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Class Appreciation Week, Day 4: Favourite Theme

“For the road is full of the unreturned as through the night they roam.”

April’s song does not only set the tone for the episode it lends its name too, the haunting tune beautifully ties together the themes which drives Class’ first series. Charlie, Quill, Ram, Tanya, April, Charlie, Quill… They’re already set apart by their status as outsiders, by their otherness. That of an aliens, so very far from everything they knew. Or that of a 14-year-old struggling to be considered an equal by class mates three years older than her.

Now they’ve fallen out of their worlds completely. Stumbled into a territory where there is no longer a path. While those around them appear to be able to overlook death and destruction, they cannot help but see. Their grief is striking in its power, it tears them apart at the seams. Their sense of morality is challeged, over and over again, until the unspeakable is the only option left: genocide. But even if war is your very nature, it can leave you stranded - Quill has achieved her revenge on those who killed her people and has saved her greatest enemy from death, but what is there left for her now?

They can never return to what was. They cannot unsee what they have witessed, what has changed them forever. They cannot undo what they have done. Rhodia and Quill will remain gone, in the shadows of history. Ram’s father and Tanya’s mother are dead. In these (until now) final moments with Class’ characters, they are more lost than ever. But there is hope, nonetheless. The hope they’ve always had.

”For the lost may greet lost souls they meet, and each may find their home.”


Whoniverse: Class Appreciation Week – Day 4 – Favorite Theme: Inverted Tropes

Charlie is the white male protagonist–the alien prince without a people.  This is meant to be his tragic backstory.  She’s just the terrorist who attacked his people.  And yet…?  This becomes her story.  She is a freedom fighter against an oppressive regime.  The ‘tragic prince’ is the heir to a morally questionable monarchy.  He is not the hero (nor is she the villain) one would expect.

Reigisa week day 4
Theme: friends

I’m so happy to finally be able to submit to reigisa week! ^^

(>< sorry it’s not more reigisa-y, I feel like I focused on the daily theme of friends more than the overall reigisa theme- I only realized this after I finished, but I still wanted to share what I made)

my bullet journal spread 4 this week is strangetown-themed, so thought id post it here! 

starting the strangetown rotation for pleasantview plus, so i’m trying to get inspired! 

Music tag list

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1. The Cruxshadows  -Love&Hatred(Alice2) 

2. Project Pitchfork -Temptation (Hurricane Festival Recording)

3. 28 Weeks Later Soundtrack - 28 Theme

4. The Cruxshadows - Monster

5. Kamelot - Until Kingdom Come

6. Blutengel - Engelsblut

7. Audiomachine - Illuminati

8. Frozen Soundtrack - Only an Act of True Love

9. Nightwish - End of All Hope

10. Vocaloid - ZIGG-ZAGG (by Miku)

Two of these things are not like the others lol. I don’t feel comfortable tagging individuals but if anyone wants to feel free to use my invitation. Thank you for tagging me!

ben/poe - i missed you (part II of redemption!verse series)

post-TFA kylo comes back to the light side, back to his family, and most importantly back to his long lost pilot. 

made for BenPoe week day 4 theme: Redemption! BEN IS BACK and Poe does his duty to the resistance and to his friend by loving him enough to keep Kylo ever at bay.

Sockathan Week Theme 4: Clothes Swap

It was a nice Thursday afternoon in early October and all Jonathan wanted to do was shoot himself. Or maybe jump off a bridge? Would that get him out of this situation?

“Sock, why do I have to do this?” He asked, looking at his boyfriend with unamused eyes. 

“Because,” Sock said, grinning, “I want to see it!!”

Jonathan pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. He wished he could say no to the cute demon but he couldn’t.

“Ugh, fine….” He said, letting his shoulders slump in defeat.

The demon cheered in delight and began to strip his clothes off. Jonathan sighed again and did the same, laying them out on his bed. He took Sock’s discarded cloths and just strafed at them.

“This is unbelievable….” He muttered, pulling the boys jeans on.

“Maybe,” Sock said, falling over as he pulled Jonathan’s jeans on, “But you’re doing it anyway!”

“Yeah,” the teen muttered, pulling the purple skirt on, “Because I love you.”

“What was that?” Sock asked, pulling the white t-shirt on.

“Nothing….” Jonathan said, pulling the light blue shirt on.

“You sure?” Sock grinned, pulling the grey hoodie on and sipping it.

“I’m sure.” Jonathan said, slipping the brown vest on.

Sock smiled and tied his red scarf around Jonathan’s neck and put his hat atop his head. Sock tossed him his striped socks (no pun intended?) and the teen rolled his eyes, pulling them on. Once he righted himself, he finally took a good look at Sock. A light blush came to his cheeks as he looked at his boyfriend in his hoodie, which was very large on him. 

“You look so cute!!” Sock said, jumping up and down.

“Yeah…,” Jonathan mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck, “So… so do you….”

Sock blushed lightly as well and smiled. He grabbed the end of the scarf around Jonathan’s neck and pulled him down to his height. He wrapped his arms around his neck and pressed his lips to his. Jonathan smiled against his lips and kissed back, wrapping his arms around his waist. Maybe this wasn’t so bad.


Komori Yui Appreciation Week - Day 4

Day 4 theme - Favorite scene from the game


In all honesty, I truly love all the CGs in the game. They were all drawn so beautifully and depicts her moments with each brother, may it be good or bad

But I have to say that the CGs that I really enjoy 100% are the ones that shows how happy she is with the man of her choice.

These CGs really do show how deeply in love they are with each other despite all the hardships they went through individually and together.

I also enjoy the sweet scenes where the boys are behaving gently towards his little angel, especially when they kiss or embrace her with care to really prove how much affection he has towards her.

Aside from that, some CGs that show the boys discarding their treasured item for her sake also made my heart flutter.

As the CG shows, this is Kanato burning Teddy by his own will, and he looks happy. Which I think is self explanatory considering how much he loves Teddy. Aside form this, Kanato also accepted the teddy bear that Yui made for him in More Blood. Which is, again, very self explanatory.

Another example is when Reiji gave Ruki his pocket watch (which, I note, is important to him) to create a pact, and yet again, for Yui’s sake.

This clearly proves that Yui is the new treasured for them, and that all their previous treasured items almost means nothing to them after falling for her.

And finally, my utmost favorite category of CGs are the wedding ones.

Look at how cute they are

In my experience of playing the games, the wedding CGs always look so sweet and happy, because, of course, they’re wedded. And I doubt that the boys would marry her if they don’t love her.

The general atmosphere of when they marry her or propose to her are what I hold closest to my heart (I like happy endings). The words they convey to her are also very special to me because they’re pouring all they got into words that may not actually contain everything that he feels towards her.

So my conclusion is, all these happy CGs and scenes are very enjoyable to look at because:

1. Yui is happy

2. Yui is happy with the man that she chose

3. Said man is happy with Yui

Before The King [Part 5 / ?]

Post-Civil War Series

[Read Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four ]

Pairing: T’Challa x Reader/Sam x Fake-Wife!Reader

Characters [in order of appearance]: Reader, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, T’Challa, New Winter Soldier, Mentions of Tony Stark, Vision, and Natasha Romanoff.

Warnings: Civil War Spoilers, Explicit Language, Mention of Torture, and Suggestive Themes.

Word Count: 4.8k+

A/N: After almost three weeks of me not producing anything for y’all, I come back with this! Enjoy! x. T

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Hungary  |  1998


           You couldn’t bring yourself to fall asleep. The more you sat curled in the passenger, shivering and staring out the windshield at the steady sheets of rain, the harder it became for you to pull yourself from your thoughts. Your body shuddered once more and you slightly curled inward, relaxing once more when the shiver subsided.

           “Turn on the heat.”

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Konn Torin had fallen in love at a young age and it was with a boy he could never be with. This was because of many reasons, but there were a few main points that always stood out to Torin: 

1. Rikan was being groomed to become the next emperor of the Eastern Commonwealth, and Torin his advisor. Their positions would never allow for the romantic relationship Torin dreamed of.

2. Rikan couldn’t love Torin that way, as evidenced by the many occasions Torin witnessed of Rikan’s poor attempts at flirting with women. Torin could see the lust in Rikan’s eyes when he talked to or about women, and when he looked at men that lust was always missing.

3. Rikan was Torin’s best and only friend, and that was something Torin wished to keep for as long as they both lived.

So when Rikan skidded to a halt in front of him, cheeks flushed, and says, “I just met the most amazing girl,” with something a bit more than lust shining in his eyes, Torin plastered on a smile and asked for details of the girl.

All Rikan can talk about for the next few weeks is the amazing girl, who he has come to love so much that he claims that he will marry her. Torin is even given the chance to meet her, and he thinks that she is just as amazing as Rikan always says. She’s beautiful, funny, kind and – most of all – genuine. It surprises Torin that he likes her and that thinks that she is perfect for Rikan. It surprises Torin that he wants her to stay with Rikan.

And then, Rikan is pacing around in front of Torin. “How do I do it?” he asks desperately. “Do I just go up and outright ask for her hand in marriage? Or do I just work my way up to it?”

“I think a direct approach would be best, Your Highness,” Torin interjects, using Rikan’s formal title as he advises him.

“But I’ve heard rumours,” Rikan says, wide eyed. “Sūn Kaito has turned down every single man who has asked for his daughters’ hands in marriage.”

“Maybe he’s just waiting for a man of whom his daughters’ love, and not a man who offers him the most compensation.” Rikan relaxes as Torin speaks, and Torin can see the confidence building up inside him. Torin smiles and says “You can do this. I believe in you.” And he genuinely means it.

“I love you, Torin. You will always be my brother.” Rikan attacks Torin in a quick hug and then runs down the hall. Torin watches him until he can no longer see him.

It would be enough. What he already had would be enough. Torin wanted Rikan to be happy, and as long as he would always have a place by Rikan’s side, Torin would be happy too.

A/N: Sorry for any mistakes, and about the girl’s father’s name, I kind of just picked a last name that sounded right from a list, so I’m sorry if I made any mistakes with the origins of the names, and I hope I haven’t caused any offense.  By the way, the girl is supposed to be Kai’s mother, and Kai is named after his mother’s father (in my head).  

“Heroes don’t exist”: Moffat and the good man

Written for Moffat Appreciation Week Day 4: Favourite Theme

“Clara, be my pal and tell me. Am I a good man?”

- The Doctor, Into The Dalek

“You were the best man, and the most human human being, that I have ever known.”

- John Watson, The Reichenbach Fall

Moffat’s era centres around two main concerns: stories, and the people who live in them. His love of story is fairly straightforward, as direct as it is magical – his tales follow fairytale logic and fairytale morality, carving out a space in a cynical, jaded world for the wonders of our childhood to breathe. Fairytales, in Moffat’s stories, are an unambiguous good, their nature questioned constantly but never their value.  

But his relationship with fairytale heroes is somewhat thornier. Because right from the beginning, Moffat attacks and deconstructs the very idea of an all-powerful, all-righteous hero – replacing Davies’ lonely god with a madman in a box, digging into Conan Doyle’s famous detective and finding the eccentric, slightly broken man at his core. Moffat’s stories have never been about heroes; they have, instead, always been about people.

His heroes – his Doctors, his Sherlock – are flawed men, just as capable of weakness and wrong as they are of strength and healing. But through them, and through their stories and the stories of the people around them, Moffat weaves a tale of what a hero really is, and what kind of hero we really need.

Because heroes don’t exist, and yet.

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Bitesize Korean Weekly Vocab Recap: WEEK THIRTY

Try and cover the English, or the Korean words to test yourself and find out what you remember!

  • : Dog
  • 고양이: Cat
  • : Horse
  • 원숭이: Monkey
  • 사자: Lion
  • 토끼: Rabbit, hare
  • 다람쥐: Squirrel
  • 팬더: Panda
  • 늑대: Wolf
  • 펭귄: Penguin
  • 여우: Fox
  • 사슴: Deer
  • 독수리: Eagle
  • 거북: Turtle
  • 염소: Goat
  • : Chicken
  • 공작: Peacock
  • : Snake
  • 돼지: Pig
  • 상어: Shark
  • 돌고래: Dolphin


  • 강아지: Puppy
  • 멍멍이: Baby talk for dog or puppy
  • 조랑말: Pony
  • 얼룩말: Zebra
  • 침팬지: Chimpanzee
  • 오랑우탄: Orangutan
  • 고릴라: Gorilla
  • 표범: Leopard
  • 하이에나: Hyena
  • 치타: Cheeta
  • 호랑이: Tiger
  • 하늘 다람쥐: Flying squirrel
  • : Bear
  • 코알라: Koala bear
  • 영양: Antelope
  • 수사슴: Stag
  • : Sheep
  • 수탉: Rooster
  • 암탉: Hen

How many did you get right? ^^

Well done for getting through week thirty! We just finished the 30th week of vocabulary, can you believe it?! I think we all deserve a two week break! Look forward to week 31. If you’re reading this, please feel free to send in suggestions for the vocabulary theme!

공부 열심히하세요. 화이팅!

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July 27, 2016 // My day in review:

7:42 AM I started my day off with a nice breakfast of (iced) coffee, cantaloupe, and homemade strawberry bread that looks really gross but it’s good guys I promise.

8:12 AM Planning out my day! ☀️ (+ a sneak peek of this week’s bujo theme!)

4:30 PM Working on some code for my theme (did anybody see the changes? hopefully they work hehe).

6:17 PM Working on a Spanish mind map that should be going up soon. Hopefully.

So yeah that’s it! See you all tomorrow 💜