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yeah she was crying and screaming and i was like did that really hurt tho cuz she was always such a crybaby i tried doing the staple remover thing on my index but my mom yelled at me before i went any further thank god

i mean of course that’d hurt I’d probably be crying and/or screaming if it happened to me but tis swell you avoided the same fate

when I stapled my thumb though I kinda just looked at it like “hm” and walked over to my 5th grade teacher like “yo teach” and he was like “oh that’s a problem” and it hurt being pulled out oh my

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top 5 favorite anythings

i’ll do famous people cause i like them best:

  1. harry styles - like he’s the most perfect angel on the entire planet and i love him and he’s just so perfect like tbh nothing he could do would ever be bad he’s just the cutest fucking cupcake honestly
  2. cory monteith - he’s like tied with harry but like idk i love him a lot toooo!<3
  3. katy perry
  4. all of fall out boy - cause i can’t just pick one of them they’re all beautiful butterflies i love with my heart and soul
  5. jennifer lawrence

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alright son here comes a story, one time my sister and i were playing on my gramp's office and i found a staple remover, i pretended it was a snake because it looked like one and i wanted to trick my sister to put her finger in it so i could "bite" her, long story short, she ended with a hole through her fingernail

oh lord that’s a rough time

I’ve stapled my thumb once but oh god staple remover through the fingernail/finger oh nononononono

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it was pretty majestic i got 2 packs of skittles and a foot and a half long quesadilla, sucks to hear that your day went downhill, btw what color is your hair i saw like 2 photos of you with caramel brown hair and one with dark hair like wha

I’m glad your day was majestic! Ah. My natural hair is the caramel brown you saw, but it’s dyed black now! :3

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3, 4, 27, 37, 64, 133, 142, 155: would you rather to be a pirate or a viking and why?

3: 3 Fears
Abandonment, insects/arachnids, failure

 4: 3 things I love
My Englishman, my best friend, music

 27: Meaning behind my URL
Who wouldn’t want to be kissed by someone who is suicidal? :D

 37: Tattoos and piercing i want
I want Pyramid Head on my right shoulder blade with Silent Hill underneath him, and I still kinda want several ear piercings and I might still want an eyebrow or lip piercing. Not sure.

64: Do I believe in magic?
I do in a young girl’s heart!

133: Broken a mirror?
I don’t think so. o:

 142: One of my scars, how did I get it?
I grabbed my blade and dragged it across my skin.

 155: would you rather to be a pirate or a viking and why?
A pirate so I can steal loot!