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My questions:

1. How many languages can you speak?

Only English at the moment.  Once I finish school I’m going to start on German.  I tried to start this summer but I couldn’t continue once school restarted.  I’m also interested in Finnish and Russian.

2. Are you a sociable person? If not, would you like to be?

Not really.  I much prefer to be on my own.

3. When do you like reading book the most? During the night or day? Why?

I’m too busy and tired to read at the moment.  When relaxed, I tend to be more active at night but I dislike artificial light.

4. Where would you like to live in the future?

I can’t truly say just yet but I’ll admit I’m interested in Germany.  If not, I also quite like Finland.  I don’t like the UK enough to want to stay here, but I could probably tolerate it if I had to.

5. Would you like to change something about yourself (personality)? What’s that?

Maybe be a little less cold/a little more open?  I’ve pent enough of my life hating myself that it’s best I try not to think about changing anything.

6. Does the Universe scare or fascinate you? Maybe both?

Fascinate mostly.  Maybe scare a little bit.

7. Is there anything you like about your school?

Probably some of the people.  I have much better friends there than I ever did at secondary school

8. Tundra or taiga?

Taiga.  I like forests.

9. Who do you want to be in the future?

I don’t know.

10. Do you believe in youself?

Usually not.

11. Which countries would you like to see? Why?

Every European country, but especially Germany and the Nordic countries.  I want to visit every continent.  Germany and the Nordic countries appeal to me.  From what I understand, I’d fit in quite well there.  But I also want to experience a wide range of cultures.

Next 11 questions:

  1. Do you like where you live?
  2. How easily do you open up to people?
  3. Are there any TV shows you’d recommend?
  4. Where is your dream travel destination?
  5. Is there any particular type of music that is special to you?
  6. How independent are you?
  7. How did you find out about Tumblr?
  8. How long do you spend on the computer on an average weekend?
  9. Are there any music festivals you want to go to, either again or for the first time?
  10. What would you do if you went on a road-trip with Satan?
  11. Do you hate people?

themaddogprincess replied to your post: if you’re a Brit and you’re feeling do…

I’m a Brit and I’m feeling down BECAUSE the UK placed higher than Azerbaijan and Greece.

the other country was actually Italy bc Greece had already done bad in 2012 but

ladies and gentlemen here’s a true eurovision fan - supporters without borders

themaddogprincess asked:

Just want to say, what a fantastic interview with Mr Lepland! Fantastic questions, especially the ones surrounding the Estonian language. Enjoyed very much, thank you .

Aw, thank you so much! I enjoyed interviewing him, as well. He was a super nice person, and apparently just as nervous as I was haha. 

I want to go to Estonia now.

themaddogprincess asked:

I have a question about Russian. How come the word 'Россия', if phonetically converted to Latin, would be 'Russia', but we don't pronounce 'Russia' 'Россия'? I hope that makes sense :S

I thought about this for a minute but I think that’s not Russian’s problem and you need to take that up with English

estland skomentował(a) Twój post:I need your opinions about Polish entry people,…

I LOVE IT, maybe a bit too much tbh

themaddogprincess skomentował(a) Twój post:I need your opinions about Polish entry people,…

Been crazy about this song for months. It is certainly standing out amongst the entries this year so far. It could do well. Also, apparently will be a bilingual entry.

Thank you both! This has been a huge hit in Poland for the last few months and I love it, but I’m worried that the judges may screw us over like they did with Igranka last year.

I hope it will be bilingual with just enough English to make people understand what it’s about and enough Polish to keep the flavour of the song.