theme for any style

@ofmanyworlds presents; theme 001 - shape of you

this is a rework of a theme i previously used on one of my old indie blogs. it’s probably best suited for a personal, indie or character blog, but can be reworked to fit to any blog.

theme features.

  • 400 px posts size.
  • i-message style chat posts.
  • supports all post types.
  • 4 customizable links.
  • option for background image.
  • title & subtitle sections in the sidebar.
  • 120 px sidebar image.
  • best viewed & formatted for chrome browsers

terms of use.

  • do not remove credit.
  • do not use as a base.
  • do not redistribute/repost theme.
  • likes/reblogs appreciated.
  • enjoy!

                                                      preview & download

Robot ask meme!
  • Motherboard: Who's your favorite robot character?
  • Mecha: Do you prefer huge robots or tiny ones?
  • Android: Do you think machines can have souls?
  • RAM: What's the first robot character you fell in love with?
  • Modem: Do you have any robot OCs?
  • CPU: Do you listen to any robotic-themed music?
  • Chassis: What's your favorite style or kind of robot?
  • Steampunk: Do you prefer old timey robots, or modern sleeker ones?
  • Cyberpunk: Do you own any robot/tech related things?
  • Circuits: Do you think there will be a robot uprising?
  • Automaton: Would you smooch a robot?

Weekly Art Challenge #215 (April 11th-April 25th)

Hello artists!

We all know the saying, April showers bring May flowers! This week, create a rainy themed work in any style or medium. Think about the joy of Spring Showers- jumping in puddles, adorable raincoats, sounds of rain hitting surfaces, or even the smell of rain! All of these thoughts are wonderful tangent points for this challenge!

This is a two week challenge as the majority of you voted for more time so we will be keeping two-week challenges and try to post new challenges more regularly. I myself have not made a challenge in a very long time, so do enjoy :D

[The deadline for this challenge will be April 25th at 10PM GMT/ 5PM EST]

For more information about the group and its submissions, please read the FAQ! If you have a question you do not see mentioned there, please don’t hesitate to ask.Make sure to submit your piece using the ->submission<- page, and tag it for the appropriate challenge! If you don’t complete in time for the deadline, still post it to your Tumblr and tag it as ‘WAC’ and ‘wac challenges’! We hope you’ll have fun and improve as an artist during this challenge <3


anonymous asked:

how did you change your dashboard to make it avatar themed?

You have to download this internet app called “Stylish.” I have Google Chrome and it’s in the Chrome webstore here. Idk how you would find it in other browsers like Firefox, Safari, or IE. Do they have webstores??? Maybe google it?

After you install it, you can add a whole bunch of things to Tumblr. I will put the links below to the ones I use to make my atla theme. All you have to do is press the green Install button and it will automatically show up on your Tumblr. 

You can always delete or deactivate any style you download.

The Avatar theme I use is here.

The “Avatar” header I use is here.

The atla dash icons I use are here.

There’s also a cool Legend of Korra theme here.

Hope this helps!

hi guys!!! ahhh i have recently reached a few small milestones and i’m in the mood to do something super fun so i’m doing blog rates!!! thank u all so much for following me and i love u all a lot :*

to get a br:

- follow me as this is for my followers hehe

- preferably be a studyblr as i’m looking for more to follow!!! (can be any blog though)

- reblog this post! 

- send me an ask with :) somewhere in it! tell me about your pet or your favourite food or absolutely anything!!!

rates will be in this format ~~~

url: okay | cool | omg cute | looooove | 10000/10

icon: nice | i like | super cute | amazing | I WANT IT

theme: not my style | alright | cute | flawlessss | PERFECTION

original posts (if any): couldn’t find or N/A | nice | lovely | beautiful | IN LOVE

kamala-khan  asked:

omg ALL your themes are so beautiful! and the amount of customisation options is amazing! i asked in a previous question about putting a search box, if thats possible, then is the method of adding it same for all your themes? im sorry they are all so beautiful, i cant make up my mind and i dont wanna disturb you with the same thing over and over

thank you so much! I quickly wrote up this code you can add a search box to any of my themes, put this before </style>

.cf {width:100%; margin-top:10px; overflow:hidden;}
.cf span {display:block; overflow:hidden;}
.cf input {width:100%; font:inherit; font-style:italic; border:none;
   box-sizing:border-box; padding:4px 8px; background:#f6f6f6;
*:focus {outline:0;}

and put this directly after {Description}

<form action="/search" method="get" class="cf"><span>
   <input type="text" name="q" value="{SearchQuery}" placeholder="search"/>

BLOG RATES as promised ♡

So I believe I said a while ago that if I hit 500 followers I would do blog rates? Well since then my follower count has reached 530+ followers and I feel confident enough to finally do it!

Send a ♥ to my ask box along with a lil fact about yourself! Like maybe what your fav colour/character/animal/etc is, or how cute your pet(s) are, or just how your day is going! In return, I’ll rate:

url: not my style / lovely! / amazing ♡ / FLAWLESS
icon:  not my style / lovely! / amazing ♡ / FLAWLESS
theme: not my style / lovely! / amazing ♡ / FLAWLESS
playlist (if any):  not my style / lovely! / amazing ♡ / FLAWLESS
posts:  not my style / lovely! / amazing ♡ / FLAWLESS
am I following?:  no sorry (i still love you) / I am now! / FOLLOW FOREVER
overall out of 5: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

thankyou so much for following, hope some of you ask for a blog rate!

veleth95  asked:

So I just had an epiphany while listening to Mongolian throat singing music, namely that there is a lot of it in the troll style music themes in WoW. Do you think there would be any derivatives of that style in kaldorei and later quel'dorei music?

I’d think so. 

To be fair, even though I’ve been studying pre-Sundering society and know a lot about elves, that’s not my kind of area of expertise. I do want to do my senior paper (in like two years) as the Highborne project I did, but I was actually thinking that if I couldn’t, I would do something closer to describing real world cultural influences on the Highborne/night elves. 

I’m not very familiar with Mongolian throat singing music, so maybe this is awfully ignorant of me, (okay I looked up like three seconds of a video) but the in-game sound tracks of night elven/high elven music that we do have, have lots of choral parts. I mean, I don’t know anything about music either, so I can’t pretend to say that throat singing evolves into the non-throat singing that elves have. 

But, in the interest of headcanons and fleshing out lore (because goodness knows that’s what I do), I’d support this! Imeanhell the Highborne/Nightborne/elves went through a lot of trends over thousands of years… 

anonymous asked:

I hope I am asking this in a way that makes sense, but would you happen to know how to add an image that overlaps entries so that the letters/words of the posts are behind the image just ever so slightly?

Hey there! I think you’re talking about this, right?

This may get a little complicated, so please forgive me if my explanation is unclear!

As you can see in the example, Chibiusa’s image appears to be in front of the box containing the texts, which creates an illusion of depth within the theme.I achieved this by using a CSS property called z-index.

Keep reading

leftalonecrybaby  asked:

♥ ~ ummm a fact . . . Konata Izumi is my favourite anime character 😊

AAAAAAAA I love Konata ♥ Lucky Star is such a cute anime awh 

url: not my style / lovely! / amazing ♡ / FLAWLESS
icon:  not my style / lovely! / amazing ♡ / FLAWLESS
theme: not my style / lovely! / amazing ♡ / FLAWLESS
playlist (if any):  not my style / lovely! / amazing ♡ / FLAWLESS
posts:  not my style / lovely! / amazing ♡ / FLAWLESS
am I following?:  no sorry (i still love you) / I am now! / FOLLOW FOREVER
overall out of 5: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Your blog is simple and sweet and that’s really charming to me! I love your aesthetic to the moon and back, and you’re absolutely gorgeous! •^__^• 

send me a ♥ and a lil fact about yourself for a blog rate!

The Do It Yourself Tarot Challenge - End September with a custom deck of your own! 

Attention artists, designers and talented crafters! Now, you keep listening, but step to the side briefly! Attention everyone else who does not consider themselves one of those things! 

You too can design a fun, personalized tarot deck of your very own, on the cheap and with only a month or less of work. This challenge is for everyone, regardless of skill, to create a powerful deck fully imbued with your essence and personality and to better get to know the tarot as you go. 

So wait, what are we doing?

You will be making a Major Arcana Deck in one month, one day at a time. Starting in September, there will be a post a day about one Major Arcana card, giving tips on designs, background, symbolism of the card with extra inspiration on making a card of your very own. There will also be some initial preparation posts on general tarot design, materials, tips, planning and ideas. (I will probably post some ideas about materials and planning pre-September too). 

As you make your card, you will learn more about the symbolism, history and meanings behind each major arcana card, swap personal ideas and interpretations with other tumblr users, and end the day with a physical testament to your tarot journey. 

Cool! Any rules? What should I use?

The minimum you need to make a deck: Some paper, some pens, and an interest in tarot. Beyond that, you can use any materials from paper and crayon to Photoshop, to notecards and mixed media collage to construction paper stamps to scrapbooking styles and stickers galore. You can mix in your witchcraft and spellwork. You can make a fandom deck. You can theme and style your deck any way you want and to your own interpretation. 

There is only one rule - you are strongly encouraged to NOT spend more than one day on each card. Think quick, and on a scale where you can feasibly do at least one card a day. You can skip days (there are only 22 cards, but 30 days in the month), go out of order, or do more than one card in a day, or you may redo a card if you find later in the month you really do not care for it. But try to think on a daily, doable basis - we want a finished deck, not a huge project that will be abandoned, so think on a scale that you know you can accomplish quickly! 

Your cards don’t have to be complicated or finely designed or illustrated - they just have to be yours! Stick figures, scribbles, cut-outs and messy lines are welcome. 

Nervous? Don’t worry! We’re here to help! 

As you go about, post your progress as you see fit! Tag your posts in the #DIYtarotchallenge tag to share your tarot adventures, get feedback and encouragement, and keep yourself on task! You may go faster than others or take your time - there is no initiative to stay at a certain pace - and we will be answering your questions and helping with steps to keep your project going! The rest of the month after the card posts are done will be dedicated to showcasing and helping others. 

Posts will start on September 1st, with a few planning posts in the days ahead. Feel free to message me with any questions or comments! 


school starts this month and i need money!!! so it’s cheap commission time! 

  • USD/paypal only
  • b&w line drawing→$8, + $5 for additional character
  • simple colored drawing→$11, + $5 for additional character
  • half-body, plain bg, max. 2 characters per drawing

please email me at with the following info:

  1. the character(s) you want (+ reference pix for OCs)
  2. the style you want
  3. (optional) any outfits/themes you want! otherwise it’ll be up to my discretion (AKA default outfits/simple pose)

unlimited slots, i guess?  i just want to get as many done as i can. if i get more than i think i can handle, i’ll close slots later and reopen when i finish some.

thanks y’all! <3

anonymous asked:

Hi; I'm waaay to shy to ask this off anon, and I figured this was the best place since this /is/ your theme blog :3 But I was wondering if you could share how the container code works? Or make a base of it to work on like the your theme 'Worthy?' If not, that's okay~ <3

Hello anon…

*Deep Breath*

Okay, here goes…

You can turn pretty much any theme into a ‘container’ style theme… what you need to do is have a bit of a fiddle around with the CSS for the post styling.  If you squint carefully you’ll see that the post styles are the same in both my ‘O’ Death’ and ’Worthy’ themes.  And really they were only a slight rejig of some of the coding and layout for things like links and graphics and ‘next page’ buttons, etc.

So… Onto the coding…

Here is the code I used for the posts for the ‘normal’ ( O’ Death ) theme

#posts {

And here is the coding for the ‘container’ ( Worthy ) theme;

#posts {
    padding: 20px;
    margin-left: 55px; 
    border:1px solid {color:border};}

You would normally use this in conjunction with a ‘container’ or ‘content’ section in the CSS just to actually position the posts on the page.  And the ‘posts’ CSS is how you actually position and style the posts within that container.

The main thing you’re adding to the ‘posts’ CSS though, is a ‘height’ restriction.  In this case the maximum height of the container is 420px.  And to make sure it doesn’t just show the first 420px of your posts, but knows to add in a scroll bar - you need to add in the overflow instructions.  The rest is mainly positioning, padding ( how much space you want around the side of your posts ), a border ( just to fancy it up a bit O_O )…

If you want to turn another theme into a ‘container’ style theme, just try adding a ‘height’ restriction and the overflow to the posts CSS in the code ( but make sure to save your code first before you do! ) - and you might have to mess around a little with margins and padding to line things up to your liking, but that’s really all it is.

As a caveat to that - please - PLEASE - make sure that the theme maker is okay with you altering parts of the CSS/any of their code - check their rules or terms of use before you do!  And also PLEASE do not remove their credit.  Tweaking a theme is not the same as making one from scratch, just because you added a container, doesn’t make it ‘your theme’!

If this doesn’t help and you would still like a base code to work from, then just let me know and I will see what I can do…. 

Thank you for the question!

Love from,

Octomoosey ~<3