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In regards to Muraganda and a vanilla creature theme, sets tend to have only 15 or so cards with any given keyword ability with a few extra cards to support that ability. So, for Muraganda, you make 15 vanilla creatures or so, sets usually have about 5 so you're only increasing it by 10, put 5 more cards that care about vanilla creatures like Petroglyphs, and flesh out the rest of the set with 2 or 3 other mechanics. So for about 20 cards out of 264, not sure what the problem is.

Let’s walk through this. I’m going to talk about this as a limited theme because it’s easier to show the problem.

Players play roughly sixteen creatures and seven spells which means fifteen creatures in the set would have to push heavily towards common to get the as-fan up.

Usually we concentrate a theme in certain colors because it allows us to make less cards of the theme, but vanilla creatures serve a general purpose and need to be in all colors.

We could just push the theme in certain colors and have other colors have the normal amount of vanilla creatures but we’re creating a trap for players unaware of the full content of the set. We don’t usually put one Goblin in an off-color if we have a Goblin tribal theme, for example.

That means fifteen might not be enough and already we’re above the level of vanillas in core sets. We have bigger problems to fry though.

What cards are you going to enhance vanilla creatures with? Creatures? That would make them not vanilla and eat into your viable creature space.

Let’s assume you make them noncreatures. That’s a smaller pool and you still need things like creature removal and other utility cards (card drawing, other permanent removal, counterspells and such).

Let’s say we work all that out. What is the play experience? If you don’t draw the cards that care, you’re playing a game with mostly vanilla creatures. It’s a bit monotonous and is missing important things like evasion to keep games from stalling.

Making you care about a tribe can be fun because we can make a bunch of cool individually evocative cards in that tribe that play fun even if you don’t draw the tribal cards. That’s very hard to do with vanilla creatures.

I’ve just hit the tip if the iceberg. There’s a limit, for example, to how many power points you want to put into vanilla creatures as they aren’t sexy.

And that in many words is why “vanilla matters” is tough to do.

That’s not saying we won’t ever find a way, but it is a lot harder than I think most fans of the idea understand.

Adam birkholtz definitely had a themed bar mitzvah and it’s killing me that I don’t know what the theme was

• was he #that guy who’s theme was like a sports team or something? Picture a Lil 13 year old Holster smiling in front of a buffalo sabres cake. Did his parents pay for the Sabres mascot to come and take pictures with the guests? The answer: maybe. This is very plausible.

• or maybe baby holster, ever in touch with his theatrical side and a proud member of his middle school chorus had a broadway themed bar mitzvah? Karaoke is a thing. the only songs allowed are from Holsters favorite broadway musicals. He subjects his family and friends to hours of Defying Gravity

• I know a guy who had a money themed bar mitzvah. Yeah. Like the theme was money and there were fake stacks of bills as center pieces on the table. In the end everyone got a sweatshirt that said ‘make it rain’ on the back with the date of the bar mitzvah underneath. My question is, did Economics major Adam Birkholtz know even as a young lad that he was destined to study a subject that practically revolves around the concept of money? Did he center his entire bar mitzvah around this?Perhaps. The world may never know

I’m increasingly in love with John Watson’s poor typing abilities. Not because it’s hilarious to think of Sherlock’s reaction to them and just on their own (though it is), but because of what they say about him and the SH tradition.

See, I’m a second-generation fan of Sherlock Holmes, or if you prefer a third-generation with a generation skipped. My grandmum loved putting on what I call “old school Holmes,” basically any radio and film adaptation from before Granada. I grew up spending a lot of times in her kitchen, baking or doing the dishes or when I got older playing away on my computer with those shows wafting in from the other room. And in some of them Watson comes off okay but in a lot of cases Watson is just the chronicler. There is the great detective with his feats of wit who solves the crime and saves the day, and then there’s his faithful companion who records it all but doesn’t bring much in the way of brains or help at all to the table. He’s often not particularly smart, and to be fair by the later Doyle canon one has to wonder at Watson. The deductions aren’t that hard to predict, especially if you’ve had decades of watching Holmes at work, and there he is pulling his best impression of Arthur Shappey in opening scene after opening scene.

Ritchie and Granada avoid this issue and definitely make Watson a full participant (*hearts Jude Law’s Watson 5ever*), but they also don’t really attack it straight-on that much. It’s just not something that come up.

Whereas the BBC’s John Watson… he’s a bad typist. His blog is painfully out-of-the-box. Seriously - when you find out the Queen reads your blog, maybe it’s time to switch to something other than the default WordPress skin, or even use the fifty pounds you won off Sherlock at Baskerville to get some kid to tweak the CSS file, maybe buy a slightly pithier URL. Maybe update your bio at some point in the last five years. Something. He’s a successful blogger, but I’d hardly call him a good one. And he seems to do this out of compulsion, first from Ella and then because it’s how they get their cases (and also because it gives him a bit of a community to grieve with, when Sherlock “dies.” He doesn’t really want to be writing about Sherlock, certainly not at first, nor is he particularly skilled at it.

Which is really quite brilliant, because it means John’s value isn’t in being a chronicler. He’s still hugely important to Sherlock, but it has almost nothing to do with his gift for recording Sherlock’s exploits. John Watson is good and important for reasons all his own, and it really turns that traditional way of dealing with his character on its head. It’s hard to imagine (say) Peter Cushing talking about the two of us against the rest of the world the way Benedict does, and it’s really quite a glorious change.

So the next time you think of John Watson pecking away at those keys, remind yourself that it’s more than just a gag: that this John Watson isn’t all that good at what a long succession of Watsons have been known for, and he’s still worth having around. (Then think of him deleting a sentence he spent five minutes typing out, hitting the backspace key thirty-seven separate times, and have your laugh anyway.)

Addicted for 15 days

Time for another addicted related challenge! Marie (@benscobalt) and I came up with a bunch of different and creative ideas for a new challenge, since we loved the challenges related to the series so much (30 days of Krista and Becca Ritchie challenge and  weekly challenges) and it brought a lot of the fizzle force together!

The challenge will start on 1st of July and will end 15th of July.

- Day one: Favorite siblings/in laws relationship
- Day two: A WIT (Whatever it takes) song edit (here’s the playlist, but you can choose any song you like)
- Day three: Favorite character hobbies
- Day four: Favorite parent/child relationship
- Day five: Pick five quotes (five suggestions: a love quote, a family quote, a funny quote, a heartbreaking quote, an inspirational quote)
- Day six: A child you love so much
- Day seven: A scene/character you relate to (explain why)
- Day eight: Favorite last line of a character
- Day nine: Try a movie poster graphic style - the theme is free*
- Day ten: Favorite uncle/aunt/niece/nephew scene
- Day eleven: A scene/part you keep rereading
- Day twelve: Favorite book/comic/movie/tv reference
- Day thirteen: Favorite cousin dynamic
- Day fourteen: Try a gifset - the theme is free*
- Day fifteen: Time to share, explain the reason why you love one of the characters so much

* Those days are meant to challenge the more PS skilled around here but it can be a chance to learn new tricks for the beginners as well, so feel free to ask us about tutorials or help or inspiration and we’ll do what we can do to help!

- An AU: sci-fi, victorian era, social media, etc. Be wild! 
- A parallel between a character’s breakdown and rise
- Favorite kid name story
- A tv/book/movie character that reminds you of one of the ot6

Don’t forget to tag your beautiful edits with addicted15 in the first five tags of your edit, so we can track it. These are some of the ideas that Marie and I came up with, but if you feel like changing one of the days you’re welcome to do it! Perhaps you could look at some of the bonus ideas we came up with! Also if you have any questions about the days, you can always write to us. Have fun, and be creative!

PS: Keep in thought that @addictedseriesdaily will host  two challenges (one about LWD and one about SKOP) in the coming weeks!