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Theme Bestiary: Tyrant Jelly

CR 9/MR 3

Neutral Large Ooze

Pathfinder Bestiary 4, pg. 266

When an Ochre Jelly finds its way into a colony of magical bees or wasps and manages to absorb the brooding egg of a queen, a peculiar reaction sometimes occurs. The larval insect hijacks the ooze, becoming something akin to a brain inside the protoplasm and gaining control of the slime’s bulk, steering the slime to its own, buggy ends.

Tyrant Jellies are not content with mere bees or wasps as servants, no–their Vermin Empathy ability allow them to build up a rapport with any insect that possesses an exoskeleton, forming an army of spiders, ants, centipedes, and other crawling, squirming, flying creatures. They send their new armies out into the world to bring the Tyrant back some delicious, delicious food (everything) to feed its new unnatural hunger.

While their spell-like abilities–Dominate Monster, Charm Monster, and Hold Monster, each usable 3 times a day–would make them terrifying and formidable foes, the saving grace is that their abilities only affect vermin (which they can do because of the Control Vermin ability), severely limiting the usefulness against larger, more humanoid enemies. Say the Wizard or the Witch possesses a vermin familiar, though… Especially devastating for the Witch, since they rely on their familiars to regain their spells. A Druid with a gigantic insect Animal Companion can also find the strength of their ally being turned against the party. EDIT: WHOOPS! Turns out, Familiars all get buffed into Magical Beasts, not vermin! Poor, poor Tyrant, one of its biggest ‘mess with the party’ abilities torn from it just like that… At least it can still steal any vermin summoned against it.

Though the armies of the Tyrant are not the only danger. Tyrant Jellies are plenty capable of taking care of themselves, retaining all the strengths of the Ochre Jelly with none of the slime’s weaknesses (aside from its pathetic 5ft reach). The slam attack is now a staggering 6d6+6 damage, plus 1d6 acid, with the threat of being grappled and constricted ever present. What’s more is that the protoplasm of the Tyrant courses with a strange mixture of insect fluids, causing a Constitution-damaging poison to surge across its outer surface. Anyone damaged by the Tyrant’s slam or constrict is exposed to this poison, potentially taking 1d4 Con damage each round for 4 rounds! Hope you brought some poison resistance.

In addition to offense, though, the Tyrant possesses all the defensive qualities of its parent ooze, as well. The Ochre Jelly’s immunity to slashing, piercing, and electrical damage carries into the Tyrant, and exposing a Tyrant Jelly to any such damage form while it’s above 30 HP causes a completely new Ochre Jelly to split off of the main mass! What’s more, both the Tyrant and any Ochre Jelly spawned from this ability possess Fast Healing 5, and the Tyrant can take a full-round action to absorb any Ochre Jelly adjacent to it to add the Jelly’s HP to its own, possibly undoing any damage the party has done thus far.

And, remember, that the Tyrant Jelly never operates alone. A party combating one will also have to fight off whatever hive it has taken command of, as well as any insectoid allies it may have coerced or Dominated into its service. While it possesses only 5 Intelligence, that’s still enough for it to know “send in the minions first” is a good idea.


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The - Cookie Jar

This is my entry for the Sterek Week 2017 day 6 theme ‘Partners in Crime’.

499w | Series on AO3

I imagine Stiles to be 3 and Derek to be 7.

John sits in the driver’s seat, waiting for Claudia to finish buckling Stiles in the back. They’re all heading to the Hales’ for what would usually be Stiles and Derek’s Saturday afternoon play date but is this time doubling as Cora’s fifth birthday party, one reserved for family ahead of the one she’ll have with her school friends next week.

Stiles is ecstatic to be going to a party, though he’s still learning that someone else’s birthday doesn’t mean presents for him too. He staggers up the steps of the Hales’ front porch under Derek’s watchful eye and hovering hands, wobbling under the weight of the present he’s insisted on carrying inside.

As they watch Cora open all her gifts - having to be reminded time and time again by Talia not to use her claws in case she damages what’s inside in her excitement - only once does Stiles try tearing the paper off one of the presents, listening carefully as Derek pulls him into his lap where he sits cross-legged on the floor and explains why he’s only allowed to watch. Coming from Derek, Stiles accepts it without question and settles back, jamming his thumb into his mouth.

After presents comes the birthday cake, but according to Derek, ‘no red velvet, no deal’, so he heads to the den with Stiles in tow who always follows wherever he goes.

Talia lights the candles as Cora is lifted into the chair at the head of the dining table, and everyone is so focused on the birthday girl it seems John is the only one who notices the two boys peeking their heads around the kitchen doorframe.

As soon as Talia carries the cake through to the dining room and the chorus of Happy Birthday begins, John watches the two kids use the blowing out of the candles as a convenient distraction. Two chubby hands belonging to Stiles appear over the edge of the kitchen counter, boosted up by Derek, and they search blindly for the cookie jar. Once the prize is in his grasp, Derek lowers Stiles back to the ground and then they dart out from behind the counter, hand in hand, and into the next room.

With the song over, John slips through to the den and creeps over to the blanket fort, giggles emanating from within. He pokes his head inside.

“And what do we have here?”

Derek gasps while Stiles gapes up at him, wide-eyed and mouth a little ‘o’ of shock. After a few seconds of held breath, he lifts the cookie in his hand - already smeared with melted chocolate chips - and holds it to John’s mouth. With his other hand, he holds a stubby finger to his lips.


John takes the cookie and silently holds his finger to his mouth in agreement. He backs out of their blanket fort and hastily munches on his cookie as he sneaks back into the dining room. There’ll be hell to pay if Claudia catches him indulging.

John better make the most of it. It won’t be long until Stiles is enforcing his diet harder than his wife ;)

You can find the rest of the series here on AO3

Yuuri Week 2017, Day 6: Home
Title: 28 Tuxes Chapter 6
Genre: Alternative Universe
Pairing: Katsuki Yuuri / Victor Nikiforov, Jean-Jacques Leroy / Isabella Yang
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov, Jean-Jacques Leroy, Isabella Yang, Leroy Family
Rating: Teen and up audiences
Warnings: None
Summary: While planning his 28th wedding, Yuuri begins to wonder if he can ever find love for himself.Or; the victuuri 27 dresses AU absolutely no one asked for.

Read the sixth chapter on AO3

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((For the prompt: Beginings and ends: The last time Kylo introduced himself as Ben Solo/Organa/The first time he introduced himself as Kylo Ren)) 

The last time Ben Introduced himself as Ben Solo was a week before everything happened. A cute girl had just come to the fledgling Jedi school. He knew he wasn’t supposed to have a relationship, thanks to the Jedi thing, and she was a girl, but he was young and hadn’t figured himself out yet. 

He gathered himself and made his way over to her, she was a Twi'lek, cute and giggly and Ben’s palms were sweaty. He didn’t really…talk to people much, for a variety of reasons. 

“Hi…” He said as he finally made his way over to her. 

“Oh, Hi!” She said with a bright smile. Ben had forgotten the name she’d given by now. It didn’t matter anyway, now. But she’d asked for his name, he did remember that. 

“It’s umm….It’s Ben. Ben Organa-Solo.” He said and bit his lip. 

“Ben? Wait, are you Master Luke’s Nephew?” She asked her eyes lighting up, and going into a spill about how she thought his parents were heroes. 

That was why he didn’t talk to anyone, or tell anyone who he was. He was always Han Solo's son, Leia Organa's son, Luke Skywalker's nephew, And, later as he would find out, Darth Vader’s grandson. He was never just Ben. He was never known for just being himself. There was always something greater to him thanks to his stupid family and it’s stupid cosmic destiny and he hated it, even if he wasn’t supposed to. 

He’d walked away after that, he never talked to the girl again. 

Then, after, after the blood and the tears and screams that came with what he did, after he broke the connection with his mother as she screamed his old name through their bond, begging him to come home. After he’d walked away from everything he’d ever known and everything he once loved, He was lead aboard the Finalizer for the first time. 

He stood in front of Snoke’s hologram as he introduced a boy around his age, Armataige Hux. He was just a kid but already a lieutenant. Smart and a strategist, the son of Brendol Hux. He looked over the Ginger and eyed him for a moment before offering his hand. 

“My name is Kylo Ren.“ 

FMA AU week Day 6 Theme R:

Let’s go on an adventure! 

Because nothing says adventure quite like Breath of the Wild

So for the first year of Oracle Days, we’ve decided to host an Oracle week which will be during September 17 - 23, which falls on Barbara’s birthday. Each day will have a theme and the final day will be a carte blanche, where everyone will have a chance to choose their own theme. Anything is welcome: fanart, fanfic, fan edits, AMVs, etc. 

Submissions for themes are now open and you can send them through our askbox or submissions link. All suggestions will then be listed in a poll where everyone will get a chance to vote for their favourites, and the top 6 will be our themes for this year’s Oracle week!

Deadline for theme submission is June 30, good luck!