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·Doll and babe are his go to nicknames for his s/o

·Baseball games are the perfect date

·Loves cuddling but will totally grope his s/o during it.

·Very protective, like if someone looks at them the wrong way Allen’s gonna flip his shit.

·Definitely has a WW 2 motorcycle. He rarely rides it though

·Will kill for his s/o cause he’s a fucking psychopath.

·Get a tattoo that reminds him of his s/o. Japan probably does it.

·PDA isn’t a problem with him. He loves showing everyone who his s/o belongs to.

·Likes fruit salad and always makes it for dessert.

·Likes going to drive in movies theaters.

·Kisses his s/o cheek every morning when he leaves and every night when he come home.

·Loves 50’s attire. Also loves 50’d themed diners.

·Totally​ acts like one of the guys in Footloose, but can also turn into a jack ass real quick.

many, many years ago when I was a baby gay and most of my friendship circle was still straight, a girl I was really close to wanted to show me her favourite musical - we both loved them, but I always went for the super glamorous looking ones, and this one had never struck me as likely - it was Calamity Jane.

I wasn’t particularly enthused (Doris Day?!), but holy shit I changed my tune when I realised, not very far in, that this movie was extremely gay.

baby butch “Calam” heads off to “Chicagi”, admiring every pretty woman she passes, then catches one glimpse of high femme Katie and her jaw hits the floor as she openly ogles and then murmurs, awed: “never known a woman could look like that!” 

and that’s just the start!

and when I started exclaiming “this is a gay movie! this movie is gay! this is a very gay movie about lesbians falling in love and being gay!!!” my terribly straight friend was all “oh - do you think? I never saw that in it before!”

this movie literally has two women shacking up together and singing to each other about “a woman’s touch” and how “the magic of Aladdin couldn’t do as much for fuck’s sake! how could it be seen as anything other than GAY GAY GAY??? 

“but Calamity is jealous of Katie and at the end she marries Wild Bill Hickok!”

ah, no, Calamity is threatened by all the attention men shower on Katie because she’s in love with her! also it was even harder to be gay in the 1800s and lots of women broke their girlfriends’ hearts by marrying men because it was safe!!! and it looked like Katie was gonna do just that! and Calam was devastated! destroyed! despondent!

except then Bill came up with the most wonderful solution for Calam and Katie to live in love for the rest of their lives and that supposed straight double wedding at the end was just a cover for Calam and Katie’s very lesbian wedding to each other and both women are grateful to their gay best friends for providing them with a cover. meanwhile, Bill and Danny are also in love and that double wedding is their opportunity to make vows to each other as well. the four of them live in happy gay love for the rest of their days!

dare you to watch it and see it any different.


Originally posted by hermioneharry

  • Let’s start out by saying that Diana is very cautious at first
  • Ever since Steve died, she thought she would never be able to love again
  • Especially a woman
  • Diana spent decades alone because she was afraid to love someone
  • When she found you she was confused about her feelings
  • She felt the same way she did when she was with Steve
  • You on the other hand, already knew you felt the same way about women as you did with men
  • So when you met Diana you were struck by cupid’s bow
  • You met her at one of Bruce’s galas
  • One of the waiters was passing by with glasses of champagne and only one was left
  • You both reached out for it
  • You guys held hands for like 2 seconds and it was magical
  • Diana was mesmerized by how beautiful you looked under the dim light
  • You could say the same for her to
  • There was an immediate connection there ;)
  • After that incident you started to notice her more and more
  • You’re Bruce’s personal assistant so you make lots of calls for him and run errands for him
  • This means you call Diana sometimes when Bruce needs something from her
  • You tricked her into going on a date with you because she kept rejecting you
  • You told her Bruce wanted to meet at a restaurant to discuss business about the Justice League
  • You told Bruce your plan and literally paid for your fucking dress because he already ships you to together
  • So Diana got there on time and sat at the table you reserved for you two
  • You got there a few minutes late just to make sure she was there first
  • When she saw you she was literally a mess
  • But a beautiful mess of course
  • She was very surprised but glad that she stayed to talk because that’s where everything took off
  • She started asking you out more often
  • Diana was actually the one who asked you to be her girlfriend
  • She set up a while candlelit dinner at your apartment while you were working
  • Did you know that Diana Prince is the most adorable person ever? Yup, she is
  • She set up only one glass of champagne because that’s how you first met
  • So you ate and shared a glass of champagne peacefully and then she grabbed your hand from across the table and gave the most beautiful speech and asked you to be her girlfriend
  • You of course said yes and kissed her like it was the last kiss you would ever share with her
  • Then things turned heated ;)
  • Her clothes came off
  • Your clothes came off
  • It was her first time sleeping with a woman so you made it memorable for her
  • You had been with women before so you knew just how to make her feel good
  • A few toys were involved
  • She basically passed out from all the pleasure
  • But you woke her up gently to make her go pee and you helped her clean up
  • She suggested taking a bath
  • How could you say no to that face, honestly
  • So you ran a bubble bath and got two glasses of wine
  • You both sat in the bathtub facing each other talking about your future together
  • “Diana?”
  • “Yes, love?”
  • “Are you sure you want to be with me?”
  • Diana was so confused because you were the one who was so determined to make her yours and now that she was, you were doubting yourself about it
  • “Why would you ask that? Of course I do”
  • Then you told her about your fear of growing old without her. Eventually losing her
  • She frowned and you instantly regretted bringing up the subject
  • If Diana was being honest with herself, she also had that fear
  • She just held both your hands and looked at you lovingly and proceeded to tell you that she loves you and she will never lose you
  • That was the first time she told you that she loved you and you were brought to tears
  • “I love you to, Diana”
  • You and Diana spent lots of time together after that
  • You were both proud to be with each other
  • Of course Bruce secretly was so obsessed with your relationship
  • His conversations with Barry often consisted of talking about your relationship
  • Barry is very annoyed with this but he also loves your relationship
  • Double dates with Lois and Clark are the best ok don’t fight me
  • You love taking her out on old fashioned dates like drive-in movies or 50’s themed diners cause you know that she loves it
  • She’s showed you lots of old music to
  • Diana also showed you how to swing dance, it was difficult but a fun experience
  • You fell on your butt many times
  • Diana almost passed out because of how much she was laughing
  • Diana isn’t too interested in talking about her past with anyone but with you, she’ll answer any questions
  • She even has told you about Themyscira and all the Amazonian warriors
  • She even started training you so you could defend yourself
  • Of course she would always be there to protect you but she just wanted you to be able to fight for yourself if the day ever came
  • After training you would shower together and the cuddle in either one of your apartments
  • Diana wasn’t a fan of being apart from you constantly so she bought a big apartment for the both of you
  • She gave you the key as a birthday gift and you were so thrilled to finally be able to share everything with her
  • I think Bruce was more excited about you moving in than you were because he rented the biggest moving truck and he drove it himself back and forth with your stuff
  • “That’s all your stuff y/n. Have fun love birds!!!!! Don’t get pregnant… oh wait.”
  • You and Diana had already discussed having children but came to the conclusion not to because she would have to watch that child grow up and eventually die while she stays the same
  • That would be too much pain for her, she already is going to have to go through the same thing with you
  • A second time would be too much
  • You adopted a dog and two cats instead
  • All girls
  • The cats were named Macy and Jade and your dog was called Bella
  • You were more than happy with your little family 

I couldn’t resist not writing headcannons for Diana. I literally wrote this in under 12 hours. Let me know who you want me to write about next! Feedback is always appreciated to!