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Adam birkholtz definitely had a themed bar mitzvah and it’s killing me that I don’t know what the theme was

• was he #that guy who’s theme was like a sports team or something? Picture a Lil 13 year old Holster smiling in front of a buffalo sabres cake. Did his parents pay for the Sabres mascot to come and take pictures with the guests? The answer: maybe. This is very plausible.

• or maybe baby holster, ever in touch with his theatrical side and a proud member of his middle school chorus had a broadway themed bar mitzvah? Karaoke is a thing. the only songs allowed are from Holsters favorite broadway musicals. He subjects his family and friends to hours of Defying Gravity

• I know a guy who had a money themed bar mitzvah. Yeah. Like the theme was money and there were fake stacks of bills as center pieces on the table. In the end everyone got a sweatshirt that said ‘make it rain’ on the back with the date of the bar mitzvah underneath. My question is, did Economics major Adam Birkholtz know even as a young lad that he was destined to study a subject that practically revolves around the concept of money? Did he center his entire bar mitzvah around this?Perhaps. The world may never know

I’m increasingly in love with John Watson’s poor typing abilities. Not because it’s hilarious to think of Sherlock’s reaction to them and just on their own (though it is), but because of what they say about him and the SH tradition.

See, I’m a second-generation fan of Sherlock Holmes, or if you prefer a third-generation with a generation skipped. My grandmum loved putting on what I call “old school Holmes,” basically any radio and film adaptation from before Granada. I grew up spending a lot of times in her kitchen, baking or doing the dishes or when I got older playing away on my computer with those shows wafting in from the other room. And in some of them Watson comes off okay but in a lot of cases Watson is just the chronicler. There is the great detective with his feats of wit who solves the crime and saves the day, and then there’s his faithful companion who records it all but doesn’t bring much in the way of brains or help at all to the table. He’s often not particularly smart, and to be fair by the later Doyle canon one has to wonder at Watson. The deductions aren’t that hard to predict, especially if you’ve had decades of watching Holmes at work, and there he is pulling his best impression of Arthur Shappey in opening scene after opening scene.

Ritchie and Granada avoid this issue and definitely make Watson a full participant (*hearts Jude Law’s Watson 5ever*), but they also don’t really attack it straight-on that much. It’s just not something that come up.

Whereas the BBC’s John Watson… he’s a bad typist. His blog is painfully out-of-the-box. Seriously - when you find out the Queen reads your blog, maybe it’s time to switch to something other than the default WordPress skin, or even use the fifty pounds you won off Sherlock at Baskerville to get some kid to tweak the CSS file, maybe buy a slightly pithier URL. Maybe update your bio at some point in the last five years. Something. He’s a successful blogger, but I’d hardly call him a good one. And he seems to do this out of compulsion, first from Ella and then because it’s how they get their cases (and also because it gives him a bit of a community to grieve with, when Sherlock “dies.” He doesn’t really want to be writing about Sherlock, certainly not at first, nor is he particularly skilled at it.

Which is really quite brilliant, because it means John’s value isn’t in being a chronicler. He’s still hugely important to Sherlock, but it has almost nothing to do with his gift for recording Sherlock’s exploits. John Watson is good and important for reasons all his own, and it really turns that traditional way of dealing with his character on its head. It’s hard to imagine (say) Peter Cushing talking about the two of us against the rest of the world the way Benedict does, and it’s really quite a glorious change.

So the next time you think of John Watson pecking away at those keys, remind yourself that it’s more than just a gag: that this John Watson isn’t all that good at what a long succession of Watsons have been known for, and he’s still worth having around. (Then think of him deleting a sentence he spent five minutes typing out, hitting the backspace key thirty-seven separate times, and have your laugh anyway.)

seeking-absolution  asked:

Hi there! I'm currently using theme #15 and I'm loving it! However I can't seem to be able to edit the colour of the month title on the post date. I've tried editing all of the available options but can't find it. Maybe I'm just inept, but if you could help that would be great. Thank you!

The month colour is the one used for italic text, you can either edit the colour setting for italics in the Appearance tab, or you look through the code for this

.month {

and then change {color:italics} to the colour you want :)


I decided to let the approaching Halloween holiday influence my floral pattern for a darker twist.  I really enjoyed learning how to do something new this month and I’m going to keep practicing this technique to make more dynamic patterns in the future.


rawrlsy  asked:

Hello! I love your themes! I have a question about one of them, though. I'm currently using you "#015 The greatest puzzle you’ll ever come across," and I couldn't identify the font you use for links. I wanted to change it, but I can't search it under the HTML because I didn't know what the font was. If you could tell me, that'd be great. If not, that's alright - sorry for bothering you!

Find this in your code

#posts p a {
font-family: 'Special Elite', cursive;

and change it to the font you want :) just make sure you close the line with a semicolon at the end

the-chocobo-kid  asked:

On the theme "#015 The greatest puzzle you’ll ever come across". You can "# there is an option to add 4 custom links (adding more manually is possible though). Also supports pages". How do you do that?

Um, what exactly? Add more links? Find

{block:ifLink4}<a href="{text:Link4}">{text:Link4 Title}</a>{/block:ifLink4}

and add


where you want your link to show up.

almia-high-rpg-deactivated20130  asked:

Do you have any themes that allow pages to be created? If not do you know any way to get around that problem? :)

You can create pages with any theme.

Usually you have to then add the URL to that page as a custom link except for my theme 15 in which your pages appear automatically when you check the box to show a link to that page.

If you need more help or want to know more about pages, please look at my FAQ