My Three Musies

Jim Moriarty –

“When he looks at you in the eyes, you don’t know if he’s going to kiss you or kill you.”

The Following

Spock – first–officer–

“Suppose that I forbade you to show emotion; there are certain feelings which claim their own rights. Tears fall, no matter how we try to check them, and by being shed they ease the soul.”


Seto Kaiba –

“Where there’s anger, there is always pain underneath.”

Eckhart Tolle

Little Headcanon 6

That’s what Jim does. He repulses you and enchants you. Makes you want to get away, but never want to leave. Shows you just enough to make you wonder what is really at his core, but also makes you too afraid to investigate. He’s said it to Sherlock before, but the meaning goes deeper than he let the detective believe: no one ever gets to me, and no one ever will.

No one ever gets to the real Jim Moriarty- only the one he lets you see. That’s why it was so easy to make people believe in Jim from IT and in Richard Brook. They were no more the real James Moriarty than ‘Dear Jim’ is.


So…it’s occurred to me that, because of each of my roleplay’s points on the timeline of Jim’s life and the wide range of scenarios I’ve managed to thrust him into (take that as you will), people are getting a lot of different sides of Jim.

That’s great for me because it means I get to develop him a good bit, and I hope it’s great for all of you because I hope it means you aren’t bored with him.

He’s so damn changeable after all.

Anyway, I’d like to present, thread by thread, the many faces of Jim Moriarty:

The Boys Are Back (Sebastian: sniper-with-a-smoke) -Mildly Happy/Mildly Violent Jim


Ship Happens (Sebastian: sniper-with-a-smoke) - Sadtimes/Melancholic Jim


Just One More Lie (Irene: thewomanthewhiphand) - Manic/Unpredictable Jim


A Regular Belasco (Irene: thewomanthewhiphand) - Crazy Ass Unhinged/Victorious Jim


Leave the Pieces (Sebastian: demented-sniper) - Edgy/Scheming Jim


Watching You (Sebastian: demented-sniper) - Little/Adorable/Nervous Jim (AKA Danny)


On Top of the World (Sabrina: theferaltigress) - Generally Agreeable/Playful Jim


A Marvelous New Toy (Sabrina: theferaltigress) - Pissed Off/Manipulative Jim


All that being said…I’m curious. Who do you like best/want to see more of/think I play best? I’d be happy to start a thread that might get at a particular Jim- at this point I have a pretty good idea of what situations tend to bring out the different sides of his personality.

Also…if I’ve tagged you it’s because two of the above Jims belong to you. I’m open to comments from anyone :)

theman-withthekey asked:

"You're pathetic"

Seba glared at him from across the desk, a hint of anger the only emotion obvious on her features. “I’m not the one chasing a detective because I find him interesting,” she growled, voice low in volume and pitch. “I’m not the one who needs every iota of attention any law enforcement agency can give. And yet, somehow, I’m the pathetic one?”