theme for quality blog

This is crop the frog.
He’s supposed to help me figure out which image format wont be distorted and compressed through my blog theme

So that you can enjoy the same quality on both my blog and your dashboard!  

You’re doing a good job, crop! 

Hmm. Seems like we have to get smaller…

still not quiet there yet… 


REALLY? anything over 350 Pixel gets compressed!? Oh hell no, maybe I should choose a different theme…Im sorry pal, you dont deserve this. You did great, lets get you out of the box…

There you go. Bon appétit!

“Crystallized Memories” — theme 4 by Jocelyn

Please like this post if you want to use/are using it, or if you just like the theme in general!

Live preview | Message me for the code

This is my fourth theme and it is/was my theme, depending on when you read this. It’s mostly a theme for quality blogs, but it might work for luxury blogs too.


Gradient scrollbar

Cute border + outline on posts and sidebar

Unique shadow on blogtitle

Horizontal sidebar picture + two extra ones

Limited description

6 links that spin

Updates boxes on sidebar

2 columns

Optional transparent image