I started reading The Raven Boys recently and you can guess which two characters have stomped all over my heart already (T▽T)b

Um… Was thinking about expression sheets while animating so I tried a few with these two corporate nerds (instead of my own characters). Please excuse me and my messy scribbles. They’re directly scanned from my sketchbook and I got real lazy to clean so… Here.

I’ll just be on this other side yelling at myself for doing this. eheheheh.

^ q^/// An art trade I did with skyfarer/Cire, a friend I haven’t gotten to talk to in so long! Hehe~~ ;___; She’s so cute, I hope I didn’t ruin her!

jonghyun tries to get something from the top shelf of the pantry. 

minho suggests he get a ladder because “there’s no way you can reach that high”. 

jonghyun grabs a box of lucky charms and throws it at minho. 

Tbh even when i don’t feel good cute boy always manages to make me happy again