theme from jurassic park

Theme From Jurassic Park
John Williams
Theme From Jurassic Park

Song A Day: Jurassic Park Theme by John Williams

I honestly forgot how much I treasured this movie until I saw it tonight in the theaters. I fell in love with the raptors again. I jumped in my seat twice. I want things with the Jurassic Park logo branded on them. I think I’ll set my alarm to Da DUM Da-da DUM Da DUM Da-da DUM . This song played over and over again as I drove home. I also noticed a lot of continuity and plot errors but honestly I wouldn’t have it without them. It’s an interactive CD-Rom! Look! HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS!

Scoring, Music, and Programs

So people new to figure skating through the YoI fandom may not be aware, but the scoring system used in the show is actually relatively new, having only been around a decade (and oh man watching the shitstorm that lead to the change was fascinating). A part of me thinks that the old ways really stands out among the oldest skaters - Victor, Chris, Georgi and to a lesser extent Yuuri, because they’re the last of the generation that would have had to adapt roughly during their transition from Junior to Senior. Yuuri is probably a BIT too young, since it changed in 2005, but he’d have seen its effect. 

Before the scoring change figure skating was, IMHO SUPER conservative, because it wasn’t a system of so many points for this, and so much for that. It was much more subjective and relied on the judge’s opinion of the program more. Yeah, the skaters would be docked for a fall, or if a landing wasn’t clean. But there would be times that seemingly flawless programs would get lower scores just because the judges didn’t like it. 

Music choices were a huge factor in playing to the judges… like I remember in the ‘94 olympics one skater used the instrumental theme from Jurassic Park, and I thought that was pretty bold when compared to the overwhelming number of Beethoven and Mozart pieces. 

Back to why I think it affects the oldest YoI skaters though… look at when they play with their music. They make bolder music choices in the short program: Intoxicated, Eros, Carabosse but fall back to more traditional/conservative in the free skate. (I do think Tale of a Sleeping Prince is a more conservative piece than Carabosse)

But look at the upcoming generation and their free skates - Minami does a boogie, Phichit chooses a movie piece that isn’t defined by western norms of music, Guang Hong’s Inferno, and Emil’s Anastasis all let them tell a story that nobody would have dared a decade ago because if the judge didn’t like the music it could affect scores. And since the Free Skate is worth more, that’s where the oldest skaters would have learned to play it cool and not rock the boat. 

It’s subtle, but I like that detail in how the age gap is presented in another way. 

Day 24 - Plot of Your Favorite Movie

Pairings: Eren/Mikasa & Levi/Hanji, Shingeki no Kyojin

Words: 11946

Rating: T (Language)

Inspired By: Welcome to Jurassic Park, Theme from Jurassic Park, A Tree For My Bed (Jurassic Park Soundtrack)

Notes: I have far too many favorite movies to actually have one be all end all movie but Jurassic Park comes pretty close. It’s a movie I’ve loved since I was seven years old and that will never change. I cried when I watched Jurassic World in theatres because it was everything I loved about the first movie. That was where this story came from too! As I was walking into the theatre I was thinking about this prompt in particular and thought it might work. And then I saw an image of Levi stuck in the park with two terrified and slightly lovestruck teenagers like I didn’t sign up for this but if you think they’re getting a scratch on them you’ve got another thing coming. I couldn’t resist. I also had to bypass some of the science stuff to make it less tedious to explain but I figure most everyone knows how it works lol Also please forgive my dinosaur knowledge. I tried to be as accurate as I could but I don’t have any access to scientific case reports, just google ;-;

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Life Finds a Way

(Day 24 – Plot of Your Favorite Movie)

This was Hanji’s idea. Levi never wanted to step foot off their site cause they had, you know, a lot of damn work to do but she just wanted to go on some tropical vacation to an amusement park or wherever the hell they were going. Of course, not even he was dumb enough to pass up the grant that Dr. Jaeger promised when he showed up at the dig site for only one price; Levi and Hanji had to come put a stamp of approval on a park.

Levi never cared for theme parks, especially any dinosaur themed. They always catered to kids and spewed out false information to excite people more. He was a scientist; he didn’t spend all those years in school to entertain children who wanted pet a dinosaur or whatever.

This wasn’t any park though. There were real dinosaurs here.

Levi couldn’t believe his eyes when he stepped out of that Jeep. He could hardly believe the way the ground shook, the way he heard their calls in his ears. How could this actually be a thing? How could they be real? How how how…

Even going through the labs, seeing the babies hatch, being told this was rea,  that Dr. Grisha Jaeger and his scientists brought back dinosaurs, and seeing it with Levi’s own eyes, he still couldn’t believe it. Hanji was much more apt to buy into everything and ask a million questions at the labs that nearly made them miss lunch. He dragged her away after that.

He was told it was DNA, he was told they were only girls to be able to control population; he was told everything was safe. He was told him and Hanji were here to make sure everything looked and felt as accurate as it could. Levi couldn’t lie, it did look and feel so real that he wasn’t sure what to believe but the scientifically sound facts laid out in front of him.

These were real dinosaurs.

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Jeff Goldblum Sings His Own Jurassic Park Theme Lyrics - Late Night with Seth Meyers

In this hilarious segment on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, Jeff Goldblum (known to us as Ian Malcolm), sings a lick from the Jurassic Park theme, eventually getting the band and the audience to play along.

“Who in the audience hasn’t seen Jurassic Park?”

*one person mumbles*

Sorry, I had to submit this.

This is the top 12 things that piss me off about the trailer, and I think you’d agree with me.

1. What kind of parent would send their young child off to a park that has dinosaurs in it. Did they forget about what happened in 1993 when TWO scientists both wrote a book about the situation and said,”THIS SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED. WE NEED TO STOP TAMPERING WITH SCIENCE BECAUSE IT CANNOT BE CONTROLLED.” , or when a T-REX CAME TO LAND AND ATE A WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE.

2. CGI “Jurassic World” gate.

3. Nobody would go to this park. Jurassic Park 1 is like the Titanic, it sank (or failed). When John Hammond’s nephew tried to remake the park, everyone died again, and John Hammond made AN APOLOGY ON TV FOR CREATING THESE ANIMALS AND SAID,”HEY WE SHOULD LEAVE THEM ALONE.”. So I ask you this : If the Titanic sank, and then they made a Titanic 2 and that sank.. Would you even go on Titanic 3??

4. Would anybody go on a lazy river ride IN THE JUNGLE WITH DINOSAURS? No. Especially because you see like 3 Stegosauruses RIGHT THERE with their spiked tails that can kill people. I don’t know if you guys have ever gone on the JP ride at Universal Studios, but the opening where there are the dinosaurs in the river… It’s terrifying enough being in a vehicle, and not just floating down the river.

5. That really stupid ball thing that they drive around.

6. A great white being eaten, and the whole water dinosaur thing. The thing that made Jurassic Park so interesting when talking about dinosaurs is the fact that it proved that life cannot be controlled. I think Dr.Grant said it best in the line “The T-Rex doesn’t want to be fed, he wants to hunt. You can’t suppress 65 million years of gut instinct.”. Or how about Malcom’s line? “The T-Rex doesn’t follow set patterns, or park schedules.. The essence of chaos!” Yet, apparently this dinosaur does.

7. “From Executive Producer Steven Spielberg” basically says, “He didn’t do anything on this movie, but we’re using his name to get more money.”

8. A genetically modified hybrid dinosaur. I don’t even have to state the problem with that. I actually agree with Chris Pratt’s line,”You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea.”

9. So this new dinosaur is taller than 40 feet high, so they’re gonna play up the whole “WE’RE BETTER THAN THE T-REX” thing. I’m sorry but no one will ever be as cool as the T-Rex in JP 1 (cue the nostalgia critic t-rex song).

10. All that I’m picturing is Godzilla.

11. When they start playing the really slow emotional theme from the end of Jurassic Park at the most awkward time in the trailer, when they’re showing people fleeing.


that really stupid ball thing. LOL
this person is upset :\

despairsearching  asked:

also whats really funny is that my section leader very strongly hates jurassic park, especially the theme. so naturally everyone in my section decided to learn the theme on our baritones, and i even found out that i could play it on my bagpipes. about a week ago it escalated and now most of the band has learned it. my section leader pretty much hates everyone now, and makes everyone who plays it, whether theyre in the section or not, do pushups



Stage one theme from Jurassic Park for the Game Boy.

i am glad the jurassic world sequels are moving away from the “theme park” concept to avoid repetition

but at the same time, part of me is curious to know how the sequels would play out if everyone was making dinosaurs not for military purposes or whatever, but to make their own knock-off jurassic parks

like, one of the parks instead of looking all contemporary and shit, was a corny western-themed park called “danny’s dinosaur rodeo” that had all of its employees dress up and talk like cowboys, and the mascot was a stereotypical cartoon prospector/caveman hybrid

Hello, Whovians. A while back we asked you guise to submit your best Twelfth Doctor / Clara Oswald fanart to be featured at the very beginning of the Doctor Who World Tour in New York City, and shown to hundreds of fans in the theater! We know that not all of you had you own TARDIS to get you to the Ziegfeld, so here’s a video of what everyone got to see at the event. 

Check out the size of that screen and the size of that crowd!

(Unfortunately this slideshow is silent, but that can easily be fixed by playing the Doctor Who theme in the background. Or Clara’s theme. Or the theme from Jurassic Park. The tunes are up to you!)

A huuuuuuge dinosaur-sized Doctor Who Thank You to everyone who sent us their art and to everyone who came out to the World Tour and saw said art up on a big screen! 

Jurassic World or: Claire and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

After slight detours to different islands in micro sequels where heroes from Jurassic Park experienced more dinosaur terror, Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World picks up twenty-two years after the original adventure. Ten years prior to film’s opening, Masrani Global stood on the shoulders of InGen’s research to create their own sleek and modern theme park not but a stones throw away from the original Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar. As Jurassic World opens, with attendance waning and dinosaurs now less miraculous, Claire Dearing (played with a maladroit sophistication by Bryce Dallas Howard) has tasked herself with transitioning the park’s newest attraction, the delightfully spooky Indominus Rex (Moby Dick on meth), into the fold just before showtime.

On any other day, the obsessive and compulsive Claire would have everything covered. She’s Jurassic World’s park operations manager, keeping the bubbly dreamer (and company owner) Simon Masrani (Irrfan Khan) happy, Dr. Henry Wu busy in his lab (played with a more devilish panache by returning cast member B.D. Wong), making sure park controllers, hipster Lowery (Jake Johnson) and charming Vivian (Lauren Lapkus), stay on task, and now somehow keep her two visiting nephews, Zach (Nick Robinson) and Gray (Ty Simpkins), happy and safe. On top of all that Claire must get a second opinion from tall, dark, and handsome himself Owen Grady (a slightly miscast, but still gorgeous Chris Pratt), a man she admires for his uh, passion. Owen is a velociraptor behaviorologist whose training program is being watched very closely by InGen Head Of Security, Vic Hoskins (played with a delusional menace by Vincent D’Onofrio). Claire puts up a good front, staunchly trying to balance all the plates, but as the order in the theme park collapses and dinosaurs escape, wreaking havoc in the Indominus Rex’s wake, she realizes that the only way to become the hero is to become vulnerable against all odds.

Claire gets dirty like all Jurassic Park protagonists, shedding her mostly pristine white outfit over the course of the film, but through this transformation she stays true to herself (heels and all). She embraces her role as Aunt (even if she can’t remember Zach or Gray’s ages), allows Owen to help her, reconciling her simmering unrequited crush, sheds a tear over dinosaurs she once saw as merely ‘assets,’ and even steps up as a boss to ‘hero in his own mind’ Lowery. It culminates in true moment of vulnerability, offering herself as bait to another returning cast member, the Queen Tyrannosaurus Rex, who’s now old and mad as hell that there’s this young upstart dinosaur on the prowl in her territory. Instead of getting lost in the minutiae of her struggle, Claire learns to embrace the context of the surrounding chaos becoming a fuller, richer person in the end. Like her theme park, now in disarray, she can no longer exist on island isolated from the world around her. The dinosaurs have their own lives to live and she does too.

So Jurassic World, digs its (beautifully stiletto’d) heels down into its pulpy sci-fi roots more than any other Jurassic Park entry. Like Crichton’s original Jurassic Park novel come to life, director Colin Trevorrow’s vision of a fully-functional dinosaur theme park is full of camp, humor, horror, and wonder. It’s a worthy sequel to Jurassic Park, but should have been the first sequel to Jurassic Park back in 1997 (sorry The Lost World). Yes, Jurassic World is the Aliens to Jurassic Park’s Alien; bigger, louder, more-steeped in genre tropes, but it’s a wild ride and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. It’s the necessary sequel that needed to be to made, Claire Dearing’s journey to embrace all sides of herself answers most of the lingering questions that John Hammond could never answer after Jurassic Park failed. Time and time again, these movies ask, “Are dinosaurs really animals or theme park monsters?” The answer is ‘both’ of course.