themastertactician replied to your post “themastertactician replied to your post “the pullout method works most…”

it really depends on what you mean by ‘effective’. It also won’t work for some people, because of pre-come. Even then, it’s the least effective of birth control methods, and when it comes to pregnancy prevention, you don’t want to take chances.  when it comes to pregnancy prevention it can work better than condoms or the pill if you do it right.  and it’s 5 times better than nothing at all.  

if you ever feel like you’re not good at anything, just remember that patrick stump spent the first fifteen years of his life thinking he couldn’t sing and he only found out he had the voice of an angel because some weirdo college-age guy decided to start a emo band

so if you can’t see how great you are, then don’t worry. your pete wentz is out there somewhere and they are going to show you.

but think about this: pietro dies and then he wakes up in the afterlife and Death is all like, “yo, you got shot, so you have to come with me now.” and pietro’s like “lol, no” and just runs away and keeps running until death gets sick of trying to catch him and sends him back because he can’t have dead people just running around making a ruckus.