7 months of many others to come

This past seven months had been the best months of my life, I don’t like making a fuss of every month we are together because i know we’ll be for many years, I feel it in the inside. 

We met more than a year ago but we were shy enough not to talk for almost three month, but in the end we did, and after almost 2 months of constant chatting we decide to meet again, we, at least I, were burning of love, the desire to kiss her every second. After a few weeks dating we started, or actually decided that we were going out and decided that we had started going out on March 23rd.

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This is my present for you my love, ‘cos I know how much you enjoy new followers I’m trying to get you some, so you smile at the world no, because we deserve to see your smile, but because you deserve to be happy, even though sometimes you get depressed for no reason, I’ll always be there to cheer you up, to make your magic self shine again. Because Cheshire cats can indeed grin.

I love you