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As a refugee growing up in Tel Aviv, Haim Saban remembers not having enough money to eat. As an adult, he hustled his way into the entertainment business, writing theme songs for classic cartoons like Inspector Gadget and Heathcliff

But producing the mega-hit Mighty Morphin Power Rangers put him on track to becoming a billionaire media titan.

How I Built This - Power Rangers: Haim Saban

Illustration: Andrew Holder for NPR


I’m taking this ask and running with it because I have a ton more ideas for aprons in this au and I need an excuse to draw Shinji in cute outfits.

March23th Thursday: SNSFamily

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Tension at the Office

Character: Jessica (SNSD)
Word count: 2519
Summary: CEO Jessica Jung always took her work seriously. Even if she had to work with an infuriating, tardy woman in tight dresses and high heels | #(slight)smut #fluff #office!au
Warnings: slightly smutty themes (business woman Jess got me feeling things …), slight bad language

Originally posted by heyjessica

She couldn’t help the way her eyes rolled when you walked into her office, twenty minutes late and beaming to the brim with a smile.

“Good morning, Jessica! Sorry I’m late!”

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Rin’s First Thanksgiving

You know what happens when you think you’ll do short drabbles and start them off with the same theme so you can get them out quickly? You end up making one story double the length you intended and probably more scatterbrained then you wish. 

This story is based on the idea that Rin Matsuoka is still a super glutton and really wanted to experience his own Thanksgiving.

Imagine Rin is wearing this but as pants. Because that’s what I did…

Originally when Rin heard about his family’s vacation to the United States, he was less than enthused. Why on earth would he want to miss school and swimming to go to the United States? That was at least until he found out when they would be going. They would be visiting theme parks during Thanksgiving. The infamous holy grail of gorging holidays in America and he’d finally be able to experience it. He phoned Gou immediately saying “Sign me up.” The whole trip he looked forward to his eating, making sure that they planned to go to a Thanksgiving feast that was planned at their hotel. As the week, while Rin enjoyed his time with his family at the various parks and rides, he thought about the massive binge that was to come.

He ate sparingly, focusing on keeping his stomach expanded by making sure he was sufficiently hydrated, with the effect of keeping him starving. He was slightly moodier than usual, which Gou noted from his attitude and the constant growling of his stomach. “Grrrrrrrrr” went his stomach as they waiting in a long line for a roller coaster. After days of hearing his stomach protest, Gou snapped. She turned around and lifted up his shirt, exposing his chiseled abs. “Holy hell Rin, have you not eaten anything? It sounds like you want a horse!” She said as she took the opportunity to place her slightly colder ear against his stomach flesh and listened to his stomach protest.

“Grrrgrrrgrrr” it went again before he blushed deeply, doubling over from the slight tickle and laughter and trying not draw attention to himself. “HEY STOP THAT!” he half laughed and put his shirt back down. “I’m saving up for the big feast okay?” Gou looked at him a little concerned. “More like draining the funds dry! Just don’t make yourself sick just so you can theoretically eat more later.”

Those words rang in his ears, though he was now in a much different situation than her words had intended. “Ughhhhh *URP* Okay I did make myself sick. *Hic* Just not the way you meant little sis.” He groaned as his stomach now growled in protest for a different cause. He rubbed his bloated bulging belly, jutting out from the rest of his muscular frame as he waddled away from the hotel feast.

He clutched his stomach as a cramp hit him, wincing but trying to keep in the urge to yell as the cramp made his abs contract violently around his middle. “Oh yeah really made myself sick,” he thought to himself as beads of sweat started to form on his forehead.

Rin thought back to his earlier that afternoon, when it was finally time for the Thanksgiving feast. He arrived with Gou and his mother as the other guests that elected to participate shuffled in with the giant spread. Rin tied up his hair to keep most of his bangs out of his face, though was dressed in his tight black and pink polo and gray jeans as he entered the ballroom being used for the feast. He drooled at the sight of the spread meant to all the guests.

Once he was given the go ahead, Rin lept up and grabbed as much as he could of food and started chomping away. He was grateful that the feast was prepared for so many hotel guests so that they wouldn’t complain that he was getting up for seconds before people had finished their first servings. The feast had several turkeys, giant bowls of potatoes, stuffing, and every other traditional Thanksgiving food that Rin had heard about and he was determined to eat as much as he could. Gou and his mother were used to his ravenous eating at this point, and only rolled their eyes as he chowed down. After a few plates, Rin finally paused and undid he belt buckle, pausing a moment to rub the red marks that formed from it being stretched around his growing middle, but soon went back to eating.

It wasn’t long after that that the other patrons started to pack up and leave, having eaten their fill of the Thanksgiving meal. But Rin ate on, barely even showing signs of slowing down as he moved on to his sixth then seventh oversized helping of food. He was an eating machine he told himself and was going to make the most of this holiday. He silently acknowledged in the back of his mind that his polo was definitely feeling tighter and that he should be a tad concerned but it wasn’t until somewhere between his tenth and eleventh helpings that he was shaken out of it.

That’s when he felt a pop, then sudden rush of relief and stomach jut out a bit further. In confusion, he let his fingers fall down to his stomach under the table and his digits made the discovery that his jeans had popped open on their own and forced the fly open. The jeans had been pulled low after he had adjusted his belt earlier but he still grown enough to now force them open on his own. Suddenly nervous about his surroundings, he glanced around to see the room. Luckily for him, the room has vastly cleared out and his mom and sister were talking to each other. Gou noticed her brother’s state of worry. “What’s wrong? Did you break something? Finally realize you have a limit?” she teased. Rin frowned especially that his capacity was called into question. He thought to yell back but fought off the urge as he leaned over and whispered into her ear “I sorta popped my pants button.” A look of shock passed Gou’s face then a huge smile. “You what?! Rin, glutton! You gotta stop!” she said as she tried to look under the table to see the evidence. “Don’t tell me what to do! I’m going to eat until I feel like it!” He said getting up and trotting back to the table.

That was cue that Gou needed and told their mom about her son’s state, who just shook her head as he came back with another 3 plates piled high. “We’re not going to wait around anymore. Just try not to make a fool of yourself okay?” Then the pair exited, leaving Rin alone at his table and only a few stragglers of the hotel behind, both with late arrivals and those that ate slowly due to in depth conversations. Rin beamed. “All the more for me!” he thought as he spied a turkey that he wanted to claim as his own. He quickly ate his latest plates then went back for the turkey and every other food he could get his hands on.

It went like that for what seemed like an eternity, and truthfully, he wasn’t sure on how much time had passed. He hadn’t eaten every scrap of food as it was a feast for an entire hotel, but by the time he left, he was proudly the last one out. Rin had accomplished his goal of cleaning the entire turkey, plus at least 3 pies a la mode, a mountain of potatoes, and more. His stomach was double the size or more it had been when Gou had left and it showed.

That is what left Rin in his current predicament. All that food was quickly catching up with him. His belly looked like he was full term pregnant at least with his polo shirt forcefully pulled up to his chest. Every time he tried to pull it down, it would maybe reach his belly button but any movement would send it right back up. His distended abs glistened a bit with a tinge of sweat as he struggled back to his room. He was grateful that his hair had been tied up, though free strands clung to his sweaty forehead. Rin waddled to the elevator that thankfully was empty and laid back against the elevator wall, spreading his legs wide as he tried to control his aching belly. “Oh my god, this was a mistake *hic*,” he said to himself as he tried to rub into the sides of his gut. Every time he hiccuped he wished he hadn’t. It caused his overloaded organ to jump on it’s own, causing his whole body to move without his permission. Thankfully with his wide stance he was able to mitigate a bit of the movement as he wince again with another cramp. “Why did I think this was a good idea. I mean who eats a turkey on their own? I mean it was good and I’m kind of proud…” He thought to himself as he remembered how proud he is of his gluttony and the amount he ate, and truthfully the size of his stomach to match.

Still, he was grateful when the elevator dinged and announced he had arrived at his floor. He fished for his key card, made all the more difficult by his stuck open fly making it hard to get his hands into his pockets. Finally, after some additional grunting and groaning (which he was sure a sight as it made his belly move around in odd directions) he was able to get his key and enter he room. He made a beeline for the front room. He shucked his pants to let them cease to cut into his sides and laid on the couch. Rin marveled over his size as he rubbed over it back and forth trying to will it to digest and calm down. He belched several times to try to get the offending mass to go down just a little but it continued to rise and fall, growing and shrinking as he breathed.

Finally after several minutes and thankful that his mom and sister had already gone to bed, he turned on the TV as he rubbed his belly and thought of his first successful Thanksgiving. As the pain died down, a overdue food coma set in and Rin drifted off to sleep with dreams of his next Thanksgiving and what he would eat then.

fullysowerewolf  asked:

I've realized another important thing to note about "Redfield". He doesn't wear any green on him. Now, this may not seem like an important detail, but Chris has always worn green in some fashion while out in the field. It's his signature color. Why would they change that after 21 years? Unless it's not Chis at all.

Exactly. Pretty much every returning character so far has had a signature color that has carried over throughout the series.

Jill -> Blue
Claire -> Hot pink/Light red
Wesker -> Black
Ada -> Red

Hell, even Sherry, despite only being in 2 games, has a color theme of white (Leon I think is a weird mixture of blue/brown and always with a leather jacket, the nerd)

Chris has had some green in every single one of his outfits, even in Vendetta it looks like

Why would they suddenly drop this tradition that has persisted for more then 20 years, hmmmmmmm???

The plot thickens