For the sake of not spamming the everliving hell out of my feed, the rest of the shouties are combined in this one post.

I think I like Ate’s best. “PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEE!” Haha.
Of course, Ripper isn’t having any of this silly goofy pose/shouting business. “Stop shouting, you stupid kids! Get off my lawn! Back in my days, we used our indoor voices outside!”

(Ripper has a head, click for big picture! I fail at tumblr)

In which Jill takes flying lessons, directly into the other comicthing.

Aqua: Panel from ThemaoR. The Jill-segment is nearly over, this is not quite her exit though. Buffer status:
Sketch completed: 5/20
Ink completed: 0.75/15
Completely completed: 0/10 (I remember saying I only wanted 10 done done, so I’m tweaking the numbers down a bit, muuhaha)

Red: Ok, so I’m kind of cheating on the 2 pages for ThemaoR -> 1 page for this thing. I’m sure you didn’t see that coming, did you!? This is a sketch for a cover. It won’t have chapters or anything, so I need only one of these images. It’s Cail and Angra. The text reads this: “PLACEHOLDER TITLE (A horrible fantasycomic I’m wasting my time on instead of ThemaoR \o/)”. I do have an idea for a title though, not yet sure. This is the layout for the comicpages by the way, landscape style. It’s different and fun to do!

Ripper Incarnation Outfit by *roryseviltwin

Sharing my own ‘old’ stuff, mwahahaha! I still like this one a lot, that doesn’t really happen much with stuff I finish. Usually I get sick of looking at it XD
I am planning to do something like this for the lines of that pic I was inking in the livestream (Anders and Fenris and Lexine, oh my!). I might not use this much of the glittery pixelbrush on it though. 'Might’. We’ll see.

As for this character, she’s in my icon too. She’s easy and fun to draw (in her normal clothes). The story in her comic wasn’t going anywhere, but let’s just say I like making bad guys.