Young and Bold.

These are the days where anything is possible as long as you put yourself into “it” and apply actual labor. We are all created equal and modeled from the one God we call with different names. What one of us can do, can easily be done as well by others, if they put their effort and minds into it. Time is golden. Your mind is the world around it.

Finger lickin' good, deeds. #15

Growing up, we were accustomed to perform positive deeds and actions in exchange for a reward or appraisal from our superiors. It has never been taught to be done out of free will and under the idea that it may lead to other individuals being influenced to do positive acts as well. Only because this would not make any sort of sense to a toddler. 

I personally believe that doing random acts of kindness would go a long way. It may not pass on to others but they would definitely have a slight difference in their way of thinking about the world. No matter what it does to society, I still still try to continue to promote positive actions, words, and thoughts towards others. Now that OUR world constantly fuels it’s children with violence, lust, and the hunger for power it is hard to find peace within us. We are made to believe that a common peaceful life, “just like in the movies,” is impossible to attain. This is only because media has a way to bring out the monsters in us. We are taught that it is every man/woman for themselves. That if we show that we are vulnerable in this world, we are prone to defeat and failure because the other “creatures” around us would take advantage of it just to get ahead of the game.

Being good, not only to others, but yourself as well will go a long way. It may even save lives and as well as years of your life and others lives from countless stress related illnesses. Doing random acts of kindness does not require extensive labor or resources. A simple SMILE on your face throughout the day, could be the key countless new possibilities for yourself and others. Feel good about yourself, think positive, and brush your teeth! You’ve got nothing to loose. Use those pearly whites while they’re all still real and strong. 

Change the world? Then change the herd. #7

Excuse me but, I just gotta get this off my mind real quick.

Everyone always says they wanna be different from the rest, be unique, and be something no one expects or has ever seen. But yet, you all are doing the same things that you think is unique. If you really want to be unique why don’t you get good grades, get a job, go to college, graduate, raise a family, be a family person, and save the world from its own dying ways. You want to be different? Then stop living the “Pursuit of Happiness” life doing yourselves wrong right now and hoping some day you catch that break and be successful all of a sudden. Look around kid, that is not what’s real. Your chance of getting that is 1 in a trillion. Live life to the fullest, and I don’t give a damn? Well you’re just like the rest of the statistics of this world that do that. Go do yourself a favor and stand up and be real different. Get a valued profession, no matter what it is, and change the world. YOU want to make a difference, then go get it. Life is NOT fair nor free. Our nation is going in a downwards motion and there’s no stopping it if you, yourself will just be waiting for apples to fall of the tree.

I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I just want to let you know that you have choices in life.

Keep your cool, Recycle #4

Kids, let’s recycle and conserve energy because we are the ones who will get affected by our actions now in the future. 

The other day I went with my brother to recycle 3 full bins of cans and bottles. It was extremely hot that day and standing outside the recycling shack was just murder. I did not mind it too much and just kept moving and dancing while waiting in line. When we were gathering our stuff out from the car, this random couple came by and asked if we wanted to have all their recycling items. They had 4 bag full of glass bottles, plastic bottles, and tin cans. They gave it to us willingly because it was too hot to wait in line and they did not look like they needed the spare change that much either. Before they left and before all the exchanging of thank you’s, the guy asked if we were certain that we were going to recycle them. It was quite an obvious answer because we were there for that reason but he stated, that recycling is really a good thing and it is something that even a single person in this big world could do to be of help for the greater good. I thought it was nice of them to do that and have that idea about the world. That really stood out because I look up to people who do simple daily things that might not seem to make a huge impact right away, but would help in the long run. Not only for themselves, but for the world.

After that, I used the money to buy 2 packs of water in Albertson’s. I got to the counter and I already entered my number and I was about to pay when I asked the cashier if it was possible to fit 3 packs of water bottles instead. She did the math and I was short about $1 and a few cents. I could tell that the she dipped into her change case to pay for some of it even though she did not directly tell me. Despite her generosity, I was still short of 75 cents. I did not have any money or change on me so I could not get it. The guy next in line took out a dollar without hesitation and gladly paid for that 75 cents. It might not seem much for both of them but it was a huge deal for me. They have never met me in their lives and was a complete stranger but they were still willing to help me out. Despite the killing heat outside, these people were still able to keep their cool and to something positive. This made me realize that there still really are people in this world who are not completely selfish and rude. Little acts of kindness like those inspire me to be a greater person everyday and to return the deed to everyone else in the world.

I hope one day, I could do something significant to help our world. For now, I will continue to find small ways to help others and the world.