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D’ya think that maybe Brenner did take Eleven outside a few times when she was little? As sort of one of the “gifts” he gives her that will ultimately come with a price, the price being exploiting her powers? Maybe he carried little Eleven outside just for a moment, during the night as to not be seen, to plant the idea in her head that the world was a harsh and intimidating place that she needed his protection from? But, being the curious kid she is, she wasn’t listening to her Papa’s words of the fear and cruelty out there…she was looking at the stars instead, so bright and intricate and full of hope? Even when he took her back inside to the cold, prodding hands of the scientists for another examination, Eleven felt a little less scared and her heart felt a little more warm 

Just One Heart | TenToo | Doctor Who

Nine | Nine/Rose | Ten | Ten/Rose | Rose

One for TenToo, because he’s the Doctor, too, and he’s important, and I love him, and this set still kinda felt incomplete without him, tbh.  I also just wanted to draw David’s pretty face again.

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wishing you a haunted night

a particularly spooky playlist

track one - this is halloween by panic! at the disco

track two - the munsters theme by jack marshall

track three - heads will roll by the yeah yeah yeahs

track four - i put a spell on you from hocus pocus

track five - the x-files files theme (remixed) by mark snow

track six -  spooky scary skeletons by the living tombstone

track seven - monster mash by boris pickett

track eight - nearly witches (ever since we met) by panic! at the disco

track nine - jack’s lament by all american rejects

track ten - nightmare on my street by dj jazzy jeff and fresh prince

track eleven - goosebumps theme from goosebumps

track twelve - what’s new scooby doo? by simple plan

track thirteen - the addams family theme from the addams family

track fourteen - five nights at freddy’s song by the living tombstone

track fifteen - ghostbusters by ray parker jr.

track sixteen - dollhouse by melanie martinez

track seventeen - time warp from rocky horror picture show

writing update: I’m outlining chapter eleven of nltc right now and it’s!!! so wonderful!!! I’ll write the first scene tonight which means that all four (five?? SIX??) scenes will be posted on tuesday night (but you’ll get a 1K word preview tonight?? maybe??)

also!! send me tfc prompts and I’ll DEFINITELY write a fic for it tonight!! (about 1K words but I have no self-restraint so who knows!!)