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loukiko  asked:

love the url, love the blog. tell me more about you why in the heck you like hannibal so much???

This is a very difficult question.

Not because I don’t know how to answer, but because I have a tendency to talk too much and I could keep you reading for so long that you will forget what you asked me in the first place. :-)

Anyway, to make a long story short.

Hannibal is a beautiful mix of everything I’ve always loved.

Dark, deep and serious themes in 39 episodes which are like short perfect movies, treated with the same care one could put in the best cinematographic pieces.

An amazing cast of good actors and dialogues I can’t stop listening to because each and every time I find something else to think about, something else to learn. And I watched it seven times. Actually I watch it constantly.

What I can say from my part is that one can tell how much I love this show by the amount of humour that inspires me. I couldn’t love something without joking about it, that’s my expression of love.

Also, last but not least, absolutely not least, it’s the only tv show where I found this breathtaking love story between two men who chase each other throughout three seasons of meaningful words, hungry gazes and symbolism. The best expression of love.

I watched so much in my life, believe me I’m not exaggerating, I’ve been watching tv shows since the 80s, but this is it. This is all I’ve ever wanted.

Oh and this is the best fandom I’ve been in. The absolutely best. 

Figured I’d write down a complete list of all the songs in Puyo Puyo Tetris and what games the reused songs/remixes are from since PPT only labels them all as numbers, and the extra songs that were originally DLC aren’t included in the soundtrack. This list should make it easier for players who aren’t familiar with the previous games to find specific songs.

The number next to the songs are the same number as what they are labelled as ingame. 

Note: The game skips some numbers which is why I’m doing it here as well.

2. It’s Main Menu!

3. Who Shall be Chosen?

4. Where Shall We Go?

5. Worldwide Connectivity

6. Listen Up, it’s your Lesson for Today!

7.  Challenge GO! → Puyo 2 Tetris!

8. PuyoTetroMix

9. Been a Long Time Since We Crossed Over Space-Time! (Arle’s Theme) - (Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary)

10. Folktales from the Motherland!

11. Puyo’s Paradise Party

12. Forever Frantic Fever!! ~ Lucky Attack Frenzy!!

13. Board Bloating Big Bang

14. Play throughly the Puyopuyo - (Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary)

15. Block by Block ~ Beat by Beat

17. Unsavvy Tetra Force!

18. Fun Puyo Puyo Hell! - (Puyo Puyo Fever)

19. Tectonic Tetro at War!

20. Faceoff in Puyopuyo World! ~ Magical Confrontation!

21. Dimension Stage ~ Decisive Battle

22. Welcome to PUYOTETRIS!!

23. Happy Days like Usual~!

24. Across the Distant Space…

25. Strange Folks at Work

26. In The End we all Laugh!

27. Traveller’s Woes

28. Sad Moments to Wrap Around

29. The Finale is Underway!

30. The True Conspiracy!

31. Another Departure… But We’ll Meet Again Surely!

32. Staff Credits

33. Taisen 10 (Final Battle) - (Puyo Puyo 7)

34. Final Pair DeathMatch!! (Last Battle) - (Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary)

36. Game theme - (Tetris (SEGA 1988))

38. The Untrained Demon King Ultimate Legend (Popoi’s Theme) - (Puyo Puyo Fever)

39. Surge of Crimson Shouts! (Strange Klug’s Theme) - (Puyo Puyo Fever 2)

40. Request from PuyoPuyo (aka. Sticker of Puyo Puyo) - (Puyo Puyo Fever 2)

41. Last from PuyoPuyo2 (Puyo Puyo Fever 2)

42. Taisen 9 - (Puyo Puyo 7)

43. Let’s play with a rival! (Draco’s Theme) - (Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary)

44. Darkness of PuyoPuyo2 (Witch’s Theme) - (Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary)

45. Puyo Puyo no Uta Piko Piko Mix - (Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary)

46. It’s been a long time since we passed through space-time! (Arle’s Theme) - (Puyo Puyo Vocal Tracks)

• Theme #06: Everbloom •

Live Preview + Code

It’s taken a long time and a lot of love, but I’m happy to finally be able to send Everbloom out into the world! It’s my first public theme with responsive design, which I’m very excited about, and hopefully I will later be revising themes #01 to #05 to also work in this way. Hope you like it!

Theme Features:

  • Total of 39 customisable options
  • Up to 6 custom links
  • Responsive design – try resizing your window!
  • Flower-style navigation on click
  • Permalinks appear on post hover
  • Choice of infinite scroll/pagination
  1. Please like/reblog if you use this theme, it’s very appreciated!
  2. Please consider following yonderesque for code updates and other web dev stuff!

This theme also marks the beginning of my semi-hiatus due to revision for exams. I won’t be working on my themes during this time but I’ll still be around to answer questions etc. from time to time if need be!

See you in summer! <3

Tonight - Theme #39 | Preview message me for the code 


- two columns

- flower image behind sidebar

- two blogtitles

- posts in box

- cool nav link hover effect


The Perfect Storm (listen)

A Benitoite playlis

1. Little April Shower- Bambi Soundtrack | 2. Rain- Cowboy Bebop OST | 3. It’s Raining Somewhere Else- Undertale OST | 4. Scuba Diver Theme- Pokemon ORAS | 5. Snowy- Undertale OST | 6. Lower Brine Cave- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky OST | 7. Abandoned Ship- Pokemon R/S/E | 8. Song of Storms- Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time | 9. Blizzard Island (Remastered)- TGH | 10. Boat Quay Field- Maplestory BGM | 11. Ghost Ship- Maplestory BGM | 12. Ben- Michael Jackson | 13. Time in a Bottle- Neil Richardson Orchestra | 14. Lapis Lazuli’s Journey (Music Mix)- Steven Universe OST | 15. I forgot this is Your World- Pokemon Movie 3 OST | 16. Misty VS. Molly- Pokemon Movie 3 OST | 17. Heavy Rainfall- Pokemon ORAS | 18. Hollow Bastion- Kingdom Hearts OST | 19. The North- Fargo OST | 20. Step Into My Gardens- Bioshock Soundtrack | 21. We Are Malachite- Steven Universe OST | 22. Abyss- JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency | 23. Elephant Talk 2- JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency | 24. Tyrant of Servant- JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders DESTINATION | 25. Ghetsis Battle- Pokemon B2/W2 | 26. Nightmare Spell- JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders WORLD | 27. One-Winged Angel- FF7 Advent Children | 28. Cynder Boss Convexity (With Choir)- The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning | 29. Surviving the Storm- Pokemon Movie 1 OST | 30. Scribble Boss- Drawn to Life (wii) | 31. Ineptune Battle- Spyro: A Hero’s tail | 32. Ocean Spirit- Avatar: The Last Airbender | 33. Mountains- Interstellar | 34. Unasaka Yori- Mushishi | 35. Shinokuni- One Piece OST | 36. Flame of Despair- Puella Magi Madoka Magica OST | 37. Something, Everything is Wrong- Puella Magi Madoka Magica OST | 38. Davy Jones Lullaby- Pirates of the Caribbean | 39. Suicune’s Theme- Pokemon Movie 4 | 40. Zaveid the Exile- Tales of Zesteria OST | 41. Stopping the Water- Pokemon Movie 5 OST | 42. Melody of Water is the Guide in Spiritual Mist- Tales of Zesteria OST | 43. Water- FF7 Advent Children | 44. Into The Ocean- Blue October | 45. What Happens Now?- Interstellar

deliveryxiao  asked:

Hey Yukoki! I was just messaging about the Theme 39 Objective theme. Its fucking awesome, and spent hours editing up my secondary blog, but Im a bit confused as to how to edit the about me section and taglist. orz pls and thank you!

Hello there, thanks for using my theme!! uwu Sorry for forgetting to add proper instructions for how to edit those though, orz. 

Here’s the tutorial for it! Featuring:

  • How to edit your about section
  • How to edit your taglist section
  •  How to edit your network section
  • Editing the icon navigation

The Legend of Zelda - Live with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

0:00 - A link to the past Title theme

0:30 - Zelda’s Lullaby

1:26 - Hyrule Field Theme (OOT)

6:39 - Ocarina of Time Title Theme

7:51 -  Hyrule Castle Theme

10:54 - Main Theme

11:06 -The Legend of Zelda (NES) Dungeon Theme

14:18 - Main Theme

Themes de fotografias

Lista de themes disponibilizados por HEFCK.

Para que eu saiba quantos estão usando, favorite a postagem.

Ao instalar algo você está concordando com os Termos e procure o Suporte se precisar de ajuda.

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5 Hour Atmospheric and Relaxing Video Game Music Compilation

0:00 Madam AC2 Jesper Kyd
1:01 Midna’s Lament TP Toru Minegishi
4:48 Deep Sea of Mare SMS Koji Kondo
9:03 Peril Halo 2 Martin O'Donnell
11:48 The Harbor City Risen Kai Rosenkranz
14:10 Trophy Gallery Theme SSBB Takahiro Nishi
19:11 Hydrodynamo Station MP2 Kenji Yamamoto
25:07 Sorrow XC Manami Kiyota
27:15 Stickerbush Symphony DK Country 2 David Wise
31:41 Faron Woods TP Toru Minegishi
36:35 Orbit of Glass Halo 2 Martin O'Donnell
37:51 Leonardo’s Inventions Pt. 2 AC2 Jesper Kyd
40:34 Boss Room Calm TP Toru Minegishi
45:31 A Walk In The Woods Halo Martin O'Donnell
47:21 Torvus Bog MP 2 Kenji Yamamoto
52:19 Gallery Theme Luigi’s Mansion Kazumi Totaka
53:37 Menu Theme Mirror’s Edge Magnus Birgerrson
59:18 Blue Mountains The Witcher Adam Skorupa
1:05:36 Under Cover of Night Halo Martin O'Donnell
1:09:04 Outside Theme Luigi’s Mansion Kazumi Totaka
1:13:59 Echoes of the Roman Ruins ACB Jesper Kyd
1:16:42 Ghosts of Reach Halo 2 Martin O'Donnell
1:17:52 Border Village Dali FF IX Nobuo Uematsu
1:22:18 Jazz Sections Halo 3 ODST Martin O'Donnell
1:29:48 Skytown, Elysia MP3 Kenji Yamamoto
1:33:15 Ordon Village TP Toru Minegishi
1:35:18 Ambient Wonder Halo Martin O'Donnell
1:37:12 Frostfall Skyrim Jeremy Soule
1:40:08 Astral Observatory MM Koji Kondo
1:45:27 Temple of Time Intro TP Toru Minegishi
1:50:13 Night Hub Theme Sonic Unleashed Tomoya Ohtani
1:55:32 Intro Theme MP2 Kenji Yamamoto
2:00:42 Hotel Delfino SMS Koji Kondo
2:06:24 Lake Hylia TP Toru Minegishi
2:11:24 Chozo Artifact Temple MP Kenji Yamamoto
2:12:24 A Flight of Light and Darkness POP Inon Zur
2:14:34 Far Horizons Skyrim Jeremy Soule
2:19:48 Save Theme RE4 Misao Senbongi
2:24:50 Dream of Venice AC2 Jesper Kyd
2:28:57 Phendrana Drifts MP Kenji Yamamoto
2:32:47 Space Junk Galaxy SMG Koji Kondo
2:37:46 Snowpeak TP Toru Minegishi
2:43:01 Snowman Earthbound Shogo Sakai
2:45:51 Main Theme ACR Jesper Kyd
2:47:24 Family SMG Koji Kondo
2:52:53 Zora’s Domain TP Toru Minegishi
2:58:09 Building Mode 3 The Sims Jerry Martin
3:03:51 Eryth Sea Night XC Manami Kiyota
3:06:59 Vigil ME Jack Wall
3:13:04 Dark Grotto TP Toru Minegishi
3:13:45 Dire Dire Docks SM 64 Koji Kondo
3:18:39 Stage Builder Theme SSBB Takahiro Nishi
3:23:21 Twilight Realm TP Toru Minegishi
3:29:24 Crashed Space Pirate Frigate MP Kenji Yamamoto
3:34:25 Luma SMG Koji Kondo
3:35:55 Shooting Star Summit PM Yuka Tsujiyoko
3:41:08 Twilight Zone TP Toru Minegishi
3:46:58 Sirena Beach SMS Koji Kondo
3:51:55 Forest of the Napon Night XC Yoko Shimomura
3:55:28 Rutela’s Theme TP Toru Minegishi
4:00:32 Sacred Shrine The Wind Waker Kenta Nagata
4:05:28 Intro Story PM Thousand Year Door Yuka Tsujiyoko
4:07:20 The Sewers Up Your Arsenal David Bergeaud
4:11:31 Sacred Grove TP Toru Minegishi
4:13:42 Tour of Venice AC2 Jesper Kyd
4:16:53 All’s Well Oblivion Jeremy Soule
4:19:15 Theme From Edanna Myst 3 Jack Wall
4:20:25 Bamboo Island SS Hajime Wakai
4:25:21 Intelligent Sea Waterway Opoona Hitoshi Sakimoto
4:28:43 Crossing Those Hills FF IX Nobuo Uematsu
4:33:22 The Shimmering Marsh Night XC Manami Kiyota
4:36:39 The Streets of Whiterun Skyrim Jeremy Soule
4:40:39 Fi’s Theme SS Hajime Wakai
4:45:37 Wiyar MOH Ramin Djawadi
4:46:37 Reminiscence XC Manami Kiyota
4:50:04 Observatory Luigi’s Mansion Kazumi Totaka
4:53:02 Peaceful Stars SMG Koji Kondo
4:54:27 Hyrule Field Night TP Toru Minegishi
4:59:40 The Maw Halo Martin O'Donnell

I don’t even like half the games on this playlist but def some relaxing deep level shit. Enjoy my fellow post-human entities.

16 Designers with the Most Blog Themes Submitted to Tumblr: 
From the 9,000+ themes hosted by Tumblr, here are the 16 theme designers with the most submitted themes.

  1. themepirate — 65 themes (all free)
  2. pixelunion-themes — 56 themes (53 free and three premium)
  3. sleeplessthemes — 51 themes (all free)
  4. happymonsterr — 39 themes (all free)
  5. elleusine — 34 themes (all free)
  6. sergiovargott — 31 themes (all free)
  7. vwthemes — 28 themes (all free)
  8. gyapo — 26 themes (all free)
  9. silavo — 26 themes (all free)
  10. mynameisflick — 25 themes (all free)
  11. jonathanmoore (Style Hatch)— 23 themes (all premium)
  12. achronologyofthoughts — 22 themes (all free)
  13. thefunniestpost — 22 themes (all free)
  14. ispeakquotes — 22 themes (all free)
  15. athenability — 21 themes (all free)
  16. thewicked-eternitythemes — 20 themes (all free)

So guys, I have a new Sterek Video <3
Hope you like it!

“Fandoms: Teen Wolf; The Maze Runner; Open Gate; The Internship, The First Time

Characters: Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski

Song:  Katy Perry | The One That Got Away

Summary: In this life, back when Scott and his group went to rescue Kira, Derek gets attacked but doesn’t survive. Stiles wishes he has another life,
where he could make him stay.


- Another Life | Henry+Anne (AU) by Thornlessrose12 (…) ;

- Merlin+morgana (AU) | another life by MissSpicyBanana (…)

Please, feel free to leave a comment, like or fave. Your feedback makes me want to keep viding, it means a lot to me. ^^ Hope you guys enjoy it ^^

Thanks for watching ❤

My Twitter:

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regifire-deactivated20150711  asked:

i have no idea if this is still relevant to you, but the theme oblivion prince (to me, at any rate) would probably work as a decent RP blog theme. my only minor complaint in that regard would be that the tags are pretty small. fantastic job on it, anyway! happy new year's day.

It is definitely still relevant! And hmm, you’re right. They are kind of small. /: I guess I didn’t think of that when I was making it. I’ll definitely think about that for my next theme! Bigger tags. 

Thank you again (again!), sweetie!! ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ <3


Here it is! Bit late, but the FULL VIDEO VERSION of this audio post that I posted for @doctorwho ‘s 52nd anniversary!

Played by ear and it took me about a month c: I’m hoping to get some sheet music uploaded soon, but I can’t make any promises. Soon expect to see an updated version of my Sleigh Ride cover, as well as solo covers for To Save the Doctor and Remember Me

Songs Used:

0:00 - Doctor Who Theme
0:25 - Sleigh Ride
0:33 - This is Gallifrey
0:39 - Clara’s Theme (Variation)
0:55 - All the Strange, Strange Creatures
1:24 - A Good Man? (Twelve’s Theme)
2:15 - This is Gallifrey
2:36 - To Save the Doctor
3:28 - I Am the Doctor (Eleven’s Theme)

Check out my Youtube channel for other covers!