themayangods said: maybe it’s like our taste buds have evolved differently like when I went to the us everything tasted weird? like bread. the bread was definitely different. what happened to the bread. shit.

Lol maybe you encountered bad bread? IDK when I’ve been in other countries the bread has tasted… the same to me.

But did you have girl scout cookies because that is what I’m talking about. I promise you they’re flawless. 

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TAG YOU'RE IT ! Your job is to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then go to your 10 favourite blogs and tell them they're it ! :)

(cocksuck it i left this massage in my inbox for like ages sorry bout that)

1) i am an avid fan of detective shows like psych and the mentalist and silent witness and criminal minds and murder she wrote and Columbo (oh man Columbo is the fucking best. was. w/e)

2) i hate swans and geese but mostly swans those smarmy evil fuckers have ruined my life swans should go live in the arctic and never come back 

3) i like rowing and do it about 8 hrs a week in a quad or four 

4) i get into fistfights quite a lot 

5) irl i swear way too much and have s dodgy mix of south london and posh hertfordshire

6) the only time that i spend away from my phone is in the shower i dont sleep without it pressed to my skin if anyone were allowed to touch my phone they would be privelaged indeed in fact in all acts of concupiscent nature i have experienced so far my phone has been in my right hand fun fact of the day

7) ive actually not been into sex at all in the way most people seem to be and its fine reading about it but watching it listening to it or otherwise experiencing it is not for me although i have no problem pleasuring others okay ill stop now i sound like a pamphlet 

8) im probably into girls in a romantic sense anyway

9) i smoke sometimes and have done weed multiple times but im not like a huge user it’s a social thing i guess but i do drink quite a lot

10) i kind of would like to be a guy but it’d be expensive and there’s a lot of sociopolitical connotations bog being ftm that i wouldn’t like to be directly involved in at this point in my life although that in no way means that i am ruling it out in the future as an option 

anyway that is it that is me and my life