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Theme Week: Fluff--Friday (Loki Laufeyson)

Note: Mentions of freezing people, self-loathing, and fluff!

Pairing: Jotun!Loki x Reader

Words: 1205

Loki was never usually one who was frightened easily, normally it was him who was doing the frightening to another person. However, after today’s mission everything made him on edge since they managed to escape that Hydra base that had captured them. They were all on the Quinjet is silence, because Loki was the reason they were able to get out of there. One of them had stabbed Loki in the neck with something and now he’s been shifting from his normal form and his Jotun form. Loki was currently in the back away from everyone, afraid that if they’d touch him they too would freeze like the Hydra agents. “How are you doing, Loki?” A soft voice asked as Loki looked to see (Y/N).

“I’ve-I’ve been better.” He stuttered, trembling with nerves and from actually being cold for once in his life. “Is there anything I can get you?” She asked, reaching out to brush his hair back when he jerked back from her. “You should get away from me. I’m more of a danger than I ever was before. I have no control… I don’t want to freeze you to death.” He whispered as her expression softened. “I know you won’t hurt me.” She spoke softly as he pulls the blanket that was resting on his shoulders closer. “Please (Y/N). I don’t want to hurt you.” His eyes held such fear and pain as (Y/N) slowly stepped back. “Okay, if it doesn’t get better please come to me.” She whispered softly.

After the Quinjet landed, Loki excused himself from the debriefing and went straight to his floor without a second thought. He was trembling as his breath fogged out in front of him while he laid on his bed under about four blankets. “What is the matter with me?” He asked, running his fingers that were tinted blue through his hair. He had been trying to rest ever since they arrived back at the tower, because he thought it would help him. Sadly every time he finally managed to doze off a nightmare would appear and force him to awaken. Loki, at this point, had no idea what in the world to do, because he was about three seconds away from pulling his hair out from pure frustration.

He stood up on shaky legs as he walked towards the elevator, seeing as it was about two in the morning he could only think of one person to go to. He pressed the button once inside the elevator as he held the blanket around his shoulder closer to his body. There was a loud ding as the doors slid open to reveal (Y/N)’s apartment that she always kept nice and neat. Loki’s eyes were slightly blurred as he started shuffling towards her room when his knees grew weaker by the moment. “(Y-Y/N)…” He called out. He didn’t think she heard him, who knows if she’s even in the apartment right now, but then the bedroom door opened. “Loki?” (Y/N) asked before she stood froze in place.

“Help me.” He whispered, half of his face was blue with crimson eyes and the other have was his normal human face with green eyes swirling with fear. “Oh my god!” She exclaims running over to him as he fell to his knees. She helped him stand up as he held the blanket so she couldn’t touch his skin. She helped him lay down before looking at him in utter shock and worry as panic bubble within her chest. “Okay, what should I do?” She asked as Loki looks at her with a dazed expression. “I… I don’t know, but… (Y/N)… (Y/N), I’m scared.” He finally admitted it. “I’m sorry, but I did not know who else to turn to.” He felt tears burning his eyes at the thought that he might actually be dying.

“It’s okay Loki. I’m here.” She reached out as he jerked his face away. “And here I thought I was a monster before.” He murmured before letting out a bitter laugh that made (Y/N)’s heart clench. “Loki, you were never a monster. You still aren’t.” She said as he looked to her with an angered expression. “You can look me in the eyes and tell me who don’t see a monster.” He snapped when suddenly her hand was on his face as his eyes widened, but nothing happened. Not like before when the moment someone touched him they screamed and turned into ice. Loki blinked in shock before suddenly her other hand was placed onto his cheek as she ran her thumb through the blue skin.

“I can look you in the eyes and tell you that you are not a monster. You are a man who’s went through hell and back.” She said before she moved closer as his hands slowly crept up and took her wrists into his hands. “I can see so much more than you think I do. For Loki you are something magnificent in my eyes. You are something more for me.” She whispered, leaning down as her lips brush against his own. “You are Loki, the God of Mischief, you are… amazing.” She whispered before her lips sealed over his own as his eyes fluttered shut before suddenly he kissed her back. His hand slid up to her cheek before running through her hair as he pulls her closer to him.

Suddenly there was this burst of warmth flooding through Loki’s chest. It felt like there was a fire that was lit within him as it coursed through his entire body, warming what was once cold. He pulled back, gasping for breath as the blue skin began to fade back to their pale color. “I… How?” He asked, looking at his own skin in bewilderment before looking to (Y/N) who smiles to him. “You just needed a little help is all. I told you to come to me.” She whispered as Loki frowns softly. “I… Thank you.” He whispered, sitting up. He actually felt better when she smiles, rubbing the back of her neck. “You’ll probably be heading back to your room now.” She laughs softly before sitting back on her knees.

“Do you want me to?” Loki asked, tilting his head. “No, no! I just thought because now that you’re better..” She mumbled. “(Y/N), I hope you don’t just kiss anyone.” He said as her face heats up. “That-that was…” She stuttered before trailing off. “If you say that it was nothing then you are an even bigger liar than I am.” He said as she swallows. “I never said I didn’t love you back. I did kiss you back.” He said when she nods. “Say it.” She whispered. “I love you.” He said causing her to smile as she leans down on top of him, hugging him tightly. “I love you too.” She whispered. “Stay with me?” She asked. “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” He whispered running his fingers through her hair. He felt safe with her as he pulled the covers over both of them before they fell asleep only to be discovered by the others in the morning.

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Heyo! I am super excited about S&P! :D I have a question tho. Will there any bonus characters or something? It's just out of curiosity♡ I love every character you guys designed btw, so I ain't sayin I don'tike em

Hmm, the official list of fighters is closed. like there won’t be any new youtubers.

(。◝‿◜。) Howeveh, if u wanna see the kind of fighters i could draw (bc ofc, other youtubers will appear in the game, maybe in the background, maybe as easter eggs with objects or stuff referencing them ) :

i’ve drawn all the youtubers from Revelmode and i rly love them so u can already consider that you might see them again one day or another !


FinnRey + Phantom of the Opera AU

Reine Courleciel is the long-lost daughter of late musical master Luc Courleciel and the rising star of the Paris Opera. On the night of her big debut, she is reunited with her childhood friend Finn, Vicomte de Chagny, the one person who cared for her when they were both just orphans on the streets of Paris. The two are soon betrothed, but their happiness is threatened by a shadowy figure who lurks in the tunnels beneath the Opera House. Can Finn and Rey overcome the Phantom and live happily ever?


☆ 6  Ransom and Jack + Canada Day Icons ☆
(legojacques icons 7/?)

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  • Credit to Ngozi for webcomic

**EDIT: Bad Bob Canada Day icon now available!

Day 20: Owls

Sorry this is so late, I was super busy! So instead of a drawing, I’ll write another short one shot for the theme today. Happy Fun Kiss Friday! For @drarry-halloween-fest


Harry Potter walked into the dark Owlery, determined to send his special package for his friends. They had gone to the Burrow to celebrate the Christmas holidays, and so Harry was hanging out with Draco, who wanted to stay at the castle rather than go back to the Manor. He was just done wrapping their presents and tying them to Hedwig when a blond diversion by the name of Draco walked in.

They had been friends since first year, and were in the same house, Slytherin. Although they were also friends with Ron and Hermione, who were in Gryffindor, the two were inseparable. The war was over, and all was well. Well maybe except for the fact the Harry had a huge crush on Draco.

“Hey Harry,” Draco said, offering him a small smile. “What are you doing up here?”

“Presents,” he said, smiling, but feeling an odd stirring in his stomach knowing that Draco would never like him back. “You?”

“Sending a letter,” Draco replied and turned to his eagle owl.

They worked in silence, a comfortable one, and after he had sent Hedwig on her way, he turned to see an eagle owl holding out a letter. He smiled, and pulled the letter off of the owl’s foot, and opened it. His heart seemed to stop there as he read the four words.

Can I kiss you?

Harry didn’t know what to do. This could finally happen, all he had to do was say yes. He turned to see a blushing Draco staring at the table, and smiled. Draco was worth it, he decided.

“Yes,” he said, and Draco’s eyes shot up to meet his, the blush darkening further, a blooming pink.

Carefully, Draco walked towards him, slowly, and Harry thought his heart might burst.

“I like you, Harry Potter,” Draco whispered, lips mere inches away from Harry’s own.

“And I like you too, you prat. But are you going to kiss me or not?”

Draco moved, or Harry moved and their lips brushed together, leaving tingles all over Harry’s body. Then Draco pulled back, and leaned in to kiss Harry harder, groaning as he pulled away.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” Draco said, smiling widely.

“I think I do,” Harry said, smirking and leaned in for another kiss.

I hear it is Jaxter Friday?? ? :D

I drew this cause I reminded myself of this scene in Jak 2 and wanted to “De-Ottsel”, it, as I tend to do sometimes, but it could maybe count as the theme of “Jaxterfy a scene” too, right?

(Scene is of course, when we are first introduced to Sig via Krew, and Jak turns, sees the big guy, and immediately goes into defense position and THROWS HIS ARM OUT to protect Dax, who is standing right behind him because Sig may or may not be a threat to them, he don’t know at that point)


Drawn a little crappily because my Krita is really chuggy lately. It had the good graces to be functional while I finished my big full color Jaxter piece the other day, but we’re back to this.

Um. Um um um um um…..UM….Anatomy practice. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

That’s my excuse. It’s quite a valid excuse, actually, since I’ve always had problems drawing backs so…..Practice! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

It’s Fili, filling in for Kili, helping you get through the rest of your week! You can do it! Fili’s here to pump you up! (●♡∀♡)

I actually intended to make him smile but he looks like he’s about to get all hot and sweaty do some serious fighting moves, and all I can imagine is hearing the Mortal Kombat theme playing in the background. 

Anyway, drawing backs (particularly muscular backs) is very challenging, which is why I must practice them. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I like how this came out, and I’m actually kinda annoyed I didn’t draw this on cardstock where I would be more apt to finish and colour him…

Off to practice some more! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


For this Friday, here is a little inspiration for a pastel themed wedding.

From a dress so special that you’d want to keep it forever and wear it, like, every single day, to beautiful venue decorations - we made sure you find this post super handy.

Just decide which colors you want to use and then mix them together on paper until you get the perfect mix.

After that it gets so much easier. Usually.

Happy Friday to you all!

Yours truly,