theme 38

This beautifully haunting track comprises several parts:

Part 1: Judy’s theme (0:00 - 3:05)
This itself has several sub-parts:

  • 1a. Judy’s sad theme (0:00 - 1:29), then a flute quickly rising in pitch heralded the next sub-part:
  • 1b. Judy’s majestic theme (1:36 - 2:25)
  • 1c. Judy’s sad theme again (2:27 - 3:05)

Part 2: Zootopia City theme (3:05 - 4:38)
This part is the part that sounded really like “world music”, hence, the name.

Part 3: Nick’s theme (4:38 - 6:33)
This part has several sub-parts:

  • 3a. Nick’s playful / hustling theme (4:38 - 5:52)
  • 3b. Nick’s poignant / majestic theme (5:52 - 6:33)

Part 4: Back to Judy’s theme (6:33 - 7:32)
This is very similar to Part 1c above, i.e., Judy’s sad theme.



The full Battleborn OST, as ripped from the game. Unsure when most of the pieces play during the story mode, but here’s a helpful timestamp for the separate factions’ themes pointed out by YouTube user ArtWaltz:

thenixkat  asked:

Is there a reason why the anikids couldn't use their Leeran morphs to do spying and info gathering?

I think there was a good reason for this, vis-à-vis time/z-space technology shenanigans? I haven’t re-read 18 completely yet, and my one sentence synopsis for it is simply “the Andalites are here and they’re shady as fuck*.”

It wouldn’t surprise me if it just got lost once the series got turned over to ghost writers. 

*This is a theme. Notes for #38; “The Andalites are here and they fucking suck”. Notes for #40; “The Andalites are here, and they’re gay, disabled, and perfect.”

It seems that Weepyqueen/fluffysushii/sunkostar on instagram is still incredibly bitter about someone who hasn’t bothered them at all since the last time she was posted about here on the grapevine. From what I saw, she tried to claim the artist copied one of their character’s hair style/theme, despite the artist having said character with said hair color and theme since at least 38 weeks ago (from looking at their archive page where they moved the old art to. It’s probably much older.) But then, Weepyqueen had posted a drawing ripping off a hair style the artist had designed for an oc of hers:

External image

I used to follow her, but stopped after she started pulling this shit. She seems to be extremely childish and can’t get over the fact that the other artist is done with her.

Oh well, probably best to avoid her.

Also, she blocked a person because they had unfollowed her simply because she assumed they were a fan of the other artist and her friend:

External image

I’ve been watching the other artist and she hasn’t said a thing, so I don’t really know now who’s still perpetuating it. It’s probably just weepyqueen/fluffysushii/sunkostar.


Mingus Plays Piano is a 1963 solo jazz album by Charles Mingus. The album is notable for Mingus’s departure from his usual role as composer and double-bassist in ensemble recordings, instead playing piano without any additional musicians.

Myself When I Am Real 00:00
I Can’t Get Started 07:38
Body And Soul 11:21
Roland Kirk’s Message 15:56
Memories Of You 18:39
She’s Just A Popular Hybrid 23:18
Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress; Then Silk Blues 26:30
Meditations For Moses 30:46
Old Portrait 34:28
I’m Getting Sentimental Over You 38:16
Compositional Theme Story…Medleys, Anthems And Folklore 42:03

anonymous asked:

Hi! First of all, I just want to say I love your writer's corner theme! But I have a quick question, I I wanted to add more than 10 stories to the box description thing, how do I get it to scroll all the way down?

Hi, sweetie! Thank you so much! And no worries—it might look complicated to add more story boxes, but it’s super easy. Here’s how!

Go into your HTML editor, and near the top you’ll see groups of code that look something like this:

<meta name="text:textbox10 title" content="" />
<meta name="text:textbox10 link" content="" />
<meta name="text:textbox10 rating" content="" />
<meta name="text:textbox10 wc" content="" />
<meta name="text:textbox10 pairing" content="" />
<meta name="text:textbox10 description" content="" />

That’s the code to make the text boxes in the appearance section show up so you can add stuff into your text boxes. Copy and paste as many new groups of code after the group shown above, and replace the numbers (in this case 10) with the next number in the sequence (the next one would be 11).

Rinse and repeat for however many new boxes you want to add, and then scroll to where you see some code that looks like this:

        <div class="box">
            <a href="{text:textbox10 link}"><div class="boxbar">
                <div class="boxtitle">{text:textbox10 title}</div>
            <div class="rating">Rated: {text:textbox10 rating}</div>
            <div class="wc">WC: {text:textbox10 wc}</div>
            <div class="pairing">{text:textbox10 pairing}</div>
            <div class="boxdesc">{text:textbox10 description}</div>

This is the code that will make the text boxes actually show up on your theme when you type stuff in your appearance section. The process for adding new boxes is essentially the same as before—just copy and paste that section directly after the previous one, and replace all of the numbers (in this case 10) with numbers to match the new ones you’ve just added. Do this for as many new boxes as you want to add. 


When you’re pasting in the repeated code, paste it above the closing div of the larger box! Right where the red line is shown in this image. 

Also! The large box automatically scrolls all the way down, so you might have a shorter screen than 1440x900. You can see the whole box by moving the #scrollback id up! Which you can do using this code:


Just make the margin-top smaller but not more than 265px; because then it will start to overlap with the three links under the description. 

I hope this helps, sweetie! Let me know if you need anything else. (:

anonymous asked:

This theme that you have right now is unlike any I've ever seen wow, A+ for creativity and pulling it off! Anyway I came here to let you know that I'm very fickle and change my theme all the time but since I started using one of your themes (Dust) I haven't been able to part with it and move on to a new one. Like seriously it's perfect. Thank you xoxo

Crying into the moon?? This was soo sweet thank you so much! 

I’m very happy that you enjoy my theme, and i really appreciate this message. Thank you ♥

kkoushis  asked:

hello! i really love your writer's corner theme! i really wanna use it, but i actually prefer themes with a reblog button. since i'm in love with that theme already, is there a way to add a reblog button? thank you!^^ i hope you'll reply immediately! xx

Hello, sweetie! Adding a reblog button should be pretty easy.

In your HTML, look for this code:

   <div class="date"> <div class="nyeh"><a href="{Permalink}">posted {TimeAgo}<br>with {NoteCountWithLabel}</a></div></div>

It should be near the bottom. Right after the </a> tag and before the </div>, add in this code:

<a href=”{ReblogURL}”>reblog</a> 

That should add a reblog link right after the note count on your hover permalinks. I hope this helps!! Let me know if you have trouble with it, and I’ll see what I can do. 

luuketriton-deactivated20140330  asked:

hi! sorry to be bothering you right now!! But I was just wondering how do i make my background not repeat. also im using theme #38 writer's corner thank you!!

Hi!! Noo, you’re not a bother!! Shh, sweetie. (:

In your code you should see some code that looks like this:

        font-family:'Muli', sans-serif;
    background-attachment: fixed;
        background-repeat: repeat;
    background-color: {color:background};

To get a solid background replace the background-repeat:repeat; with background-size:cover; and bam! You should have a full-sized background image after you update your preview and save. 

I hope this helps!! Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you. (:

Silicon, 2015. Ink and digital color, 11″x14″

I take a laser beam and I use it like a stone axe, baby.

–MC5, Call Me Animal

One of the most significant tools for prehistoric humans was the stone hand axe (anthropologists call it the biface). Computers and electronics are the defining tool of the age we live in currently. What the two have in common is silicon: the element at the basis of both the flint that was carved into bifaces and the integrated circuit chips that make computers possible.


anonymous asked:

Hi! I want to use your theme #38, "Writer's Corner", but I like more the Dark version, and the codes in the preview only works for the Light version, how can I change it? Thanks for all your work <3

Hi, sweetie!! The code for both versions of the theme is the same, actually! I just changed the pictures and turned off some options for the second version of the live preview. (:

You can do this by going into your customize theme page and changing the background image and colors:

Both the imageright and imageleft pictures are optional, so you’ll have to go down to the options section to turn those on and off.

Both the dark and light previews had 400px posts, so you can just leave that the same. The dark preview had infinite scroll turned on, too, I believe. But! It had the righstide image option turned off, the extra links option turned off, and the text boxes option turned off. In addition, the transparent posts, navigation, and description options were turned off. (The transparent text boxes option is irrelevant if you have the text boxes option turned off, so you don’t have to worry about that one!). Now, the leftside image should show up, and voila! You have a replica of the dark preview of the theme. (:

I hope this helps, sweetie! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m really glad you like my theme enough to consider using it. You’re fantastic! Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to help you with. <3