Natural Geometry 

Perhaps you may feel what I feel, in that perhaps the entire Universe and all energy within it, keeping life and matter in constant motion, is based on simple fundamental mathematical laws, which could be the key to allowing designers to make humanity truly thrive. Perhaps you see what I see, in the sense that our entire world works in grids and cycles, which explains the natural patterns that are revealed to us by the planet Venus’ path of orbit, the motion of huge murmurations of starlings, the cycles of seasons and the pathways that dolphins and whales make on the globe, throughout their lives. 

The Golden Ratio is linked to the minds of people with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. 

This book randomly appeared on the pavement, on its own, down the street from my house. Coincidence or what? Well, sign or no sign, this book explains everything about Aspergers Syndrome and also describes how the advanced minds of autistic people are specialist minds. In most cases, good at one thing, bad at something else. Often, social skills and communication skills are replaced with profound insight of mathematical, scientific and mechanical complexity found in the world. 

So much research into perception, the autistic mind, sparking connections between people…. 

This research has led me to discover that the Golden Ratio IS linked to autism, as it is an intrinsic part of the way that our minds WANT to see certain patterns, and finds order in the world. Temple Grandin’s latest book, published in Sept 2013, “The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum” reveals this in that the Golden Ratio is a huge part of ‘pattern thinking’ minds. The Mandelbrot Project aims to use this understanding in creating new points of motivation for engagement between people with different perceptions of the world, in a hope to connect them to their friends, family and loved-ones.