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Limited edition of 20. 13x19 gold on black heavyweight paper letterpress with vintage wood type at @themandatepress. Available NOW at

I’ve been off the internet for weeks and I’ve decided to focus more on quality over quantity. This is my first offering. (at


Local Ad Agency MRM//McCann sent a photographer over to The Mandate Press recently to snap some shots for a Local Business/Small Business spotlight they were working on. Huge thanks to Brian Deaver for sharing these with me and allowing me to share them with you. I’m stoked to have such high-quality shots to remember my time at Mandate by.

My only regret about this shoot was that the photographer didn’t have more time to hang around the shop. Due to his limited time, these shots are semi-candid and semi-posed; A result of my reaction to the comment “pretend to work.” Pretend? Here, let me at least get these rollers a little cleaner in the meantime.

He might spend most of his days at the computer and plate processor prepping your files but don’t sell @bradylars short when it comes to putting pen to paper either. Nice job on this invite suite Brady! Four pieces, PMS 8583 on #FrenchPaperCo’s Kraft #Speckletone… #MrFrench #themandatepress #weddingsuite #invitation #weddinginvite #handlettering #letterpress #customletterpress #mandate_custom #hashtagsforandy (at Mandate Press)