into the distance before Suga urges and drags him onto the next ride.
  • Asahi is quite the stylist when it comes to his hair. He usually keeps to his buns but he pulls out some killer braids for special occasions. He once blurted out that if he were to have a kid, he’d want a girl so he could style her hair.
  • The trio try their hardest to avoid Mario Kart as each time has ended in disaster. Asahi’s go-to is Yoshi, Daichi’s is Donkey Kong and Suga is a die-hard Rosalina devotee. The friend that choses Rainbow Road? Suga. Neither of them like to admit it but Asahi and Suga both know that Daichi is better than them by a hair’s width.

this is the ride ‘Villa Volta’ in the dutch theme park 'de Efteling. It is a rare type of ride known as a Madhouse, which is a sort of haunted house, where the visitors get the illusion that either the building, the visitors themselves or both are turned upside down. (x)

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