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Paradise Pier 

Photographer:  Sahara Samudio


Get Your Kicks

Photographer:  Brandon Le


Bernie Sanders interviews Bill Nye about climate change and alternative energy, and it’s as adorable as it sounds.

EPCOT geeks will be pleased that, when Bernie bemoans Big Oil’s fixation with money, Bill replies:

“Well, that’s what I don’t get! […] They make a lot of money, and as I told the people at Exxon in 1994 when I did a job with Exxon and Ellen DeGeneres and the Walt Disney Company, ‘You guys should be in the energy business, not the oil business!’ […] They would get even richer!”

So there you have it: behind the scenes of Ellen’s Energy Adventure, Bill Nye was trying to persuade Exxon to use the one source of energy that will never run out: brain power!

“Jurassic Park”

To no one’s surprise, the world of the wildly-successful Jurassic Park films made their first theme park imprint with the 1996 opening of Jurassic Park: The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. However, when Islands of Adventure opened in 1999, it brought guests a more immersive and all-encompassing visit to the dino-infested Isla Nublar. Seen here is an early concept piece for Orlando’s Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park: The Ride, (renamed Jurassic Park River Adventure) can be seen in the top left, while a never-realized helicopter tour attraction can be seen peeking over the trees on the top right.

Art ©️ Universal Creative


Water In The Cylinders

Photographer:  Brandon Le



Photographer:  Jodie Dee


Day 7 @jojovember: Incorporate the “Lucky Land” Logo

Daughter has daddy issue, Daddy has a Dolphin Issue: In which Jolyne reminiscence with bad childhood photo, but of course her dad didn’t let her take a good one.

whew, it’s been hectic irl, i’m behind this challenge :( … anyway, I think even if he can catch the dolphin balloon with Star Platinum, he will just reflexively chase it himself lol