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If any other Toho kaiju underwent the Shin Godzilla treatment, would they all come out disgustingly terrifying?

That’s to assume that any future kaiju in the Shinverse would go through the same treatment. If they did, they would be redesigned by the same artist, whose name is escaping me, but also designed the kaiju for Ultraman Powered and the Gamera Trilogy. His MO is typically to take the original design, break it down to its core elements, and add a layer of believability to the anatomy based on whatever themes and design elements work in that context. For example, Mothra might look a bit more insectoid, but he might take it in a more God-like direction as well, giving her an ethereal quality that defies physical boundaries. Etc etc


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Disneyland Paris Castle Concept” Tim Delaney, 1990

During the development of the Disneyland Paris park, one of the biggest concerns was the park’s centerpiece castle. After all, France was chock full of its own fantasy-like castles, so whatever the Imagineers built needed to be even more impressive than their previous feats. Many concepts and ideas were presented, but one of the most dramatic departures from the formula was from Imagineer Tim Delaney. Shown here, Delaney envisioned an art nouveau-esque observation tower inspired by European visionaries H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Guests would have been able to take ornate elevators to the observation decks for full views of this new Disney land. While this aesthetic was not a fit for the park’s castle, it was incorporated into the park’s Discoveryland and into future Disney parks.

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