Prepositional Pronouns



  • ORM  — on me
  • ORT — on you
  • AIR — on him
  • UIRTHI — on her
  • ORAINN — on us
  • ORAIBH — on you (plural)
  • ORTHU — on them


  • ASAM — out of, from me
  • ASAT — out of, from you
  • AISTI — out of, from her
  • AS — out of, from him
  • ASAINN — out of, from us
  • ASAIBH — out of, from you (plural)
  • ASTU — out of, from them


  • CHUGAM — to, towards me
  • CHUGAT — to, towards you
  • CHUICI — to, towards her
  • CHUIGE — to, towards him
  • CHUGAINN — to, towards us
  • CHUGAIBH — to, towards you (plural)
  • CHUCU — to, towards them


  • DÍOM — from, of me
  • DÍOT — from, of you
  • DI — from, of her
  • DE — from, of him
  • DÍNN — from, of us
  • DÍBH — from, of you (plural)
  • DÍOBH — from, of them


  • DOM — to, for me
  • DUIT — to, for you
  • DI — to, for her
  • — to, for him
  • DÚINN — to, for us
  • DAOIBH — to, for you (plural)
  • DÓIBH — to, for them


  • FÚM — under, about me
  • FÚT — under, about you
  • FÚITHI — under, about her
  • FAOI — under, about him
  • FÚINN — under, about us
  • FÚIBH — under, about you (plural)
  • FÚTHU — under, about them

— IN

  • IONAM — in me
  • IONAT — in you
  • INTI — in her
  • ANN — in him
  • IONAINN — in us
  • IONAIBH — in you (plural)
  • IONTU — in them


  • IDIR MÉ — between me
  • IDIR TÚ — between you
  • IDIR Í — between her
  • IDIR É — between him
  • EADRAINN — between us
  • EADRAIBH — between you (plural)
  • EATARTHU — between them


  • LIOM — with me
  • LEAT — with you
  • LÉI — with her
  • LEIS — with him
  • LINN — with us
  • LIBH — with you (plural)
  • LEO — with them


  • UAIM — from me
  • UAIT — from you
  • UAITHI — from her
  • UAIDH — from him
  • UAINN — from us
  • UAIBH — from you (plural)
  • UATHU — from them


  • ROMHAM — since, before me
  • ROMHAT — since, before you
  • ROIMPI — since, before her
  • ROIMHE — since, before him
  • ROMHAINN — since, before us
  • ROMHAIBH — since before you (plural)
  • ROMPU — since, before them


  • THARAM — over me
  • THARAT — over you
  • THAIRSTI — over her
  • THAIRIS — over him
  • THARAINN — over us
  • THARAIBH — over you (plural)
  • THARSTU — over them


  • TRÍOM — through me
  • TRÍOT — through you
  • TRÍTHI — through her
  • TRÍD — through him
  • TRÍNN — through us
  • TRÍBH — through you (plural)
  • TRÍOTHU — through them
Okay we have a lot of time let’s make some kill the pain

So as we all want to happen there is need to free Rick and Earth from federation. Problem is Federation is kinda huge and powerful. So as much I want  bad ass jail break with explosions and all.…it won’t change situation for Rick. It will just get Morty and others in deep shit for trying to help Rick get out of the jail - making Rick’s sacrifice meaningless.

So there are like two big options to deal with this situation. Two let’s call them ‘organizations’ that have…what it takes for the job however there is not said they will be willing to do so that can help with saving Rick.

1. Unity: It clearly had feelings for Rick and in episode ‘ Auto Erotic Assimilation’ Unity said It’s planing to join Federation so Unity can take them over  and all planets they control any way so now with Rick in their hands Unity has one more reason to get to this.

maybe with help of  Beta-Sevens but I do not see those guys be happy with it but they may do it to score some points with Unity

2. The Council of Ricks :

As much our Rick and other Ricks don’t seem to… not like each other / himself the whole thing  with council was created so Ricks could have safe place from Federation in their time lines (I’m guessing there are Ricks who don’t really leave much where council is because they had no other place to go) so there is option they would be willing to help our Rick for few reasons:

a) To rub  it in his face

b)  to make fun of him

c) To have him in debt to council - to make him some stuff for them

d) to make fun of him again

e) if they find way to get rid of Federation in one time line they just may find the key for problems of many Ricks

There are other minor ideas I have about who could help rescue Rick but those two above are the most likely to take care of this case if you ask me

Ways to Study for a Foreign Language Test

A handout my Spanish teacher handed out earlier this week… I thought it might be useful so I typed it up for all you people out there!

1. Vocabulary and Verbs

a)    Make a tape of the vocabulary words or verb spelling. Listen to it as you do things in your room

b)    Copy the words over and over on paper

c)    Recite the spelling of the words aloud. Just looking at the words in your book or saying them silently in your head, has not proven to be a very successful way of learning them

d)    Make flash cards. This is not particularly helpful for learning spelling, but it is beneficial to learning what the words mean

e)    Make your own test. Put some words in English on a sheet of paper. See if you can write out the language translation

f)     Work with a partner, quizzing each other on spelling and translation

2. Grammar

a)    Take good notes. Get your notebook out at the beginning of class

b)    Listen very carefully in class. If you have a question, ask your teacher. Don’t wait until after the test

c)    At home, re-read the grammar explanation in the text slowly and carefully. Try to understand each sentence you read. If there is a point you don’t understand, write down on a piece of paper so you can ask your teacher the next day

d)    Do your homework carefully, using your notes and textbook to help you

3. Reading

It is important for you to understand how to read a passage in a foreign language. The biggest mistake students make is that they will try to read literally, painstakingly translating Word for Word. This takes an incredible amount of time in often yields few results. Instead of looking up each word use the following suggestions to help you when reading:

a)    Read it to get the general meaning, not to translate into English. Don’t translate unless absolutely necessary

b)    Don’t panic if you run across unfamiliar words instead skip over the word and go on reading the next sentence. You will often be able to figure out what the word is by the context that it is in. May also be unnecessary to know the particular word. If it becomes apparent that it is essential for you to know the meaning of a particular word and go to the dictionary. Don’t forget there are many cognates words that are so similar to English that you can tell what they mean just by looking at them and using your head. Some words will be underlined or marked with an asterisk, indicating that these words have a translation at the bottom of the page or on the side.

4. Listening
For many students the hardest part about a foreign language test is the listening comprehension section. As with reading students should not try to translate everything that they hear if they do that they will fall behind. It takes practice and concentration.

a)    Listen for keywords, particularly recent vocabulary

b)    Do not let your mind wander or else you will lose track of what is going on

c)    Listen to your teacher when he or she speaks the language in class - it will be a big help

These can really be used for lots of subjects, not just for a foreign language!

upd8 thoughts

so A) Davepeta is a happy genderfluid sprite. 

B) they want to go fight Lord English


D) actually dave was prophesized to beat LE so maybe davepeta has a chance, considering the Equius part in LE will protect the Nepeta part of Davepeta.

anonymous asked:

Equis, what do you feel about adorable kitties!? :D

D —> Generally I like them
D —> Although they tend to be unfalteringly playful
D —> Much like a certain moirail of mine

Last Word on GamerGate......I Can Only Hope

I try to be as neutral as I can regarding GamerGate, but collossal fuckups like Dan Olson, Anita Sarkeesian, and Johnathan McIntosh, who made an incredibly patronizing list of 25 privileges male gamers had, which does a shitty job at educating and actually talks DOWN to women by saying that, and I’m paraphrasing here, “This list was made by a man, so it will be taken more seriously than if a woman made it, so ladies, just sit back and let the big strong men handle things from now on” make it incredibly hard for me to do so.

I also don’t take too kindly to people comparing me to extremist groups like, oh, I don’t know, ISIS, Westboro Baptist Church, and the fucking Ku Klux Klan, and making over a dozen articles stating that people like me, just an average gamer wanting to play his fucking games in peace, are the worst type of audience to cater to and that people like me might as well be dead than mingle with everyone else and try to get along. Articles being written by people who wouldn’t even have jobs in the gaming industry if it weren’t for gamers looking at their sloppily written articles. By the way, I find it hilarious that they claim to be disgusted by gaming culture when they

A.) Go to gaming conventions
B.) Shill out to big name gaming companies
C.) Get wads of cash and videogames just to review them
D.) Interact with the biggest icons in gaming

It also infuriates me that when women, POC, or anyone under the LGBTQ flag speak out against them, they get called trash, or worse yet, accused of just being yet another butthurt cis white neckbearded hetero fuckboy under a sockpuppet account. Yeah, great idea. Mock and accuse the people you claim to support to be a cishetbro in disguise, and completely erase their identity for your own agenda, simply for thinking you are overblowing this shit just a wee bit. Bangup job.   It’s funny how, obvious trolls and misogynists aside, gamers wanting just a tiny bit of ethics and transparency is considered this outrageous dudebro conspiracy theory, yet no one bats an eye at the idea of every single person out of the billions who live on this Earth, who has a problem with specific people in this industry MUST be white, MUST be male, MUST be cis, MUST be straight. Just a very specific and cherry-picked group of people have a problem. No one else. That’s totally not a ludicrous assumption at all.

As for Zoe Quinn, her game is shit. As someone who actually went through a depressive state and was on the edge of killing myself I feel pretty god damn insulted that I’m supposed to find this game relatable in any way. At this point, I don’t even care who she slept with, or how many people she did it with. I just find her game to be complete shit.

Brianna Wu is a complete basket case entirely, taking tragic shootings completely unrelated to GamerGate and making them all about her, and claiming to be “oppressed” when she is a well-off white woman living in suburbs. Hell, she admitted to being handed 200,000 by her parents when she first started out as a dev. HANDED. Most people can’t even make 20,000 in a year let alone 200,000, and she was just HANDED the fucking money. Now people have said that she faked her death threats, which could very well be true, but if they are legit, I denounce them completely. No one deserves death threats, but that doesn’t change my stance about her being a soulless leach of a human being.

I acknowledge that gaming can be better. A hell of a lot better. But I also don’t appreciate people patronising me and making me out to be some horrible devilspawn of living shit just because I like to play videogames.

That’s my peace and all I have to say about this.