That was the most I could fit in one post, but really there are over 100 pictures. The park is located in Jungnan-gu, near the Yongmasan hiking trails. It closed down in 2011 due to the park not being profitable, but the owner still lets you visit for a mere 5000Won, which is approximatepy $5US (although we paid none because of the Idols filming in the park) My friend and I did climb up the big castle. It wasn’t all that dilapidated and passerbys often visit out of curiosity, but it was an amazing first experience. Also the owner is incredibly kind, please be respectful if you do go. -Gaby

60 years ago today Disneyland opened to the public for the first time!

Here, a 1961 park map of “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Sam McKim, who designed the first series of Disneyland maps from 1958-1964, signed this copy on the bottom right.  

Source image from David Rumsey.