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Figured I’d write down a complete list of all the songs in Puyo Puyo Tetris and what games the reused songs/remixes are from since PPT only labels them all as numbers, and the extra songs that were originally DLC aren’t included in the soundtrack. This list should make it easier for players who aren’t familiar with the previous games to find specific songs.

The number next to the songs are the same number as what they are labelled as ingame. 

Note: The game skips some numbers which is why I’m doing it here as well.

2. It’s Main Menu!

3. Who Shall be Chosen?

4. Where Shall We Go?

5. Worldwide Connectivity

6. Listen Up, it’s your Lesson for Today!

7.  Challenge GO! → Puyo 2 Tetris!

8. PuyoTetroMix

9. Been a Long Time Since We Crossed Over Space-Time! (Arle’s Theme) - (Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary)

10. Folktales from the Motherland!

11. Puyo’s Paradise Party

12. Forever Frantic Fever!! ~ Lucky Attack Frenzy!!

13. Board Bloating Big Bang

14. Play throughly the Puyopuyo - (Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary)

15. Block by Block ~ Beat by Beat

17. Unsavvy Tetra Force!

18. Fun Puyo Puyo Hell! - (Puyo Puyo Fever)

19. Tectonic Tetro at War!

20. Faceoff in Puyopuyo World! ~ Magical Confrontation!

21. Dimension Stage ~ Decisive Battle

22. Welcome to PUYOTETRIS!!

23. Happy Days like Usual~!

24. Across the Distant Space…

25. Strange Folks at Work

26. In The End we all Laugh!

27. Traveller’s Woes

28. Sad Moments to Wrap Around

29. The Finale is Underway!

30. The True Conspiracy!

31. Another Departure… But We’ll Meet Again Surely!

32. Staff Credits

33. Taisen 10 (Final Battle) - (Puyo Puyo 7)

34. Final Pair DeathMatch!! (Last Battle) - (Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary)

36. Game theme - (Tetris (SEGA 1988))

38. The Untrained Demon King Ultimate Legend (Popoi’s Theme) - (Puyo Puyo Fever)

39. Surge of Crimson Shouts! (Strange Klug’s Theme) - (Puyo Puyo Fever 2)

40. Request from PuyoPuyo (aka. Sticker of Puyo Puyo) - (Puyo Puyo Fever 2)

41. Last from PuyoPuyo2 (Puyo Puyo Fever 2)

42. Taisen 9 - (Puyo Puyo 7)

43. Let’s play with a rival! (Draco’s Theme) - (Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary)

44. Darkness of PuyoPuyo2 (Witch’s Theme) - (Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary)

45. Puyo Puyo no Uta Piko Piko Mix - (Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary)

46. It’s been a long time since we passed through space-time! (Arle’s Theme) - (Puyo Puyo Vocal Tracks)

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Medblr Meme

So I noticed there aren’t many medblr ask memes, which clearly needed to be rectified! Feel free to fill out, add questions and have fun…

1) Introduce yourself, however you wish :)

2) Which country are you studying /practising in? How does that affect what you do?

3) What are your favourite study materials and stationery?

4) Name some of Favourite specialties (as many as you like).

5) What are your favourite aspects of medicine.

6) Name a specialty that makes you die a little inside. Why?

7) Which stethoscope do you favour?

8) If you had to pick your least favourite clinical examination?

9) Everyone has different strengths. What are yours?

10) Tell us an embarrassing story about med school.

11) Name someone who has really inspired you recently.

12) Share a textbook you can’t live without.

13) If you weren’t going into medicine you’d be a…

14) On graduation day, you’ll give a special shoutout to…

15) Give us a pop - science/ medical book that you think we should read. (or two, or three…)

16) What surprised you about med school/medicine?

17) Any useful advice the next generation of Doclings?

18) What do you do when you are not studying? (ADLs aside)

19) What gets you through the bad days?

20) Do you have any exam horror stories?

21) Share one of your favourite revision songs.

22) You have a million [insert your currency here] to spend on healthcare. What would you choose?

23) Share a fact or legend about your medical school (without having to reveal where, of course).

24) Share something you’ve done recently that you are proud of.

25) If you could ask the powers to change one thing about healthcare where you are from, what would it be?

26) Favourite medicine themed song/ fictional book/graphic novel/etc (delete as applicable).

27) If you were a medical superhero, your name would be…

30) You’re a medical magical girl. Your powers are…

31) One piece of advice to someone out there considering applying to medicine.

32) Something you’d like to tell your younger self.

33) Your favourite body part/anatomical term…

34) Someone’s paying you to write a medical series. You’d write a story about…

35) Name a topic you enjoy answering questions about during exam time.

36) If you were a disease, you’d be…

37) You’re fronting your own medically themed band. It’s called…

38) Most useless fact you’ve learned in uni so far…

39) Tell us an exam horror story.

40) Give us a tip we’ve probably not heard yet?

Musical motifs in Pokémon Sun/Moon

Sun/Moon have a very well thought-out soundtrack with lots of recurring leitmotifs, so I thought it would be fun to write about it! In this post I’m going to point out some musical connections you might not have thought about. I’m not going to write about every single recurring motif in the game, just the ones that I think are interesting and/or non-obvious. Still, if you find something that I missed, please let me know!

Oh, and I’ll refer you to YouTube videos of the songs so you can listen for yourself. I won’t embed them, since that would take up tons of space, but there’ll be links. Now let’s get started!

The Kahunas and the Tapu

Let’s first talk about some motifs that seems to be strongly associated with the Island Challenge and Alolan culture.

To begin with, there’s a recurring phrase associated with the Kahunas and the Tapu that appears all over the soundtrack. Let’s say we call it the “Kahuna leitmotif”, for lack of a better name. You can hear it prominently in the Kahuna battle theme at 0:03 and at 0:17. It’s also the melody of the (out-of-battle) Kahuna theme (kicks in at 0:05), so it seems pretty firmly connected to the Kahunas. At the same time, it also appears in the Ruins theme (try listening at 0:16), as well as the actual Tapu battle theme (try 0:38), so it’s definitely associated with the Tapu too! Since the Kahunas are pretty much appointed by the Tapu to be their human representatives, it makes a lot of sense that they have a shared leitmotif.

Secondly, there’s a short phrase that appears in the Tapu songs but not the Kahuna songs; let’s call it the “Tapu leitmotif”. You can hear it right at the start of the Ruins theme, and in the Tapu battle theme at the beginning and at 0:33. Unlike the above Kahuna leitmotif, this one is exclusively associated with the Tapu, and only seems to play when you’re actually in their presence.

Finally, the main melody of the Kahuna Battle theme is of course that of the Trial theme, thus musically connecting the Kahunas to the Trials and the Trial Captains. Makes sense, since battling a Kahuna is in itself a Grand Trial. It also happens to be the catchiest, snazziest song of this generation, so it makes for a great battle theme, hehehe!

Team Skull and the Aether Foundation

Team Skull’s leitmotif is pretty easy to pick out, it’s right there at the start of the Team Skull theme. It’s also in their battle theme, and in Plumeria’s battle theme, and… well, you get the picture. The melody of Guzma’s theme is actually also the same leitmotif, but with a different rhythm, so it sounds quite different. Still, listen closely and you’ll hear it’s the same ten notes in the same order, hehe!

The Aether Foundation also has an easily recognizable motif that appears in most of their tracks, perhaps most notably the Aether House music at 0:14 and the (more sinister) Aether Foundation battle theme at 0:16. But you knew that already!

What’s really interesting, though, is that you can find a trace of the Aether Foundation leitmotif in Guzma’s battle theme, starting at 0:42. It’s heavily distorted, but I would argue it’s there! Nice bit of musical foreshadowing, perhaps?

The Ultra Beasts

The Ultra Beast battle theme is pretty cool, but did you know the same melody plays in Ultra Space, slowed down? Most people don’t pick up on this since the Ultra Space music only plays for a very short segment of the game, but it’s a cute detail, hehe.


This one’s not too easy to catch either. Try listening to the Solgaleo/Lunala battle theme at 0:26, where the melody comes in. Now compare it to the Altar of the Sunne/Moone music at 0:08. Again, even though it’s slowed down, you can tell it’s the same tune! Cool!

Regular Alola Battles

The Wild Pokémon Battle and Trainer Battle themes don’t really contain any overt references to other songs. (I guess it’s fitting that “regular” battle themes should have their own independent identities, since they help establish their generation’s unique atmosphere.) However, both of these battle themes make use of a descending blind octave passage - I’d say that’s a big part of what gives these Alola tracks their distinctive sound! So I thought I’d point it out anyway, hehe.

Check out the Wild Pokémon battle theme at 0:16 and the Trainer battle theme at 0:37, and I bet you’ll hear it too!

Gladion and Voltorb Flip

Okay, listen to the beginning of Gladion’s battle theme and tell me he’s not connected to the Goldenrod Game Corner in some way. I’m sure we can find an in-universe justification for this somewhere…

… r-right?

South Park: Stick of Truth - Soundtrack


00:00 Main Theme
02:28 Introduction
03:37 Truth… Saint Truth
06:58 8-Bit Canada
08:33 Dungeon Theme
09:47 Cow Ranch
11:24 City Streets 2
13:49 City Streets 1
14:39 Battle Music 1
16:40 Battle Music 2
18:15 Final Boss
21:26 Uprising
24:35 Kupa Keep 
26:47 Jesus, Baby! (Cartman Song)
27:57 Fingerbang (Cartman Song)
29:06 Create your Character
30:39 Class Selection
31:04 Unplanned Parenthood Theme
32:03 Tweek Bros. Coffee Theme
32:48 Skeeter’s Bar Theme 
33:27 Sexual-Harrasment Panda
33:49 Photo-Dojo Theme
34:14 Jimbo’s Guns Theme 
35:06 City Wok Theme
36:09 Battle Music 3
37:42 Bank Theme (Chef - Make Love)
38:47 Elven Kingdom
42:13 Forest Theme
43:32 Training
43:53 Taco Kisses (Yu’s Song)
44:52 Reunited
44:59 Kenny’s Garage Theme
45:16 Gonna Need A Montage
46:30 Drug Dealer Fight
48:19 Church Theme
49:07 Chef (Buy You A Beer)
49:43 Ginger Boss Battle 
51:33 School Theme 
52:20 The Stick Is Safe… For Now!
52:38 Saving Princess Kenny
53:07 Princess Kenny Rescue
54:06 Jimmy’s Song (Your Mom)
54:14 Jimmy’s Song (Stonebury Hollow) 
54:21 Inn of the Giggling Donkey Theme
54:40 Inn of the Giggling Donkey (Basement Theme)
55:09 Bedtime For The Kingdom!
56:09 Unlit Pain (Goth Kids Song)
56:59 Underpants Gnome Boss Battle
58:15 Underpants Gnome Battle 
59:04 Trapped (Goth Kids Song) 
01:01:07 Training with Randy!
01:01:18 "Taco Bell" Recon
01:02:11 School Theme (During The War) 
01:02:38 Meeting Mr. Hankey
01:03:39 King-Jew Battle
01:03:55 In Your Head (Goth Kids Song) 
01:04:48 Goth Kids Theme
01:06:15 Goodnigh… ALIENS!
01:06:48 Ginger Nazi-Zombie Boss Fight
01:08:10 Darkness (Goth Kids Song)
01:09:15 City (Night Theme)
01:10:09 Breaking News!
01:10:16 Behind The School Theme
01:11:07 Battle Music 6 (Hole In The Wall)
01:11:18 Battle Music 5 (Sewers)
01:12:35 Battle Music 4 (Aliens)
01:14:19 Alien Ship Theme

This beautifully haunting track comprises several parts:

Part 1: Judy’s theme (0:00 - 3:05)
This itself has several sub-parts:

  • 1a. Judy’s sad theme (0:00 - 1:29), then a flute quickly rising in pitch heralded the next sub-part:
  • 1b. Judy’s majestic theme (1:36 - 2:25)
  • 1c. Judy’s sad theme again (2:27 - 3:05)

Part 2: Zootopia City theme (3:05 - 4:38)
This part is the part that sounded really like “world music”, hence, the name.

Part 3: Nick’s theme (4:38 - 6:33)
This part has several sub-parts:

  • 3a. Nick’s playful / hustling theme (4:38 - 5:52)
  • 3b. Nick’s poignant / majestic theme (5:52 - 6:33)

Part 4: Back to Judy’s theme (6:33 - 7:32)
This is very similar to Part 1c above, i.e., Judy’s sad theme.


Just My Imagination – All About Sam and Also All About Destiel

Okay, next up in the list of episodes I didn’t watch yet but am watching now: 11x08 Just My Imagination.


In the previous ep, Plush, both Sam and Dean saved people (possessed by the mask!ghost Chester) instead of killing them, harking back to the family motto: “Saving people. Hunting things. The family business.” In recent years, the emphasis has been pretty exclusively on hunting (and killing) things (and, as collateral damage, innocents), but it’s now explicitly shifting to saving people. 11x08 starts with a frank discussion of that very shift. With a twist – exactly who is people?

Sully: “You help people too?”

Dean: “Yeah, PEOPLE! You are not that!”

Dean: “How is this our problem?”

Sam: “Because someone’s dead.”

Dean: “No, someTHING is dead.”

Sully touches the brothers’ foreheads to show them “all we can see”, establishing himself as a parallel for Cas. And boy, is he ever. Furthermore, “us Zanna share a telepathic link” – angel radio, hello. The Zanna truly are what we traditionally imagine angels to be – protectors, guardians, good guys. The Zanna are ALL about the kids. Helping, advising, supporting, encouraging, empowering. They’re supernatural beings – “monsters” – someTHING as Dean called them – who are UNEQUIVOCALLY positive and there to help humans, human CHILDREN. Here’s the Zanna Weems hanging starry sheets to further emphasize the parallel (stars being heavily associated with angels):

Dean: “Apparently imaginary friends have boyfriends now.”OMG YES THEY DO WHEN THEY’RE CAS AND YOU’RE THE BOYFRIEND. I CAN’T. SAVE ME.

Ohmygod btw, the crew had so much fun with this. Sully has rainbow suspenders (which also mysteriously links to Amara who is surrounded by rainbows). Nicky is a mermaid = a hybrid between human and fish. Sparkle is a “manicorn” = a hybrid between man and unicorn (where the unicorn is itself a hybrid betwen man and horse). So Sparkle is a hybrid between Dean (man, the righteous man, humanity) and Castiel (a hybrid between angel and man, a “unicorn” as Meg called him) = Sparkle represents the gay love of Destiel. 

This dialogue: “So even his [Sparkle’s] blood is glittery?” “Even in death, Sparkle can’t stop shining.” All in a room with flowery wallpapers (flowers being heavily associated with Cas). I can’t. Save me.

AND on a  Destiel positivity note – Sparkle (Destiel, the manicorn) is “an imaginary friend” (Destiel shippers are so delusional!) who is canonically proven in this episode to be ALL too real, blood and all.

My inner Sam!girl loved LOVED this episode. Knowing that Sam was surrounded by demons his whole life, it’s making me emotional to know that there was one supernatural entity who was entirely on his side. Sully really is (as Jared himself pointed out in an interview) to Sam what Cas is to Dean. A protector, a supporter, a cheerleader, unconditional love. And just as Cas loves Sam too but would ultimately choose Dean if he had to choose between them, Sully liked Dean just fine but ultimately would have supported Sam running away and leaving Dean behind, if that was what was best FOR SAM. 

Weems to Sam: “You broke his (Sully’s) heart, man.” (Just as Dean broke Cas’ heart, in the library scene).

Sully: “Sam, listen to me. You can be whatever you wanna be. You’re not Dean. You’re not your dad. You’re Sam, and Sam is so awesome.” But then Sam chooses Dean over Sully (just like Dean will be faced with a choice between Sam and Cas). Kid!sam: “I don’t need you anymore Sully. I don’t know why i made you up in the first place. I wish I could UNMAKE you up.” This so foreshadows what Dean will say to Cas. OH THE TRAGEDY!

… And even after kid!sam rejected Sully and told him to go away forever (as Dean will reject Cas at some point) – Sully was still “You have a good, long life Sam” and disappeared according to Sam’s wish, and when he reappeared decades later he was still all about Sam. JUST AS CAS WILL FOLLOW DEAN’S WISHES AND ALWAYS BE ALL ABOUT DEAN. Sob, just kill me now.

And then grownup!sam tells Sully: “You know it’s pretty awesome how you help everyone around you,” and Sully deflects: “Doesn’t always work out, but.”

Sully is Cas. Sully is SO Cas. And just like Cas thinks the world of Dean, Sully sees the entire, overwhelming worth of Sam: “You’re a hero, Sam. You saved the world.” ALL MY SAM FEELS. Finally someone as pure of heart and intent as Sully tells him the truth – Sam DID save the world. Sam did something that very few people would have been able to do! Sam needed to hear that, he really is a hero, and Sully sees it and quite simply loves it. Just as Cas sees and loves the same quality in Dean. THIS EPISODE IS KILLING ME.

This is so brilliantly done I can’t stand it. Sully flawlessly clicks into place as a spotlight for Sam – this episode truly is the equivalent of what Bad Boys was for Dean, highlighting where Sam came from and what a hero he really is – while at the same time Sully is a perfect parallel for Cas and highlights the Destiel relationship, as mirrored by the Sully/Sam relationship. The two threads, the two main relationships on the show, are interwoven and mirrored and paralleled and mutually reinforced in this episode on so many levels and to such a degree, it just blows my mind. 

In the pivotal moment, when Rita (the surviving sibling) is about to kill Sully (the supernatural entity) to avenge her sibling who died (hurtful foreshadowing, you see it??) – after Dean talks about revenge not being the answer, after he acknowledges that Sully was there for Sam when he, Dean, wasn’t – what happens? Listen to the music?

THE DEAN FAMILY THEME. Just a few notes, but it’s the theme. (38:35–38:40 in the ep.) Honest to god, I’m a sobbing mess at this point.

So, harking back to the question from the beginning of the ep – who is people? It’s not limited to humans – it’s everyone who’s good, who has a conscience, who has love in their hearts and is willing to put someone else before themselves. Anyone who’s willing to die for an innocent, for a loved one. Those are people, even if they’re supernatural beings like the Zanna (or Cas), and those are included. Those are family.


Mingus Plays Piano is a 1963 solo jazz album by Charles Mingus. The album is notable for Mingus’s departure from his usual role as composer and double-bassist in ensemble recordings, instead playing piano without any additional musicians.

Myself When I Am Real 00:00
I Can’t Get Started 07:38
Body And Soul 11:21
Roland Kirk’s Message 15:56
Memories Of You 18:39
She’s Just A Popular Hybrid 23:18
Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress; Then Silk Blues 26:30
Meditations For Moses 30:46
Old Portrait 34:28
I’m Getting Sentimental Over You 38:16
Compositional Theme Story…Medleys, Anthems And Folklore 42:03

anonymous asked:

This theme that you have right now is unlike any I've ever seen wow, A+ for creativity and pulling it off! Anyway I came here to let you know that I'm very fickle and change my theme all the time but since I started using one of your themes (Dust) I haven't been able to part with it and move on to a new one. Like seriously it's perfect. Thank you xoxo

Crying into the moon?? This was soo sweet thank you so much! 

I’m very happy that you enjoy my theme, and i really appreciate this message. Thank you ♥

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The full Battleborn OST, as ripped from the game. Unsure when most of the pieces play during the story mode, but here’s a helpful timestamp for the separate factions’ themes pointed out by YouTube user ArtWaltz:

50 quick Dance Moms opinions — drop a few responses in my ask to simply say which you agree and disagree with (i.e. "#2 - agree, #6 - disagree")
  • 1. Maddie is the strongest dancer.
  • 2. The contemporary group choreography for Season 4 has been the strongest so far.
  • 3. The dancer I'd most like to work with (as a teacher) is Nia.
  • 4. The dancer I'd least like to work with as a teacher is Mackenzie or possibly Paige.
  • 5. Brooke is a pretty average acrobat — she used to be way better.
  • 6. The rest of Abby's company gets such beautiful costumes!
  • 7. I don't think it's really morally okay to say that any mother on this show is a bad mother, however I do question how much some of them seem to pimp their daughters. I do, however, think they all have good intentions.
  • 8. Christi seems to be making a conscious effort to be less of a butthead this season.
  • 9. Abby was harsh on the girls in Season 1, but never as MEAN as she is now.
  • 10. I truly don't believe Abby is ever actually upset about not getting first considering her company often doesn't sweep categories at their real competitions.
  • 11. Abby needs to stop giving Nia delicate, princess-like contemporary pieces. She's better at more mature, quirky solos like her scat solo.
  • 12. If Paige were more dedicated she could have gone far. She easily had the best body for dance.
  • 13. Chloe's technique isn't actually that great, she just has naturally long, straight legs, beautiful feet, a good centre of gravity and strong turnout. She doesn't work it as much as she can.
  • 14. How miserable girls like Chloe and Kendall are now, three years later, should be a sign to the moms that maybe asking your nine-year-old if they wanted to be on a TV show wasn't a good idea (of COURSE they'll say "yes!")
  • 15. Candy Apples' technique is stronger.
  • 16. Their choreography is also more interesting.
  • 17. However, I immediately distrust Cathy because she was a Romney supporter.
  • 18. I don't think Vivi Anne actually hates dancing. I think she's just painfully shy.
  • 19. The girls' repertoires are all far too narrow. Everyone has their own "specialties," but the fact that each girl has mostly been sticking to the same genre for the past three years shows that they are not really that versatile.
  • 20. Kendall will probably get the most work when she's older because she blends into groups well and generally doesn't have any big major issues.
  • 21. Maddie's expressions are genius.
  • 22. Paige's expressions are great but maybe a bit over-the-top.
  • 23. Brooke really looks like she'd rather be sitting on her front porch watching grass grow than on stage.
  • 24. Brooke does not have a good enough voice to warrant having an album.
  • 25. Neither does Mackenzie.
  • 26. I think Abby favours Maddie and Mackenzie more than she used to entirely because she likes going to extremes for the show to draw in viewers.
  • 27. Stars is exponentially better than the ALDC.
  • 28. In terms of well-roundedness, Sammy Small is probably the best dancer featured on the "Dance Moms" franchise.
  • 29. I've never really enjoyed Maddie/Chloe duets — they're too different of dancers and their physiques are way too different.
  • 30. I think acrobatics are important, but Abby focuses too much on acro to the point where her dancers have bad habits.
  • 31. All of the dancers on DMP besides Chloe have sway backs.
  • 32. I believe Abby almost always has her dancers jump/roll out of turns because she hasn't bothered teaching them how to land them well.
  • 33. I think it is ridiculous to put a 9/10-year-old on pointe.
  • 34. The dancewear these kids get away with wearing is ridiculous.
  • 35. I worry that the girls' friendships are being strained due to being in the public eye.
  • 36. Quite frankly, it's insulting to see Abby call ANY of her numbers "controversial."
  • 37. "Cancer is bad" is not a controversial theme.
  • 38. "Slavery is bad" has not been controversial in a couple centuries.
  • 39. Christi looks like she's gotten a lot of Botox since Season 1.
  • 40. Holly is smokin' hot.
  • 41. I can't blame the dads for not wanting to be featured.
  • 42. There is no way there is not some form of compensation for the dancers' families from Lifetime.
  • 43. The show might not be literally scripted in terms of there being a physical SCRIPT, but it is so completely staged that you cannot call ANY of these situations organic or genuine.
  • 44. I blame "Dance Moms" entirely for popularizing that obnoxious "drop" jump in competitive dance.
  • 45. The royalty-free music is fine, but I wish they'd just find regular, inconspicuous songs instead of trying so hard to find music that resembles pop songs.
  • 46. Abby's "ethnic" and "folkloric" dances are a joke.
  • 47. I support any competition that makes the decision to ban the ALDC.
  • 48. Abby demands more of dancers outside her own studio than dancers from her own studio can give her — for example, she values someone who can work both sides, yet only Kendall and Nia have ever really shown any ability to work on both their left and right.
  • 49. Payton will probably be a very successful performer one day.
  • 50. I feel like the Moms are too beautified by Lifetime now and it's alienating.