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Shadow the Hedgehog Theme (Reboot)
Shadow the Hedgehog Theme (Reboot)

Sega has just announced the first appearance of Shadow the Hedgehog in the new rebooted Sonic the Hedgehog canon!

The dark and broody antihero has quite a song to match his personality. This was played in the background of the announcement trailer, but after contacting a Sega representative, I was given an isolated sample to release to the public!



theme song!


Sonic Forces Theme kazooed


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OK but i can’t get over the transition from pre-chorus to chorus in the Sonic Forces theme song???? right before the chorus, there’s this really funky, half-time section which feels very SA2 and upbeat, then suddenly everything stops except the guitar and the chorus just BOOMS IN and suddenly it’s an action-packed war of the worlds where i will fight to my last dying breath??!!!?!!! holy shit

“All my machines are made for destruction
I will build my empire
I will succeed, and you will see
With my machines, there is no retreat”

I was listening to Dr. Eggman’s theme from SA2 and got reminded of his past creations of Sonic,Tails, & Knuckles. I think he makes a great father to the robot counterparts of Sonic & his friends. 

Happy Dr. Eggman Day everyone! :)


The Movie Theater scene from “MomBot”

Eggman’s Sonic 06 Theme for the Win!