In a nearly-empty theme park right at closing time?

Perfect opportunity to stand perfectly still and stare at nothing in particular for extended periods of time.

“Why, honey, a wall with some bushes! How romantic!”

“Look, son! This is the very same gazebo I stared at for hours on end when I was your age.”

Commissions for @wolven0ne-universe for his FanFic Undertale: Long Road

It takes place roughly a year after Undertale, and revolves largely around Flowey receiving medical treatment from Alphys to gradually restore his soul over time.

If anyone out there enjoys both Undertale and Fanfiction, maybe have a quick look and leave some feedback.


Fast passes, anyone? After finishing the second set of my “Standby Me” series I thought I’d have a little fun and make one large wallpaper-ish spread with both the good girls and the bad girls mixed. I also really enjoyed seeing how the two differed especially in color palette so I made another with a vertical layout. Hope you enjoy them!