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HitsuHina Week 2017

Hello all!

Once again this will be the main blog for this year’s HitsuHina week (or shoudl I say weeks). So as you may know, @sakura-warrior and I were discussing about holding another celebration for our beloved OTP and asked for your guys’ feedback to two main concerns we had. We’ve read through everyones comments and this is what we’ve come up with:

HitsuHina week will run for two weeks this year, starting from December 18th and ending December 31st.

Now that we’ve established this, our next step is to come up with themes and daily questions*. This is where you guys come in again: we’re looking for suggestions for themes, prompts, and daily questions that are related to HitsuHina. We’ll need fourteen themes and questions in total, but you can suggest as many or as little as you want. If we see some reoccuring suggestions, we’ll be more likely to include them on the final lists.

So, if you’d like to suggest some themes and/or questions, please either (a) reblog this post with your suggetions or (b) comment your suggestions on this post.

Thank you again guys!

* For those who didn’t participate or weren’t here last year, we ran a ‘daily quetions’ feature where HitsuHina fan could answer questions related to the pairing and their experiences in the fandom. You can find examples of these questions and the responses from HitsuHina fans on this blog here.


64 days in heaven and hell (21)
With the outbreak of spring, blossoming trees and orchards were Van Gogh’s next theme. A total of fourteen paintings would see the light of day, varying in style and technique.
This first one reminds us of his copy of Hiroshima’s ‘Plum Park in Kameido’ that he painted in Paris the previous year.

Van Gogh’s fascination with Japanese printing influenced Bernard and Anquetin. The work of Katsushika Hokusai and Andō Hiroshige lies at the origin of their Cloisonnism, the new style which they developed and that in its turn influenced Van Gogh.

Vincent Van Gogh, Poirier en fleurs (Small Pear Tree in Blossom), April 1888. Oil on canvas, 50 cm x 37.5. Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam
Andō Hiroshige,
 Plum Park in Kameido, 1857. Woodblock print, 36,4 x 24,4 cm. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Vincent Van Gogh, Pruniers en fleurs (Flowering Plum Tree), 1887. Oil on canvas, 55 x 46 cm. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

You know how I was going to give you those SDV Inktober prompts a few days ago?

Here you go. Take them, days late. I’m sorry.

  1. Grandpa
  2. Farmhouse
  3. Haley/Emily
  4. Shane
  5. Egg Festival
  6. Foraging
  7. Flowers
  8. The Beach
  9. Alex/Sam
  10. Maru
  11. Junimos
  12. Ice Cream
  13. Moonlight Jellies
  14. Fishing
  15. Secret Woods
  16. Penny/Abigail
  17. Elliott
  18. Scarecrow
  19. Pumpkin
  20. Stardew Valley Fair
  21. The Witch/ The Wizard
  22. The Mountain Stream
  23. Sebastian/Harvey
  24. Leah
  25. Snowgoon
  26. A Tree
  27. The Wind Can Be Still/Ancient
  28. Feast of the Winter Star
  29. Krobus/The Dwarf
  30. The Mines/Monsters
  31. Spirit’s Eve

These are actually broken down into sections, for each season. One to seven are spring/beginning-themed, eight to fourteen are summer-themed, fifteen to twenty-one are fall-themed and twenty-two to twenty-eight are winter themed. Twenty-nine to thirty-one are just plain old Halloween-themed.

You don’t have to interpret these literally, by any means. You can’t draw a song and it would be ridiculously hard for some people to draw certain things! I’m choosing to interpret some prompts as just their base elements; for example, I won’t be drawing the beach, but I will be drawing things that remind me of the beach.

I hope some people use these!

Danny Phantom Theme

Our hero fourteen years had witness’d when
His parents felt a most desirous ache.
A scene of trial Daniel did see then
As strange machine endeavor’d they to make.

Upon their failure, Fentons simply ceas’d
Attempts to breach this fright'ning world unseen,
But Danny, seiz’d by intrigue, pow'r unleash’d–
His form was changed in midst of blinding green.

When he awoke and visage own did see,
His eyes were green and hair unearthly white.
Among his peers, a new anomaly:
His ghostly skills of transience and flight.

This new existence Danny’s life did change,
A duty bold he found it did evoke:
He seeks to fight these spectres fierce and strange,
Lest in his absence fall the common folk.

Now hero’s role young Daniel bravely claims;
With help of odd device these spectres seeks;
And Danny Phantom he now calls his name,
To guard himself from havoc they would wreak.

Rest easy now, for Phantom guards the street,
No spectral foe too potent may he meet.

someone reblogged that post with the theme song in shakespearean form onto my dash and I skimmed it and then had to leave for class and it was a movie day and well

does it still count as an Elizabethan sonnet if there are five quatrains