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never buying petstore bettas again

i dont know why but there is such a massive influx of bettas, especially ones i see on instagram, that are getting dropsy. the first betta i ever got, named shirley, was a little female from petsmart. 2 weeks after i got her she died from dropsy. my baby boy judas seemed perfectly healthy and happy in his 20g long, perfect water quality, varied diet with vitamins, he still got dropsy. every time i open instagram, dropsy. dropsy. dropsy. dropsy. my sister’s fish now has dropsy. why are betta splendens SO WEAK and prone to this? these are not the hardy fish we make them out to be. dropsy is not uncommon like sites make it out to be. it is usually contagious and i’ve read so many things saying it isn’t. it can be and most likely will be. i’ve seen people lose every single one of their bettas to dropsy symptoms. im not buying anymore bettas from a petstore. from now on whatever betta i get will be hopefully imported in hopes of them having stronger genetics. im looking into wild type crosses or maybe just an actual wild type. im so paranoid about losing my other two bettas. we need to stop breeding them to be pretty and we need to start breeding them to live longer than a year. you won’t see me buying bettas from petco anymore. im done

messy (Grayson)

Summary: Grayson and Ethan were doing a messy trivia challenge that went wrong someone gets pranked. Did i mention you and Grayson are dating?

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You and Grayson were cuddling on the couch watching a movie when Ethan came in pretending to throw up, you rolled your eyes and kissed Grayson which caused Ethan to groan. “Come on bro we have to make a video” Grayson nodded and playfully pushed you off the couch. You started to fake cry and held your arm “I think it’s broken” You whimpered Grayson jumped up off the couch and rushed to your side “Oh my god Y/N I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to push you that hard” You couldn’t help but let out a laugh and look up at Grayson “If you could’ve seen your face oh my” You couldn’t stop laughing and neither could Ethan who came over and high fived you “Nice” Ethan exclaimed while looking at Grayson who sat there staring at the floor. You walked over kneeling down beside him kissing his cheek “I’m sorry baby” You ran your fingers through his hair which was one of his many weaknesses he tackled you to the ground, pinning your arms to the floor “I’m going to get you back and when I do, you’re not gonna be able to stop saying my name.” He winked at you and got up walking over to Ethan “Bro thats gross” You laughed and stood up “What video are you guys making?” Grayson smirked at you and took your hand “Join us” You were skeptical but followed them anyway. You stood behind the camera waiting on them to introduce you “Hey guys we’re back!” They said in unison “And today we’re going to be doing, the messy trivia challenge.“ Ethan said as he smiled at the camera. “We also have a special guest, my girlfriend.” Grayson’s smile got wider than ever before. You waited a little bit then came out from behind the camera “Hello! I’m Y/N” You smiled and waved to the camera “Y/N here will be asking us the questions if we get it wrong we pick from a hat with a bunch of gross ingredients in it and Y/N will throw it at us.“ Ethan explained holding his hands up “Alright boys are you ready?” They nodded you pulled out your phone reading the first question to Ethan. “What is the medical term for your thumb?” Ethan’s eyes widened and looked at you “What? How am I supposed to know that?” You and Grayson laughed watching Ethan’s hand fidget and look around “Uh pollex?” You blinked a couple times and picked your phone back up “Thats correct.” “What!?” Grayson screamed while Ethan laughed “I just guessed” “Alright, Grayson you ready?” He smiled mischievously “Yes baby, I’m ready.” You blushed and looked down at your phone “What is the 7th letter in the alphabet and you can’t sing the song in your head.” Grayson thought for a second looking at Ethan “G?” You laughed and nodded “Thats correct” He smiled wide and rubbed his chin “Ooh I see what you did there. Grayson, G” You playfully rolled your eyes “Ethan! Pay attention. What is 256 divided by 16?“ Ethan groaned and thought for a few minutes. “15?” You laughed and handed him the hat “Nope, its 16” Ethan put his hand in the hat pulling out a piece of paper, he read it and groaned louder “I got mustard” You smirked and picked up the mustard “How do you want it Ethan?” He rolled his eyes shrugged “Just pour it on me” You walked over pouring the mustard on his head and his chest. “Alright, Grayson!” He looked at you hoping you’d go easy on him but you gave him the hardest question on your list “How many calories are burned while having sex per hour?” His eyes widened and groaned “What? I don’t know, 1,000?” You shook your head “Wrong, 360 calories per hour” You held the hat out to him “Pick your poison.” He pouted and picked out a piece of paper staring blankly at it “What is it Gray?” Ethan asked laughing at his brother “Caesar dressing.” He threw the paper down, pouting as you picked up the caesar dressing “Come on baby, do you have to?” You nodded and poured the caesar dressing all over your boyfriend his mouth opened in disgusted you took your chance and squirted it in his mouth causing him to gag and spit it out onto the floor “Babe!!!” You laughed running behind the camera “Baby, baby I’m sorry. Please forgive me” He smirked and walked toward you “Grayson! Gray. don’t I’m sorry!” Ethan hurried and picked up the camera pointing it towards us “Baby, I will do anything I’ll rub your back, I’ll help you with your work out. Oh oh I’ll get a tattoo with you.” Grayson stopped walking and smiled “Really? All of it?” You nodded and let out a breath “Okay deal but since my hand is disgusting we can seal this deal with a kiss.” you smiled wide and walked toward him expecting a kiss when suddenly he wrapped his arms around you hugging you tightly “Grayson!!” You whined he laughed and walked back over to his brother. You pretended to be grumpy the rest of the video to the point where you didnt even want to participate anymore, it all worked out because of you squirting it in his mouth and you just happened to be wearing one of your favorite shirts from you and Grayson’s first time you meeting you never got anything on it and you admit you were upset at first but it was the perfect moment to prank him. They finished the video and turned the camera off Grayson came over to give you another hug you didnt hug him back but he didnt let go either “Grayson let go.” He shook his head and laid it on your shoulder “Seriously Grayson let go.” “Bro shes not joking” He let go looking at you “Babe, what’s wrong?” You leaned against the counter holding out your shirt “Look at my shirt” He chuckled a bit and looked at Ethan “It’ll come out” “That’s not The point Grayson! Look closely at my shirt” He looked closely at the details of the shirt his mouth fell open and his eyes got wide “babe…” You shook your head picking up your keys and jacket “Dont worry about it, I have to go I’ll text you later. Bye Ethan, Bye Grayson.” You put your bag on your shoulder walking out of their apartment shutting the door behind you “Whats with the shirt?” Ethan asked Grayson making sure you were out of the room “That shirt, she was wearing it the day we met. She conquered her biggest fear that day and she swore it was her lucky shirt because every time she wore it good things happened, she wore it when I asked her to be my girlfriend. It’s super important to her Ethan, what am I going to do?” Ethan shrugged looking at his twin “Get her a new shirt?” Grayson shook his head and walked to the bathroom taking a quick shower. You sat on your balcony holding the shirt in your hands looking down at it. You laughed remembering Grayson’s face when you said you had to go, he was sad but you knew he’d laugh when he found out it was all a prank You stood up walking back inside throwing the shirt in your dirty clothes basket you picked up your phone seeing that Grayson texted you telling you that he was coming over to talk you and another from Ethan telling you not to forget about recording it. You threw your phone onto your bed falling beside it when you heard a knock on your door you knew it was Grayson just by the way he knocked you hurried and set up a camera pointing to your bed hoping he wouldn’t see you pressed record and laid back down on your bed “Come in I’m in my room” You screamed not wanting to get up from your bed you heard your bedroom door open but you didn’t bother looking you just stared at your ceiling “Baby?” You hummed in response feeling the bed sink down beside you “Can you sit up so we can talk?” You sighed and sat up looking at Grayson “Babe, I’m sorry I didn’t know that was the shirt you wore when we first met, please forgive me.” You looked down at your hand trying to keep up the act “Y/N please!” You looked up at Grayson not being able to keep a straight face you ended up laughing which confused Grayson “What? Whats so funny?” You stood up picking up the go pro pointing it towards him “Got you baby, I’m sorry it was all Ethan’s idea and I just played along especially after pranking both me and Ethan last week. You don’t mess with a girl’s makeup.” He chuckled and tackled you onto the bed you turned the camera towards the both of you and smiled “Back to you Ethan.” You turned off the camera putting it on the table beside your bed, you laid back down beside Grayson looking at him 

“I love you Gray.”

A/N: This is my first fic and I’m not too sure about it let me know what you think.

Pregnancy Serie #6: Our little miracle

Chris’s POV

“Chris, listen very carefully, I’m not doing well. Something’s wrong. I’m heading to the hospital, please, meet me there. I’m scared.”

Hearing y/n saying that… totally freaked me out. I drove as fast as I could, imagining the worst. I was supposed to be calmed, but since our issue of having a bad time trying to get pregnant, facing this… your mind just flies to the worst scenario. I knew that the time I had to get there, was my time to be pessimistic and wondering what was going to happen, because the moment I got in the parking lot, I’d have to assume the strong one part of us.

“It would kill me, you know? I already love our baby girl, but what would kill me it’s to see my beautiful, full of joy wife devastated. I know that even when she’s the strongest woman I know, this is her weakness. And mine is her… and our baby girl. But when we found out that getting pregnant could be a miracle, it tore her apart.

I remember when we bought that house. We picked a place near to a park, where we could take our children. Many rooms, to fill them with our sons and daughters. We had decided to let them pick the colors of the walls, therefore, we’d leave each one white. We had decided to let them be happy and developing themselves, no matter how what would like them to do or be. And I agreed on that, because I knew that any way would turned amazing, because she will be the mother of my children and she’s just… great.

So please, God, don’t take our little girl with you. Please.” I finished my monologue. I took a last and long breath after I parked. And I don’t remember much, until I started to run. My mom was already there. She waved and I stood in front of her, she wasn’t crying instead, she caressed my cheek.

“You need to go there” I nodded and kissed her forehead. I opened the door and saw t/n laying on the examination table. I sat and held her hand. Her belly bump was exposed, nobody was there. But she wasn’t crying. Actually, she was quite calmed.

“Hi, love” I kissed her knuckles.

“I’m sorry” she said and out of the blues, tears coming down.

“No, no, no, what’s going on, baby? Everything’s fine the doctor is taking care of both of you, there’s nothing to be sorry about” I kissed her. Barely touched her pinky lips.

“I’m sorry for freaking you out that way… here” She grabbed my hand and put her on her belly. I felt… a kick?

“Is that…?” She nodded, teardrops kept filling her eyes.

“When you didn’t pick up, I called your mom, she asked me what was going on and I told her that I was feeling like a big bubble, hitting from inside. She smiled and drove way slower. When she parked, she… started to talk to the baby, she told her that she had scarred us to death for moving…

“So this is our baby girl kicking?” she nodded again.

“I should’ve known, but since it was something new I didn’t know what to do. Your mom insisted that I could get a sonography to be a little bit more calmed. I’m sorry, Chris. I…” I kissed her.

“It doesn’t matter. I promise.” I smiled and caressed her belly with my fingers.

“I can see that Mr. Evans is joining us, would you like to see your daughter?” The doctor asked.

“We do” Y/N answered. The doc started to prep the machines, while she did that I looked up, thanking God.

“I love you, Mr. Evans” y/n said, I smiled.                                      

“I love you too, Mrs. Evans”


Thank you, @macca-mcsexy, this one’s for you, sweetie.

The “eye” is false weak point; they are actually quite solid. Similar to a lizard’s tail, they can lose and regrow that “eye.” The many little diamond mouths on the bottom of its torso is the weak point you should be aiming for.

That stinger on the end of their body will knock nearly anything out with ease. Not much harm in that in itself, but you’d better hope an ally can stop it from approching you for a meal if you’re out cold. If not for that stinger, the flesh-dissolving toxins that mildly excreet off the surface of this creature is a wonderful reason to avoid physical contact.

Quite the unpleasant creature, huh? Too bad someone asked you to hunt out one, harvest both it’s sleep-inducing and flesh-destroying toxins, and bring them its false eye. Dangerous request, but, wow, that reward…

Starling: Chapter Fourteen

(Contains explicit violence and references to suicide, please take care!)

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“Grandpa, did you ever meet Jet?” Roy asked once, when the family was gathered for Thanksgiving. He was maybe eight, sprawled out on the floor working on a puzzle of the Mona Lisa. He’d been making her face back at her for like three days, so he was in a very calm, wise kind of mood, especially now that all the distant relations and work friends had cleared out.

“A couple times,” said his grandpa warily. He wasn’t good with kids. Well, he was fine with Roy’s cousin Sara, let her sit in his lap and everything, so maybe it was just Roy. He knew some people out there thought it was silly he was a clone, or even disturbing, but it was different when it was family, and it was way different when it was someone who’d known the original.

Anyhow, around Grandpa he was always trying to prove what a regular, likable kid he was, even though he secretly knew he was special and clever and athletic, because Jet had been too. Even though everyone else told him he was destined for greatness. He didn’t want to intimidate any old people. They might get jealous; it was understandable.

“What was he like?” Roy slotted another edge piece into place then looked up at him, sidelong.

Grandpa spread his pale, craggy hands, slouched back in his chair, full of pumpkin pie, his cane propped against the table in easy reach.  “He was just another soldier at the time.“

“What was he like though?” Roy had pressed.

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Day 11: The First Gift

Word count: 857

Pairing: Luke Hemmings/Reader

Rating: R

Synopsis: After a long day of christmas shopping Luke decides to give you your first gift early ;)

A/N: When I decided to do 25 days of smut I never realized how difficult it would be to stay on top of it. I have a huge english assignment due and I was christmas shopping and working all day and I just finished wrapping presents and yesterday (When I was actually supposed to write this) I had a huge chrismas banquet thing and my cleaner was here yesterday so I wasn’t gonna be writing smut with her around and I’ll admit I got distracted by friends but I mean yeah so whoops. This probably isn’t as long as you deserve but I thought hey, who wouldn’t want Luke to blindfold them and tie them to the bed to pleasure them for their first gift of the season??? Just saying.

“Oh my god this has been the longest day of my life.” I exclaimed and plopped down on the couch, my many, many shopping bags sprawled out beside me. 

“Come on baby, it was fine. I got to spoil my girl with out any complaints because you weren’t with me and now I get to do this.” Luke said and leaned down to kiss me, finishing his sentence with that sweet action. Luke’s lips were one of my biggest weaknesses and I leaned into the kiss out of pure habit. 

“Can I open a present early?” I asked, pleading a little bit. He tsked and pulled his lip ring into his mouth.

“Maybe princess.” He said, his voice dropping an octave and sending shivers up my spine. He lifted me off the couch, ditching our shopping bags and carrying me to the bedroom before dropping me delicately on the bed. I watched his shuffled through the back of the closet before returning with a black blindfold and two black wrist ties. I gulped but my mouth was dry and he walked back over to me. “Now baby, we’ve got to get you out of these clothes.”

I was naked within moments and my eyes fluttered shut as he placed the blindfold over my eyes, blackening any line of vision I had. His hands gently moved me around, positioning me close enough to the headboard and he lifted my hands about my head, tying each wrist to the headboard. The bed dipped as he crawled on with me. The weight felt more to the end of the bed and my observations were confirmed when I felt his hot breath hit my stomach before his soft lips pressed down on the flesh below my belly-button. 

“I’m gonna make you feel so good kitten.” He growled and I moaned, loving the sound of his pet name for me along with his promise. 

He gently bit the inside of my thigh before sucking harshly, surely leaving a deep purple mark in his wake. He repeated the action to my other leg but moved up an inch or so higher. He swtiched back to my previous leg after being satisfied with his mark, this time sucking on the sensitive area directly beside my aching heat. I moaned in aggrivation, frustrated that he was prolonging this and he chucked against my skin, the vibrations shooting straight to my core. 

“Kitten you look so good like this, I could watch you all day,” he complimented. “But I’d rather taste you aswell." 

He licked a flat stripe of my core, sending sparks of pleasure through me and causing me to moan loudly. I desperaretly wanted to tangle my fingers in his hair but the restraints on my wrist prevented that. His tongue circled teasingly around my clit before he sucked it into his mouth, flicking his tongue against it. My hips bucked but his large hands easily held them down and continued his assault with his mouth. He removed one hand from my hips and slowly slid two fingers deep inside me. 

"Fuck Luke.” I moaned and he groaned against me. My heat pulsed and I was in absolute heaven as he pumped his fingers in and out of my and attacked my clit with that gorgeous mouth of his. 

My orgasm was approaching rapidly and I twisted and moaned, unable to form coherant sentences to warn him that I was close. He didn’t seem to need to information though because he sped up his movements drastically and I was send sky rocketing into my high.

The first thing I heard when I came down from my high was “Fuck oh my god holy fuck.” from Luke. He removed my wrist ties and blindfold and I looked around the room panicked but when I found nothing I glanced back at him and he was staring at me.

“You fucking squirted y/n, holy shit that was so hot.” He said in the most amazed tone I’ve ever heard and I laughed nervously before he crashed his lips against mine. “Fuck I’m gonna make you do that again tomorrow. But first, get some sleep.”

anonymous asked:

Hi :) What are some interesting jinhwan facts you know?

hello ^^ you can check my reply here to see few of Jinhwan’s habits~ I’m just going to add some facts 

  • Members tease him saying that he’s an entertainer bc he gets all stiff whenever camera approaches him but i think he’s getting much better now
  • He knows his angles so his selfies are always on point
  • Once Team B fan wanted to know how tall Jinhwan is so she measured him by the ruler on her computer screen. That’s why he’s 13cm LOL
  • He’s friends with AOA’s Jimin
  • He is the most serious one in the group but all of them are idiots LOL
  • He sweats a lot, he considers it as his flaw but for me it’s really charming
  • You should listen to him singing There Goes My Baby. It’s heaven for my ears *_*
  • He has a weak low body (thats why he easily lands on the floor XD )
  • He is really tiny and flexible, during WIN days he used to be in charge of tumbling
  • He likes when people call him sexy
  • Members describe him as a many type. “Despite his appearance, he’s rly manly”
  • He loves Toy Story
  • He collects toy story figures&toys and candles
  • He likes to drink wine (but he only drinks when he has to) - apparently his alcohol tolerance is low
  • He loves sea since he was born and raised in Jeju Island (his home is placed near the sea)
  • Together with June they have the same taste in movies (romance) - that’s why they watch movies together
  • He easily falls sick it looks like his immune system is pretty weak
  • His favorite genre of music is R&B, thats why he wants to sing a sexy, R&B song with Jay Park
  • He joined YG in 2011 together with Hanbin and Bobby
  • He said that he used to quarrel with Bobby a lot but now he’s his best friend
  • He’s one of fixed members of Mari&I
  • He enjoys watching night views
  • His hands are so small compared to other members (AWA THATS THE CUTEST THIGN EVER)
  • He’s really good at japanese and keeps on studying english and chinese
  • He puffs his lips a lot when talking
  • His sister is a ‘88 liner
  • He’s actually 1 yo XD

Hope it helped :)